What the Heck is Going on With the Patricia Phillips Campaign?

By Lloyd the Idiot

See update below the story.


Patricia Phillips is a very nice person, and she always had an uphill battle against Mark Herring in her senate  race.  She hasn’t done herself any favors, though, with a couple of funny/curious/weird (choose your adjective) campaign pieces.

In a robocall (listen to it  here) apparently intended for Democratic voters, a “concerned citizen” calls Herring a “traitor” and more for voting WITH Governor McDonnell on transportation issues, then signs off with “Paid for and authorized by Patricia Phillips for Senate.”  Huh?  Vote for the Republican because the Democrat is too Republican?

Then, in  a recent mailer, she calls out Herring for not thanking veterans –using a picture of a SOVIET officer.  Look closely and you’ll even see the “CCCP” in one of the medals on his chest.

(Hat Tip to Peter Fedders for the flyer and pictures)

I’m no Karl Rove Donny Ferguson, but these are probably not winning strategies.


UPDATE 11/11:   This from Patricia Phillips:

“As to the entry titled What the Heck is going on With the Patricia Phillips Campaign? the Robo call released in my name was also not authorized and should never have been released. When I learned of it, I took steps to immediately stop further dissemination of the call and I called Senator Herring to personally apologize and denounce it. Again, I deeply regret its unauthorized release and believe it unfairly mischaracterized Senator Herring and thereby reflected poorly on myself and my campaign.”


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen!

    “In light of recent events, I would like to report that my general consulting company and campaign manager Francesca Chambers parted ways with the Phillips for Senate committee on Thursday, October 20th due to professional differences with the campaign.” Phillips said in a written statement.

    “Coastal Political Strategies served the campaign vigorously for almost seven months by creating strategy, hiring vendors and recruiting staff. Upon leaving, CPS agreed to make several appearances for the benefit of the campaign even though the company was no longer advising me,” Phillips continued.

    “I felt compelled to issue this statement, because I did not feel that the poor decisions of others associated with the campaign should be blamed on my former general consultant and campaign manager. I appreciate their previous efforts on my behalf and must let it be known that they had no part in the recent mailing from my campaign,” Phillips said in conclusion.

    Disclosure: My colleague Francesca Chambers requested me to post this statement here. This statement is authorized by Patricia Phillips. I worked alongside Chazz Clevinger and Francesca Chambers on several projects for Patricia Phillips during the summer as a vendor, not a consultant.

  • This reminds me of Strelnikov’s line in “Dr. Zhivago”:

    A village betrays us, a village is burned. The point’s made.

    Same thinking, just more wordy.

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  • What’s the beef? The man is a Great Patriotic War vet who fought alongside the USA against Hitler. Don’t forget, the US Army and the Red Army both liberated Nazi death camps. That’s why the USSR and the USA were allies. They had a common foe in Nazi Germany.

    It shows the dirt-dumb ignorance of Republican Party activists. Firstly, that the man was obviously wearing the uniform of the Soviet Navy. Secondly, he was an ally of the USA in the war… a fact often alluded to by Red Army vets. Thirdly, he may have liberated American soldiers held prisoners by the Nazis in Eastern POW camps.

    Get a life, all of you. He deserves thanks from Americans… all Sov vets do. Next thing you know, the Republican Party will try to erase Sputnik and Gagarin from history for showing up “the city on a hill”… history is what it is, and the USSR and the USA fought as allies… give the vet a break, give the Republican candidate hell. That’s the ticket.

  • Barbara-Marie Drezhlo tell that to all the millions who were systematically starved to death in the Ukraine. Tell that to the millions who suffered and died in the GULAG.

    Tell that to all the Jewish victims of Stalin’s antisemitic pogrom known as “The Doctors Plot”

    Your use of the Soviet argot “Great Patriotic War” is revealing.

    Are you going to apologize for Hitler because he was a non smoker and “good on environmental issues”??

  • Ilya Raykhel says:

    Wow, elvisnixon. Did you just compare a Soviet veteran to Hitler? Great job.

    Horrors committed by Stalin in no way make sacrifices by Soviet war vets any less meaningful. Those people are just as heroic as American World War 2 vets.

    The campaign obviously put a picture of Soviet vet there by mistake. However, “always thank a Soviet World War 2 veteran” is still a correct slogan, if much worse politically.

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