What the Heck is Going on With the Patricia Phillips Campaign?

By Lloyd the Idiot

See update below the story.


Patricia Phillips is a very nice person, and she always had an uphill battle against Mark Herring in her senate  race.  She hasn’t done herself any favors, though, with a couple of funny/curious/weird (choose your adjective) campaign pieces.

In a robocall (listen to it  here) apparently intended for Democratic voters, a “concerned citizen” calls Herring a “traitor” and more for voting WITH Governor McDonnell on transportation issues, then signs off with “Paid for and authorized by Patricia Phillips for Senate.”  Huh?  Vote for the Republican because the Democrat is too Republican?

Then, in  a recent mailer, she calls out Herring for not thanking veterans –using a picture of a SOVIET officer.  Look closely and you’ll even see the “CCCP” in one of the medals on his chest.

(Hat Tip to Peter Fedders for the flyer and pictures)

I’m no Karl Rove Donny Ferguson, but these are probably not winning strategies.


UPDATE 11/11:   This from Patricia Phillips:

“As to the entry titled What the Heck is going on With the Patricia Phillips Campaign? the Robo call released in my name was also not authorized and should never have been released. When I learned of it, I took steps to immediately stop further dissemination of the call and I called Senator Herring to personally apologize and denounce it. Again, I deeply regret its unauthorized release and believe it unfairly mischaracterized Senator Herring and thereby reflected poorly on myself and my campaign.”


  • Leesburg Dad says:

    My adjective would be “desperate.” People hate robo-calls, and to throw around a charged word like “traitor” is risky business. Mark Herring is proud of not being unduly partisan, and in being able to work across party lines to get things done, especially in solving Loudoun’s traffic problems. Also, I’m pretty sure Gov. McDonnell is pretty popular.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Mark Herring is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I think most people know him to be nice, polite, thoughtful and generally a good guy. Trying to tag him as disrespectful of anyone, let alone veterans, is not going to work.

    (I’ll cut her some slack for the Soviet photo mix-up, because I’ve had some dealings with marketing firms and PR people, and I hate to hold their screw-ups against a candidate. But it is funny.)

  • NoVA Scout says:

    The hat and the number of medals give it away in an instant, you don’t have to look at what’s on the medals. The Soviets (probably the Russians continue this) always were into outsize officers’ covers. I always thought it looked very silly. I hope she didn’t have to pay her PR people for this. It’s a ghastly, inexplicable mistake.

  • Member, McGimsey Aides Support Group says:

    @ Leesburg Dad, I am not for cutting her some slack on this — she is ultimately responsible for what the PR fdirms send out — if she can’t even read the proofs, and if she doesn’t know the difference between a Soviet and an American uniform (OBVIOUS AT FIRST GLANCE) then she isn’t smart enough to even detail my car!

  • Loudoun Insider says:


    Glad you got this up, LLoyd. I got an email about it yesterday and fell asleep pretty early before I could get to it. Who could not look at that photo and not see it wasn’t a US veteran!!!!!

    This is the single worst mailer I have ever seen. Go thank a Soviet veteran! And this coming from Ronald Reagan’s biggest fan!!!!!!!!

  • edmundburkenator says:

    There is so much stupid going on it’s depressing. Truly depressing.

  • Member, McGimsey Aides Support Group says:

    I bet the RPVA paid for this one, too

  • Dan says:

    Now, hold on a minute! That old boy looks very, very old. He probably served in the Great Patriotic War against the fascist Hitlerites. Back then the Soviet Union was our ally. So, she is just suggesting that we should thank him for his service helping us defeat the Nazis.

    Clearly, if you take issue with this mailing, you are betraying your pro-Nazi sympathies. Maybe that could be the theme of her next mailer. She could accuse Herring and all his supporters of being Nazis.

  • LI, I got that e-mail too and have been racking my brain ever since for a way to see some ironic intent, sly subtext, or hidden message in that picture.

    No luck.

