Vincent Harris Speaks At Manning Centre

By Too Conservative

CEO of Harris Media Vincent Harris had the opportunity to speak at year three of the Manning Conference in beautiful Ottawa, Canada. Named after its founder, Preston Manning, the Manning Centre has grown into an independent organization that believes the government should play a limited role in our everyday lives.

Harris Media

Vincent’s speaker badge at Manning Centre.

Vincent opened up the panel discussing the need for conservatives to generate content themselves and gave a few examples of how to do so quickly.

Harris Media

Vincent discusses 2016’s digital Winners and Losers.

“Each year the Manning Centre puts on the largest conference in Canada for conservatives and classical liberals – the Manning Centre Conference. This annual event provides grassroots volunteers, think tanks, academics, advocacy organizations, elected officials and others with an opportunity to network, learn new skills and discuss emerging issues.”

Harris Media

Front shot of Vincent’s panel at Manning Centre.

If you would like to watch Vincent opening the panel you can do so below:

You can visit their ‘conference’ page to learn more by clicking here.

USGLC Vincent Harris Photos/Image

By Too Conservative

Last week I was able to joint the United States Global Leadership Coalition to head to Africa and see how our foreign aid money is spent and implemented. We visited Rwanda and Tanzania. Here are some photos from the trip…


Vincent Harris on USGLC Trip

Harris Media CEO Vincent Harris in Africa on USGLC TripVincent Harris Evening on USGLC TripVincent Harris at Sorwathe Tea Factory

Vincent Harris Media more Pictures and

By Too Conservative

Adding some more pictures and also a link to the new website 

Vincent Harris with Harris Media colleagues

Vincent Harris with Harris Media colleagues in Austin


Vincent Harris of Harris Media with LG Dan Patrick

Vincent Harris of Harris Media with LG Dan Patrick


Vincent Harris Media in Mongolia

Vincent Harris Media in Mongolia

Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media

By Too Conservative

I wanted to include some more photos from my travels these past few years. They’ve been amazing!

vincent harris ceo harris media in austin for bloomberg

Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media in Austin, Texas


Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media speaking Myanmar

Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media speaking Myanmar


Vincent Harris Media CEO with Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

Vincent Harris Media CEO with Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky


Vincent Harris of Harris Media consulting to Aung San Suu Kyii's party

Vincent Harris of Harris Media consulting to Aung San Suu Kyii's party

Vincent Harris posting again!

By Too Conservative

Vincent Harris here, the original Too Conservative. It seems like yesterday it was 10 years ago when this blog began. Wow!!!

Vince Harris/Vincent Harris

I am writing from Israel right now in the awesome city of Tel Aviv.

I know no one has posted here in a while but wanted to make sure to let everyone know what I was up too…

My company Harris Media, LLC based in Austin, Texas has been hired to work for Senator Rand Paul. We’re so excited about that.

Additionally my wife Chelsea Harris and I are loving life in Austin. We have a house in the downtown area and just absolutely love the city.

I was able to teach last semester at my alma matter, Baylor University, and continue to work towards my PhD at the University of Texas.

You can keep up with me at my personal website here: or company site

Look forward to seeing y’all in Virginia soon!

What You Don’t Hear About Robin Williams’ Death

By Lloyd the Idiot

If Robin Williams were killed by a murderer by a bullet, there would be screams for more gun control.  If he were killed by a drunk driver, the populace would demand harsher sentences for drunk driving.  Yet, he died the victim of a treatable disease, and no one speaks about the cure.

Far from being a “coward’ or “selfish” as some have suggested, he is a victim of a society that ignores, if not shuns, cries for mental treatment.  As I’ve written before, it’s time for us to get past the stigma of mental illness.   Williams’ tragic death – and our loss – simply underscores the point.

The Failure of Obamacare

By Liberal Anthropologist

It is very hard to watch the manipulative and propagandistic games of President Obama in his vain attempt to salvage his reputation. Simply put, he is playing statistical games and moving goal posts. For anyone not with a vested interest in seeing him be seen as a success, the manipulations are obvious.

The original key points of the plan are not the incomplete nonsense being tried today.

1) The main point was to achieve universal coverage. 30 million uninsured was the number then. What is the number now? Slightly less? And all because of a slight change in Medicare eligibility rules that would not have been controversial then?

2) If you liked your plan, you could keep it. Lie of the year.

3) If you like your doctor you can keep him. No.

4) Premiums would go down on average. No they haven’t.

5) Each family would save 2500 a year. A joke.

Instead he touts how many people signed up under the program as if it was net new and as if it made a debt in the uninsured. And he touts cbo numbers which are based solely on the question asked and not reality.

Obamacare is a country dividing failure. Anyone who voted for it needs to be voted out of office. People need to stop defending this with games just to avoid a midterm defeat.

Responders should be prepared to show a significant decrease in the per capita uninsured. That it’s the only stat which matters. Good luck.

Top 10 Things We Should Do About Crimea

By Liberal Anthropologist

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