Top 10 Things We Should Do About Crimea

By Liberal Anthropologist

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Tough Love for the Municipalities

By Lloyd the Idiot

Oh, the woes of fiscal mismanagement.

Fiscal Darwinism demands that they be left to fail.  It’s the only way the electorate will learn that there are consequences to electing (and tolerating) poor leaders.

Just What Is the “American” Team Anyway?

By Lloyd the Idiot

A German designed bobsled (BMW)

with a British sponsor (BP)

and an Australian announcer (Leigh Diffey).



McDonnell Legal Fund Mailer: Restoration Abomination

By Lloyd the Idiot

Certain to be the next inductee into the TC Hall of Fame of Stupid Fundraising Pieces is this one from the Restoration Fund (aka Gov. Bob McDonnell’s legal defense fund) in which the McDonnell team tries to discredit the government’s star witness, Jonnie Williams, claiming that he  is “a man with over three decades of legal and ethical problems.”

And, yes, he’s the same ethically challenged man who was/is a close personal friend of the McDonnells

And, yes, he’s the same “man with three decades of legal and ethical problems” from whom Maureen McDonnell requested, and received, thousands of dollars only a few year ago.

And, yes, he’s the same “slick salesman” whom we’re supposed to believe expected nothing in return.

Foot, meet mouth.

[Screen shot below the fold]


Income Inequality Is Not a Problem. In fact, It’s a Good Thing

By Lloyd the Idiot


There’s been a lot of wind and print about the purported income inequality “problem” in the United States and what we need to do to “solve” the problem.   My rebuttal, and your talking points (which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one), are as follows:

  • No one ever promised anyone that they would have equal income.  Equal opportunity is all any one in this country is entitled to.
  • Inequality itself is a motivator.  If we’re all the same (and forced into it), there’s no incentive to strive for more.  Greed is good.
  • It’s not a case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.  Even the  poorest have benefited from the blessings of liberty.   Compare the poor of today to those of 50 or 100 years ago.  The poor of today are all better off – even without government hand outs.
  • The “inequality” issue is simply Obama’s pandering to his base and demonizing the rich and successful.
  • If you’re the  guy making minimum wage your whole life, then too damn bad.  Either you don’t have the skills or you don’t have the motivation to make more of you life.

All in all, the income inequality discussion is simply absurd.

Have the Virginia Political Blogs Died?

By Lloyd the Idiot

When I moved to Richmond six months ago, and earnestly sought out some local political blogs – not so much to be antagonistic, but just to know what’s going on locally.

Found basically nothing locally.  There’s Richmond Sunlight, which is dead – plus pretty lefty.  The Times-Dispatch Politics blog hasn’t been updated in weeks.  Nothing at all for Chesterfield County.

All that brings me back here.  And to Loudoun.  No doubt the vitality of the Loudoun blogosphere was due in large part to the efforts of Loudoun Insider.   Now that he has moved on, even the Loudoun scene is pretty weak (my apologies, Liberal Anthropologists, but the posts here are fairly infrequent). and Black Velvet Bruce Li are just not the same.   Seems like the only ones commenting these days are a handful of people who do nothing but comment on political blogs.  Even major blogs like Bearing Drift and Not Larry Sabato just don’t seem to get the traffic or comments they used to.  Have people just gotten sick of them?   Has the mainstream politico just had enough?  Moved on to Twitter, perhaps?

As a writer, I really don’t care.  Really, I don’t.  I’ve said many times before that I just write to get things off my chest.  If someone reads and finds it entertaining, then great.  If they’re offended, even better.

Twitter.  Hmm.  Now there’s an idea.

The Rule of Law Goes Up In Smoke: President’s Disregard for Federal Marijuana Laws Runs Counter to His Oath to Uphold the Constitution

By Lloyd the Idiot

Up in Smoke (1978)

I wish I were better at Photoshop.  You’d see that instead of “Cheech & Chong,” it would be “Barry and Eric,” and the photos would be of the two of them.  Anyway, use your imagination . . .

I have so many thoughts on Colorado’s new eco-tourism industry and the Obama administration’s response that it’s hard to keep them all straight, so here they are in corporate-esque bullet point format for ease of consumption.

  • First and foremost is the utterly disgusting interview with Barbara Walters where Obama says, as if completely befuddled by the very concept of federalism, “How do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say that it’s legal?” suggesting that his hands were tied because a state had passed a law that conflicted with the federal law.  Answer: It’s called the Supremacy Clause, dude.  We fought that one out about 150 year ago.  Surprised that you forgot about that one.  Either Yale is doing a crappy job of teaching their future lawyers or Barry is just lying.  (HINT:  it’s a trick question – both are true).  (more…)

Purity At All Costs – Even If It Means Losing the Senate (and It Just Did)

By Lloyd the Idiot

Well, Loudoun County Republicans picked another ultra-conservative and, again, paid the price.  This time, it was especially dear – control of the Virginia Senate.

John Whitbeck got absolutely trounced by Wexton, who, like the statewide ticket last year, campaigned on the threat of extreme Republicans who would, among other things, challenge abortion rights.  You can’t blame Joe May for this one either.  Even if you add Whitbeck’s and May’s votes, the sum still falls short of Wexton’s 53%.

Loudoun (and all of Virginia) turns blue-er.  No doubt due to the red-ness, and the cluelessness, of the state Republican party leadership.