LTM Endorsements – Serving Two Masters

By Loudoun Insider

Oh man are the LTM endorsements a schizophrenic mess!  It’s really hard to fathom what they are doing unless you know the two main guys controlling the “newspaper”.  The endorsements are broken up in several parts on the website – Board of Supervisors here, School Board here, Constitutional Officers here, House of Delegates here, and State Senate here.

The head honcho of the LTM and its parent company Arcom Publishing is Peter Arundel, son of Nick Arundel who ran the paper for ages.  The senior Arundel was a founding member of the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) and a huge fixture in Fauquier and Loudoun horse country.  This is why you see the LTM endorsing the trainwreck that is Andrea McGimsey along with PEC stalwarts Kelly Burk and Jim Burton, and former PEC board member Malcolm Baldwin.

Then you have Bill Dean, President of MC Dean and OpenBand and buyer of many supervisor candidates this election season.  Dean bought the Loudoun Independent that current LTM editor John Geddie’s father ran for years, then merged it with the LTM and got a seat on their Board of Directors.  By some accounts Dean’s money is what is keeping the LTM afloat and he wields considerable power there, especially over Geddie, who has been under his thumb since the dying days of the Independent.  This is why you see the LTM endorsing the entire slate (minus one) of MC Dean money recipients, including Eugene Delgaudio, Ralph Buona, Suzanne Volpe, and Matt Letourneau.  The only exception is Janet Clarke, who was beaten out by PEC favorite Jim Burton.  But not to worry, Dean makes up for that by directing more MC Dean money to Clarke then to any other BOS candidate as a consolation prize.

Then to top it all off, we have a nod to the Old Loudoun GOBGN, of which the elder Geddie was a card carrying member of, and the endorsement of a Sheriff under FBI investigation in Steve Simpson, and  a See No Evil (as far as the GOBGN goes) Commonwealth’s Attorney in Jim Plowman.

Hey, at least this exposes the LTM for what it is.


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Sorry LI; he’s making the same comments lots of places, and not answering the question anywhere.

  • Apparently you misunderstood what I was referring to, the hypothetical woman in the email. When you slur a “hypothetical” member of a group of people, real members of which live in your district and elsewhere, the object of that slur is those real people. That’s kind of the point of the slur, wouldn’t you say? I can understand why you would prefer to talk about anything but that behavior and why you think it’s acceptable.

    Would you also like for me to point out that the pool of blood in this image is hypothetical?

    LI, she can continue building her strawman over there.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    David, the point you seem to be missing, here there and everywhere, is that if you are going to appoint yourself the word, meaning, opinion, attitude, belief and action police, then you must be circumcpect in all categories to the point of the perfection you demand, and you aren’t.

    Telling other people what they think or mean gains pushback, out in the world of other people.

    Telling people that they are immoral or stupid for psuhing back doesn’t gain much but more pushabck.

    And in light of your concern for “the casual reader”, turning his use of the impersonal in a yes, hypothetical, into “a woman applied for a job and he called her “it”!” does zero to advance the point you are trying to make.

    Not everyone is a political junkie, not everyone lived here then, not everyone watches The Daily Show, and so on.

    Networking with national blogs for fundraising etc no doubt finds it very useful to image things correctly for that “casual reader”, and the implication that a real woman was a personal victim of what you have also labelled a hate crime may get you your goals in eliminating someone you can’t vote for, but want gone.

    It does absolutely nothing for the pedestal on which you place yourself, and pretty much ensures that the people harangued by you for not joining your crusade have no motiviation to rethink their position.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Stop this diversion now or risk banishment.

  • Barbara Munsey says:


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