Plowman and Black On Violence Against Women

By Loudoun Insider

First we have the not very surprising news that Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman has cleared fellow LCRC endorsee School Board candidate Kevin Kuesters of spousal assault.  The woman had multiple bruises, but Plowman says his fellow local GOP Good Ole Boy is cleared.  Victims often recant due to familial and other pressures and prosecutors continue with cases regardless.  But Kuesters gets his pass before his election.  Nice to be a part of the club, isn’t it?

Then we have a hard hitting video put up on YouTube by the Shawn Mitchell campaign with Dick Black talking about how you just can’t rape a spouse since “she’s in a nightie”.  Unbelievable.  Don’t forget, Plowman was one of the first to jump out front to endorse Dick Black for Senate.  Yes, your Commonwealth’s Attorney endorsed a fellow local politician and attorney who cannot comprehend the concept of spousal rape.  I don’t see how any woman in Loudoun County can even think of voting for Jim Plowman or Dick Black.

She’s In A Nightie, with Dick Black:


  • BlackOut says:

    Third non-answer from LGOP to the issue of Dick Black’s support of a subservient life style for woman.

    I guess he is silently confirming the view. LGOP, you and Dick Black must realize there are many voters that share my view about the extreme Dick Black? Although I appreciate the compliment I am really not “everywhere”.

  • David says:

    Most people think marital rape should be legal?
    Most people think that hormonal birth control should be defined as an abortifacient?
    They think that a woman should be forced to have the baby of her rapist? And they think that gay people should be intruded upon by the government and discriminated against in every single area of their lives?

    I don’t believe that “most people” agree with these things.

    But they are all things that Dick Black has demonstrated that he thinks. There’s a good reason his defenders are denying them and explaining them away now.

  • Intriguing says:

    Loudoun GOPer,

    I’m not asking that you be impressed with my views, opinions, or perceptions. You are free to think whatever you want – this is America.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong – NOTHING WRONG – with referring to Dick Black as “Plastic Fetus Guy,” or “PFG,” or the French version, “Guy Foetus en Plastique.”

    It is an appropriate and respectful label for a man who did indeed distribute plastic fetus’ to his counterparts in the Virginia General Assembly. If Dick Black did not want to garner attention for this action, then he surely used exceptionally poor judgment.

    And that, Loudoun GOPer is the final thing that turns me off about Dick Black. His judgment, as demonstrated by his past behavior, is lacking in the extreme. Case closed.

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    “Third non-answer from LGOP to the issue of Dick Black’s support of a subservient life style for woman.”

    So did Dick reveal this opinion to you during one of your many policy discussions, since you know him so well, and communicate with him often, right?

    This is a fantasy, BO. Trying to say that ignoring your fantasy is confirming it would be like saying that since you have not denied that you are stalking Dick Black, it makes it true.

    “Most people think marital rape should be legal?”

    Black voted for the bill making it illegal.

    “Most people think that hormonal birth control should be defined as an abortifacient?”

    Yes, most people think THE MORNING AFTER PILL should not be given to teen girls without the consent of their parents. Most people consider THE MORNING AFTER PILL the same as abortion.

    “They think that a woman should be forced to have the baby of her rapist?”

    If you mean opposing abortion in all cases, that seems to be the prevalent opinion of most Republican candidates in Loudoun County. Randy Minchew even went so far as to declare that if elected, he would introduce ‘Life Begins at Conception’ legislation.

    “And they think that gay people should be intruded upon by the government and discriminated against in every single area of their lives?”

    More rhetoric. Black has never stated that. In fact, I don’t know anybody who holds that opinion. Most people I know practice tolerance. The difference is, most people want tolerance to mean acceptance of the lifestyle, and define tolerance as discrimination.

    But to partially answer your question, the Marriage Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman did pass convincingly in VA and Loudoun County. That should give you an idea of where most people’s views in the County are.

    This has been fun. Really. Unfortunately, I have a life, and get bored refuting the same tired arguments over and over again.

    Let’s see what happens in a week.

  • David says:

    Sorry to have to spoil your fun and all that work, but everything you just carefully reconstructed is documented at

  • ReadyToRumble says:

    @Loudoun Insider, I’m pasting a copy (below) of the press release from the actual prosecutor in the Kuesters so called “simple assault” case. I respect your views on many of the issues posted on this blog, but I cannot agree with your take on the Kuesters situation.
    Please refer to my comments on Lloyd’s post regarding the charges being dropped. Thanks.

