Delgaudio’s Critics Can’t Silence Him, But His Pals At The LTM Sure Can Silence His Critics

By Loudoun Insider

I guess Delgaudio campaign funder and LTM part owner Bill Dean had seen enough.

The LTM put up an article about the controversy that erupted when Delgaudio was chastised for using the Weekly Standard email list for one of his lying huckster appeals for money.  The title of the article was “Delgaudio:  Human Rights Campaign Can’t Silence Me”.  A nice headline making Delgaudio look like a hero.  But the comments were something else – over 100 comments with the vast majority calling out Delgaudio for what he is, a lying huckster out to stir up unnecessary trouble and make money off the unsuspecting.  The next most common group of comments were crazed rightwingers complaining about the evils of gays.  And boy oh boy did they look crazed and out of their minds.

So what does the LTM, who endorsed Delgaudio for re-election, do???  Deletes all of the comments making Delgaudio and his wacked out supporters look like the crazies they are.  Did they delete just a few that maybe crossed the line?  Nah, just got rid of each and every one, leaving behind that hero-like headline.  It must be nice to have such friends in high places in the local media when you’re a two-bit huckster.

If someone somewhere has a copy of those comments, please send them to me and I will post here as part of the record.

UPDATE:  There are some astute LTM watchers out there who regularly copy the comments when they get too hot, knowing that they may soon disappear.  All of the deleted comments are below the fold.

Wed, Jan 18 at 07:34 PM by David Weintraub | Report this comment


Many gay and lesbian servicemembers have made the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee that people like Dave and Rachel have the freedom to make their ignorant comments. In fact, the first wounded vet who lost a limb in Operation Iraqi Freedom was a gay man. Ironic, isn’t it?

Someone way down this thread made the claim that people who oppose equality for LGBT people are in the majority. That’s actually not the case. For example, 87% of Virginians say that gay and lesbian public employees should be protected from discrimination. Nationally, support for repealing DADT was running about 75%, and that was before it was repealed. Even support for full marriage equality is now above 50%, with opposition to any form of relationship recognition for gay couples in the 20+% range. The fact is that, like previous generations’ open racism, anti-gay sentiment is rapidly becoming a fringe viewpoint.

Being part of a shrinking minority doesn’t mean you guys don’t have the right to express such views – your right to do so is protected, as it should be – see above. But you will increasingly be seen as detached from reality and hateful, and your behavior as convincing evidence that explicit protection from you is necessary.

Wed, Jan 18 at 07:10 PM by Leesburg Voter | Report this comment


Research to date all points to there being no significant relationship between a homosexual lifestyle and child molestation. There appears to be practically no reportage of sexual molestation of girls by lesbian adults, and the adult male who sexually molests young boys is not likely to be homosexual.  Just as rape is not a sex act, but actually an act of violence, pedophilia is also not a sexual act, but a behavior of dominance over an inferior.  It is a mental illness, not a sexual choice. The figures on pedophilia can be found on any psychologcal or medical website.  Or is that science also a bunch of hokum drummed up by evil scientists?

Wed, Jan 18 at 06:50 PM by Oh my! The Homosexuals! | Report this comment


It must be tough for people like Rachel, living in a world where homosexuals could be “anywhere”, just waiting for an opportunity to snatch your kid.  ANY man could be a homosexual just waiting to pounce and fulfill his sick desires.  Better keep little Johnny locked up in the basement.

What a pathetic distortion of reality you have created for yourself.

Something tells me that someday Delgaudio will join the ever growing list of staunch anti-gay activists who end up exposed for what they really are.  Maybe he’ll be like Ted Haggard and say he was “cured” six months after getting caught.

Wed, Jan 18 at 06:32 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


11:1?  Show us the proof.  I showed 3 news sources for my facts.  All I hear about are the catholic priests and Jerry Sandusky, all homosexual behavior.  And hiding behind a worse perversion than your own doesn’t excuse that homosexuality is a perversion…which doesn’t bother me until you force it on me and my family.

Wed, Jan 18 at 06:19 PM by sicko | Report this comment


Delgaudio is repressed.  He’s just way too into the gay thing not to be.

