The Rule of Law Goes Up In Smoke: President’s Disregard for Federal Marijuana Laws Runs Counter to His Oath to Uphold the Constitution

By Lloyd the Idiot

Up in Smoke (1978)

I wish I were better at Photoshop.  You’d see that instead of “Cheech & Chong,” it would be “Barry and Eric,” and the photos would be of the two of them.  Anyway, use your imagination . . .

I have so many thoughts on Colorado’s new eco-tourism industry and the Obama administration’s response that it’s hard to keep them all straight, so here they are in corporate-esque bullet point format for ease of consumption.

  • First and foremost is the utterly disgusting interview with Barbara Walters where Obama says, as if completely befuddled by the very concept of federalism, “How do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say that it’s legal?” suggesting that his hands were tied because a state had passed a law that conflicted with the federal law.  Answer: It’s called the Supremacy Clause, dude.  We fought that one out about 150 year ago.  Surprised that you forgot about that one.  Either Yale is doing a crappy job of teaching their future lawyers or Barry is just lying.  (HINT:  it’s a trick question – both are true).  (more…)

Purity At All Costs – Even If It Means Losing the Senate (and It Just Did)

By Lloyd the Idiot

Well, Loudoun County Republicans picked another ultra-conservative and, again, paid the price.  This time, it was especially dear – control of the Virginia Senate.

John Whitbeck got absolutely trounced by Wexton, who, like the statewide ticket last year, campaigned on the threat of extreme Republicans who would, among other things, challenge abortion rights.  You can’t blame Joe May for this one either.  Even if you add Whitbeck’s and May’s votes, the sum still falls short of Wexton’s 53%.

Loudoun (and all of Virginia) turns blue-er.  No doubt due to the red-ness, and the cluelessness, of the state Republican party leadership.



Lessons from Whitbeck’s Devastating Loss

By Liberal Anthropologist

Below are the results on the Virginia State site with 100 percent reporting.


Candidate Votes Percent
DEM Party Jennifer T. Wexton 11,427 52.71%
REP Party John C. L. Whitbeck, Jr. 8,128 37.50%
IND Party Joe T. May 2,119 9.78%
Write-in 3 0.01%
Total Votes 21,677

There are lessons to be learned from this loss.  I will cover a few.  Please chime in with others.

Lessons for Democrats

  1. Don’t get cocky.  This does not represent some massive shift in the electorate.
  2. Don’t forget you have zero seats on the BOS in Loudoun County.  Until you start winning those back, it is no time to celebrate.
  3. Your stupid and false negative campaigning works.  Everyone hates it.  You lie.  But it works.  Sadly.  If Wexton comes to my door (as Herring once did), I will tell her off for the things she did in this campaign.  She is divisive.  She get’s none of my support in what she says she wants to do in her job.
  4. Your get out the vote machine is working well.  Nice turnout.
  5. You didn’t defeat the TEA party.  Whitbeck was not a TEA party member nor a TEA party candidate. He was a (bad) Republican candidate.
  6. You can lose this seat next time it is up if Wexton supports McCauliffe’s agenda and the Republicans play it smart.

Lessons for Republicans

  1. STOP with this convention/single meeting nonsense.  It was that decision (whoever made it) that handed the election to the Democrats.  The people involved should step down this week. They have lost the right to lead the party.
  2. Hold Primaries and force the candidates to be properly vetted.
  3. Do not support controversial candidates who are so divisive.  Whitbeck was so controversial and disliked in his home precincts around Lansdowne that he even lost all of them.  That’s pretty bad.
  4. May did NOT spoil the election.  His votes plus Whitbeck’s would not have beat Wexton.
  5. Listen to the parts of your party that are NOT divisive.  May was well liked and would have defeated Wexton as a Republican.  Guys like Minchew are well liked.  There are others that are widely liked in the community.  Stay away from guys like Whitbeck who court controversy.
  6. I would say improve your GOTV but my guess is that Whitbeck was the issue there.  Too many people disliked him or were not excited by him.

Lessons for John Whitbeck

  1. Your political career should be over.
  2. You do not have the temperament or talent for politics.
  3. You do not have a strong grasp of the issues and it shows in speeches and interviews.
  4. You have been so divisive that you couldn’t even win the votes of your immediate friends and neighbors.
  5. You should step down from any remaining leadership positions you have in the Republican party so we can get back to winning.
  6. You should return to being a divorce attorney. Perhaps you are good at that.
  7. You once said – In 2008 or 2009 in the midst of an HOA election that you were not a politician.  I doubted it then.  It is clear now that you were right.

I know that in this election – like so many – that these lessons should be learned.  But I doubt they will be.  The leadership of the Republican party needs to take responsibility for this loss and give us new leadership we can all get behind. Or we will lose Wolf’s seat.


McDonnell and Wife Indicted for Violating My First Rule of Politics

By Lloyd the Idiot

Reports all over the place that former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife were indicted by a federal grand jury for accepting bribes while Bill was in office.  Now, you certainly can say that there’s a political motivation behind the actual indictments, but you can’t deny that what McDonnell did was just stupid — even if legal.  I mean really.  Shopping trips to NYC?  Your kid’s wedding paid for?  Did you really think that was a good idea?

Well, that’s what you get when you don’t listen to Lloyd.

Black Means Blue

By Lloyd the Idiot

Mark my words, if Dick Black receives the Republican nomination for the 10th VA Congressional District, it will go to the Democratic challenger whomever that may be.

Moreover, and again you can quote me on this, a Black nomination will sully all Virginia Republican candidates.  Cuccinelli’s extremism and the resulting party-wide failure pales in comparison to the disaster that would come from a Dick Black run.

ABB, baby! (that is, anyone but Black).  Comstock or Minchew would be great.

Make it happen.

Mental Health Policy Review: The Sane Thing To Do

By Lloyd the Idiot

Sadly, tragedy drives policy, and the recent General Assembly resolution to evaluate mental health treatment in the commonwealth’s penal system is no exception.  While it’s laudable and appropriate, it should be broader, much broader.  Schools, where we see some of the greatest mental health disasters, should be within the committee’s review. No doubt, such a review would find that inadequate mental health treatment, and not guns, is the true cause of those horrible shootings – and the continuing risk to our children.

Minchew’s Anti-Carpetbagging Bill – Too Bad It’s Not Retroactive

By Lloyd the Idiot

Del. Randy Minchew introduced this bill that would increase residency requirements to thwart would-be candidates from moving into a district just to run for office.

I like it.  And, apparently, so do some other bloggers – citing the recent antics going on the 33rd Senate district race.

What kind of person moves out of her home and into an apartment, leaving her husband and children there, just so she can get residency in a new senate district?

My answer to that — someone whose priorities in life are grossly out of whack.


MY answer to that is

  • Dick Black
  • David Ramadan
  • Eugene Delgaudio

McAuliffe’s First Act: Putting the Brakes on Transportion Programs

By Lloyd the Idiot

12391667 BG2 125x125 Mercedes Benz C Class crashes through parking garage wall

First thing out of the gate, freshly-minted Governor Terry McAuliffe effectively ends efforts to build a toll road alongside crowded I-64 and US 460 from Richmond to Hampton Roads, an effort the McDonnell administration already spent $200 million on. Is it that he’s from northern Virginia and simply doesn’t care about down state transportation issues?

Or is McAuliffe a closet fiscal conservative?