    Press Release from actual prosecutor, Gigi Lawless, dealing with the Kuesters case (not Plowman):
    “My name is Gigi Lawless. I am an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney here in Loudoun County and I am the prosecutor who made the decision to dismiss the charge against Mr. Kuesters. I am one of two dedicated domestic violence prosecutors for my office and have held this role since 2009. I have been practicing law for over twelve years – ten of which have been as a prosecutor. The Code of Virginia dictates that law enforcement officers must make a mandatory arrest in cases of domestic assault and battery if there is probable cause to believe that such crime occurred. The allegation against Mr. Kuesters was immediately investigated by law enforcement and the responding deputy did not have sufficient evidence to charge Mr. Kuesters with an assault and battery. The responding deputy explained to Mrs. Kuesters his decision, based on the law and the evidence, to not seek charges against Mr. Kuesters. The deputy also informed Mrs. Kuesters of her option of going to the Magistrate and obtaining a warrant on her own (as is every citizen’s right to do). Mrs. Kuesters chose to seek a warrant at the Magistrate’s Office. A second deputy, who was not present for the initial investigation of the complaint, was summoned to the Magistrate’s Office to assist Mrs. Kuesters in securing a warrant. I reviewed the facts thoroughly and met with Mrs. Kuesters regarding this case. It was my decision and mine alone to not pursue the charge against Mr. Kuesters as there was no prima facie evidence that an assault occurred. As a veteran prosecutor I determined that this case had no prosecutorial merit and I dismissed the charge without consultation with Mr. Plowman.”

    If any of you believe strongly enough that Lawless (unfortunate name for a prosecutor) is willing to sacrifice her credibility as a prosecutor for the likes of Plowman, then have her investigated. Otherwise, please stop speculating that the CA’s office did Kuesters any favors.
    Take this for what it’s worth, but do you really think folks like Plowman, or Lawless, would risk being investigated over a school board candidate?
    A BoS candidate, maybe, but not a SB candidate. ~ RTR

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    They won’t get investigated, it’s prosecutorial discretion. it just happens that Plowman’s prosecutorial discretion always ends up on the side of his Republican pals. And I hear Lawless is a loyal foot soldier who doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary without permission. This is just business as usual at the Loudoun CA office.

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  • ReadyToRumble says:

    Like I mentioned earlier, I agree with you on many of these posts. For instance, standing behind Stinger on the FOIA requests, the staffers’ pathetic methodology in identifying and negotiating for school parcels, etc.
    BUT, you’re answer to my last post is showing that your bias against this Plowman guy is clouding your perception of the actual events leading to the dismissal of Kuesters’ charges.
    I am in total agreement when it comes to disgruntled views over the whole “business as usual” for the friggin’ good ole’ boy network we have in this county of ours. The way they do business plays out again and again in favor of rich devolopers and businesses masquerading as PACs.

    However, I firmly believe Kuesters will be one of those who will ask questions and stand his ground… unlike the Godfrey & Bergel puppets we have currently representing our districts (I know, I know, Kuesters is Broad Run).

    As you can see, I have no issue in vouching for Kuesters because I’m way too familiar with the events that have transpired. Any, and all, speculation that he’s some kind of abuser is absolutely false. And, anyone who isn’t familiar with their domestic situation cannot form an accurate analysis on why, and how, the charges where dropped. Including you.

    Again, no offense or attack intended LI, just stating a simple fact.

  • ReadyToRumble says:

    Busted on the on you’re vs your. 🙂

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Kuesters is going to win, so he’ll be there anyway. But I wouldn’t put too much stock in his accounting prowess since he recently filed for bankruptcy. You know I am as much an advocate for LCPS reform as anyone. I just think Kuesters already crippled himself before he even got into office.

  • BlackOut says:

    I buy your inside view RTR. What I really have an issue with is Kuesters priorities. Honestly, the guy obviously is going through a volatol divorce, or not divorce, who knows. And he has several young kids. This isn’t a good time to be adding public office to your plate. He needs to put his energy into his troubles at home. And I do sorta wonder what impact the home life issue will have on his ability to focus on school issues.

  • ReadyToRumble says:

    @BlackOut, I wouldn’t even know where to go with your post. Only to say that it’s among the most valid points made in these commentaries.
    Many folks in politics that find themselves in the position of juggling family, work and voluteering stretch themselves pretty thin. I wouldn’t do it. But then again, I’m not much of a multi-tasker either. Maybe Kuesters is. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    In the meantime, there aren’t many folks willing to put themselves under the microscope of public opinion just so they can try to fix what appears to be an unfixable problem in our LCPS system. I wish him and all the NEW candidates good luck, cause they’re gonna need it.

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