    And, once again, while anyone can make a mistake, it is at Phillips’s door for her to explain why she authorized this.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I still can’t get over this – Patricia Phillips, who is able to work Ronald Reagan’s name into every conceivable topic, sends out a mailer about thanking veterans, and uses a photo of a sailor from the Soviet Union, who Ronald Reagan spent so much time and effort fighting against. You just can’t make stuff like this up!

  • Interesting take, Dan. That gentleman certainly is sporting a lot of decorations. I wonder how many of them are campaign medals and, if any are, can some student of global military history tell us which that fellow was in? Might be some surprises lurking on his dress.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    A substitute title for this post, if I may Lloyd:

    Loudoun Republicans Continue To Show Extreme Incompetence In Choosing Stock Photos

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    “Hey, I found a great photo of a very distinguished looking older fellow, who looks a lot like Marlin Perkins from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdon, he has a ton of medals and really big hat! It’s just the kind of guy that will really make Mark Herring look like a meanie Communist!”


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Patricia Phillips Is Pro-Communist:


    I’m starting to think that this may be worse than the Obama screw-up!

  • Bwana says:

    No, it is not. This screw up happened with in a single campaign, that was already running behind, and might actually be the fault of the marketing firm.

    Zobama and Zolosi were on a committee website in a county with any number of competitive campaigns in play. When attention might have devolved to the Mitchell Abortion flyer, instead attention got paid to the LCRC creativity…and in doing so probably goosed the Democratic faithful.

    Nope, the former is a sad error…the latter is a monumental FUBAR.

  • Dr. Thaddeus V. says:

    It seems the people over at the Philips campaign have lost their minds.

  • BlackOut says:

    None of it matters. PP has been on a sinking ship since she started running for office. She’s not electable in the general. Very nice lady but that doesn’t win elections when you have extreme views. Now if she was as sinister and conniving as Dick Black maybe I’d give her better odds, but here, all we have is a very bizarre campaign ad.

    Add to it she is up against the most widely liked legislator we have in Richmond and she’s doomed from the start. That’s why Dick Black ran away from Herring.

    Another example of poor stock photo selection by the Rs is right. This has been the year of digital imagery sinking credibility.

  • BlackOut says:

    Clarification….widely liked (and respect) legislator in Richmond from Loudoun.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I don’t know about that, Bwana, the official line on the Obama Zombie shot is that the guy was up late and running behind as well. I see no decent explanation for picking a photo that is so obviously not an American serviceman (or woman).

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Dick Black indeed ran like hell from Mark Herring, leaving Patricia to self immolate in his stead.

  • It is a delicious question I am savoring now, as to which Republican screw-up is the worse one. You don’t get partisan fun this good, that often.

    I’m going to award the Oscar to the Phillips people, however. Republicans love to wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to reverence for our soldiers and sailors. No one expects them to like Barack Obama. We expect them to show respect to the president, but we don’t expect them to seek ways to honor him. Every last American (and pretty much everyone else in the world) owes a debt of gratitude and support to our fighting men and women, but it’s the Republicans who seem to think they do it best or with the most sincerity.

    To then criticize a decent Democrat with the spurious claim that he lacks appropriate respect for our veterans with a photograph of a communist officer is a revelation of how very little this particular candidate really means any of what she might ever have said about respect for the American military. She can’t even recognize a goddam Soviet uniform, fercryinoutloud!

    What’s that? Not her fault? She never looked? Madame, if you are going to profit by slamming a man with false charges “supported” by a picture of a veteran, you had better look. You approved the theme, so it was your job to turn all those empty claims of respect for our military into a few moments of actual care, use your own eyes, and look. If you don’t know what an American uniform looks like, find someone who does. For that matter, if you don’t know what an American uniform looks like, then, when it comes to respect for veterans, you just shut your mouth.

    Honestly, this Republicans-love-them-more baloney has got to stop.

  • BlackOut says:

    Hands down the biggest f-up is the “vile” obama picture. Not necessarily because of the imagery but because of the absolutely incompetent and arrogant response. I am convinced they think it was just a fine picture to use and they see nothing wrong with it. Not the deflective defensive attitude by most Rs post event. Including York.