Wed, Jan 18 at 06:08 PM by waya | Report this comment


Rachel, don’t be so ignorant. There are both heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles, but there are far more heterosexuals pedophiles than homosexuals. In fact, the ratio is 11:1.  Gays want a partner of their own age, and most just want one partner (and have a “couples” relationship).  Pedophiles are mentally ill obsessive/compulsive individuals who want children to control/abuse.  Gays love their partners.  Pedophiles want to harm theirs.  Do some research and quit drinking tea.

Wed, Jan 18 at 05:55 PM by Rachel | Report this comment


Any dirty old man who wants to chase little boys is a homosexual. If he is married, he is a repressed homosexual. It just goes to show you that homosexuality encourages criminal sexual behavior and puts our children at risk.

Good luck if you are a parent of a little boy leaving your child alone in the presents of a homosexual man. I’m sure a sleep over at Johnny’s house with his homosexual Dad will make any parent think twice about homosexuals and their behavior.

Wed, Jan 18 at 05:18 PM by waya | Report this comment


Rachel, pedophiles are not gay.  They are men who want to have sex and torture children.  Big difference!  As for gays in the military, the Europeans, and Australians have always had gays serve openly and they’ve never had any issues.  They think our mentality is crazy.

Wed, Jan 18 at 05:06 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ right wing freak

“I don’t see whites listed among your groups, and whites are generally excluded from such legislation.”

Nope, whites are NOT excluded.  You can not legally be discriminated against because of your RACE – caucasian is a race.  If you were discriminated against or your child is bullied (by say a asian american) because he is white, you would have a case and would be afforded protection under the law.

Same thing with age as pointed out.  And YES there may be other people who deserve specific protection under the law – but the ones this addesses is homosexuals.

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:52 PM by Just sayin’ | Report this comment


**Does it mean I can be bullied or discriminated against, even if white isn’t spelled out?**

Yes. Going after you for your age is also not illegal.

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:43 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


I don’t see whites listed among your groups, and whites are generally excluded from such legislation.  Does it mean I can be bullied or discriminated against, even if white isn’t spelled out?

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:41 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ Dave

‘“If that makes me a bigot so be it.”

I am sorry but it does.  So be it.’

Sorry point of clarification.  Not want to serve with people who would have sex with a partner (male or female) in your room does not make you a bigot.  Restricting that judgement to just one sort of person DOES.

Imagine a gay person saying “I don’t want to serve with a straight person simply because I might walk in on him have sex with a woman and I find that disgusting.”  Would you not find that prejudiced – and also a bit obtuse?

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:36 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


“If that makes me a bigot so be it.”

I am sorry but it does.  So be it.

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:35 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


“Thats all I would of needed back in the day and find one of my roommates and his ‘partner’ in my room doing repulsive things.”

So, not really getting what you are saying here but what would have happened if that partner was a woman?

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:32 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ rigth wing freak

“To you and the rest: where did I say homosexuals should be bullied or discriminated against?”

Fact, children ion our schools who are gay or who are PERCEIVED to be gay ARE being bullied and discriminated against.  The fact that you do not wish to confront this issue and think nothing needs to be done is you approval of the practice.

African americans, asians, jewish people, hindus, christians, buddhists, women, men, hispanics, the disabled all have explicit protection against such actions.  You want to deny that protection to another minority child who are currently being abused.  Your inaction is approval.

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:31 PM by Name (required): | Report this comment


I’m curious what Barbara Blabbermouth Munsey has to say about all of this.

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:27 PM by Ashburn Dave | Report this comment


troll, I served in close quarters in the military, shared a room with 3 other guys. I was in an Infantry unit for 12 years. Believe me, there were no homosexuals in any of my units. Maybe in support units or ‘REMF’ units but I never had to deal with them. The democratic party is using the military as a big social experiment by letting gays serve openly. Thats all I would of needed back in the day and find one of my roommates and his ‘partner’ in my room doing repulsive things. It doesn’t belong in the military…PERIOD. If that makes me a bigot so be it. Reinstitute DADT!!!

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:26 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ right wing freak:

“If you want to lessen the chances of bullying, Keep your behavior to yourself.”

I am sure you think women who dress a certain way
“have it coming” as well.  Just asking for it aren’t they.

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:24 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ Right wing freak

“Homosexuality is not WHO YOU ARE, it’s WHAT YOU DO.”

Are you a heterosexual?