  • Independent Voter says:

    This has got to be a joke! Or another Google screw-up. Who will vote for a candidate this stupid. For God’s sake, people, proof your mailings before they go out.

    BTW: Has any staffer tendered her/his resignation over this?

  • David says:

    What about the vile Delgaudio picture, to which there has been NO leadership response, competent or otherwise?

    It’s honestly hard to pick.

  • Lloyd says:

    Sabotage, anyone?

  • No, no! It was deliberate, so they could claim sabotage.

    It’s like plots within plots within…

  • BlackOut says:

    I can’t believe Liz produced this flyer. That’s next folks.

  • David says:

    Now I get it. That explains the hearsay about those zombie flyers in the back of the Republican parade truck, too. Who’s the actual leader of the LCRC again?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Guys, after we syndicate BoS meetings as reality TV and balance the budget, I think we need to get you guys syndicated too.

    Not for use by Jesse Ventura, but for a whole new True TV segment.

    Dem bloggers gone wild!

    I have no clue how the election will turn out, but just watching you all is riveting.

  • David: You are. We’ve been keeping it a secret from you until now.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    ARE there secrets in the bunker?


    I said it to Eric on his thread, and I’ll say it to you guys here: don’t hurt yourselves.

  • Mike says:

    Phillips campaign manager is the same girl who managed cara townsend’s race…I rest my case.

  • Leej says:

    Notice how the millers have taken over this blog 😉

  • Lloyd says:

    Yup. Millers and Weintraubs. The party automatons that used to post here were never able to handle the slightest bit of dissent even within the party. Hence, their departure was no surprise once the real Dems showed up.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Mike, campaign managers don’t always have the final say on these kinds of things, and Townsend way outperformed everyone’s expectations. The ultimate responsibility for this colossal screw up lies with Patricia Phillips, but I wouldn’t be surprised, as with the LCRC ZombieGate mess, if they throw some underling under the bus.

  • Wolverine says:

    “Colossal screwup”? “LCRC ZombieGate mess”? LI, you just have to get out more. Now, Fast and Furious — there’s a genuine “colossal screw up.” What knuckleheads were responsible for that, I wonder? Should we perhaps demand that the big chief step down — immediately?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    It’s not the end of the world, Wolv, but for those of us who follow Loudoun politics, these are indeed colossal screw-ups. Easily avoided screw-ups.

  • Wolverine says:

    LI, this too shall pass.

    BTW, the photo is a bit blurry; but I think the medal on top on the left might be the Order of Ushakov First Class — given to exceptional Soviet WW II naval officers for planning battle actions and winning those actions. If that is a recent photo, that old vet must be pushing 100. He was probably on the operations planning staff of an admiral during the war.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    It doesn’t really look like a recent photo – it’s probably 20 years old. Which makes it even a more stupid mistake. And I still think that might be Marlin Perkins. Hey, coming back to your previous comments about the lack of crisis management at the LCRC – maybe the Mutual of Omaha theme is exactly what the LCRC needs – “people you can count on when the going’s rough”.

  • Lloyd says:

    I put it through Tin Eye and it only showed up in a couple of places. Great too, that Tin Eye.

  • mary says:

    Does it matter this isn’t the original picture and someone photo shopped the soviet officer on it?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Yes, I’m sure it’s all just a big liberal plot!

  • David says:

    Is that Eugene? LOL.

  • Peter4011 says:

    Extremely stupid – how hard is it to find a stock photo of a decorated American – but – OTOH – the Soviet Union was our ally and took the brunt of the casualties in WW2.

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  • Independent Voter says:

    Any explanation from Ms. Phillips? What an embarrassing bunch of clowns we have on the ballot this time. Is this the best The GOP has to offer?

  • Nothing from Phillips other than the potential sabotage, which is not too believable.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Hilarious sneak peek at Phillips’ next mailer:

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