Wed, Jan 18 at 04:20 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


National news links, REQUIRING gay history be taught.  Field trip wasn’t mandatory, but it still happened during school hours.,2933,443681,00.html

Gay strategy: force acceptance of a perverted behavior, then deny it’s being done.  Get a judge with a conflict of interest to overturn Prop 8 and then punish the voters for having supported traditional marriage only.

Wed, Jan 18 at 03:54 PM by LoCo | Report this comment


This is embarrassing.

Wed, Jan 18 at 03:44 PM by SoulWhat | Report this comment



I did a long stint in the military too (15 Yrs) and it gave me reason to respect all my bother and sister soldiers regardless of the job they held or the life they pursued. If you served for 20 years you served with some gay and lesbian soldiers that you never suspected of being different. And that is a fact you may deny but its still a fact of your service because the numbers have been there for a long time.

Wed, Jan 18 at 03:40 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


SoulWhat: if WTOP is not a news source (clearly visible in my post), then maybe I’ll stop getting traffic and weather from there.

To you and the rest: where did I say homosexuals should be bullied or discriminated against?  There should be no additional legislation for bullying…bullying is bullying, period.  If you want to lessen the chances of bullying, Keep your behavior to yourself.

Homosexuality is not WHO YOU ARE, it’s WHAT YOU DO.  No reason to flaunt your sexual orientation at school.

Wed, Jan 18 at 03:30 PM by SoulWhat | Report this comment


@right wing freak

“Children should not be discriminated agasint or bullied for any reason, period.  Why does the bill have to specify homosexuals?  Schools have absolutely no right to teach our children that it’s an exceptable behavior and on equal footing with a heterosexual relationship.”

You are right we should not need new laws to protect our children. However because there are people that have prejudices like yours that will likely look the other way when bulling happens. Hoping or thinking it will change the way the child behaves. It won’t it will damage them even more asking why would an adult not help them.

“California is forcing gay history classes down children’s throats while our jobs our being shipped to India and China (or we have to import our labor).”

I have no idea what one has to do with the other. And I would like you to post some kind of proof about your claim about gay history classes in CA. Something from a real source, not a blog.

“One teacher forced a class trip to her gay wedding.”

Again. Please to show some kind of proof of this allegation!

“And if you’ve been in Loudoun County for over a decade, you can’t deny that Delgaudio calling Sterling Park a cespool is a painful, but accurate assessment.  If you believe it’s bigotry to believe that, then feel free to move your family there.”

I have lived in the Herndon & Sterling areas of Virginia since 1997. Before that I have lived in cities all around this country and the world. You live in one of the safest areas in the country. Most of the crime in the area is nuisance crime. There is very little crime against persons or property here in Sterling. It’s so safe I NEVER lock my doors unless I will be out of town. You obviously see things from a tinted lens and it’s not a rose color I’m thinking.


Wed, Jan 18 at 03:20 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment



“Now it has infiltrated our military. I served 20 year sint he military and there is no place for this lifestyle in the military.”

Dave, I am sorry you feel this way but gays always have been, are, and always will be in the military.  You are right that there has been a shift in that they no longer want to be treated differently than you are but, frankly, I understand that.  But again this is not about DADT or gay pride parades, or anything else.  Its about children in school who are being abused and providing a mechanism to protect them.  I respect that some may not think this is not the right way to provide that protection.  I do not respect those who will use this bill to foment hate and fear toward fellow human beings.  That is what you are doing.

Regarding gay pride parades, I agree that they are not necessary and do no good to the homosexual’s cause, imo.  I suspect they view them as a form of protest, however, so I have a problem with outright condemnation until I have walked a mile in those shoes.

Wed, Jan 18 at 03:11 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ right wing freak:

“I don’t advertise my sexuality, my religion, or my ethnicity.”

There is no need to as again this has nothing to do with advertising one’s sexuality.  It has to do with protecting children from abuse BECAUSE of their sexuality.  Apparently you think its OK to abuse these youngsters.  Creep!

“And not to lump sexuality in with religion and ethnicity, because it’s not a heritage…it’s a perverted behavior, just like pedophilia and beastiality.”

A creep and a dolt.  Protection of race and religion is not about HERITAGE, it is about who people ARE.  You ARE (I’m guessing) heterosexual and you ARE therefore in the majority.  Homosexuals are a minority and they are discriminated against and abused simply because of who they ARE.  Bestiality and pedophilia are ACTIONS and are illegal actions to boot.  Homosexual SEX is an action and it is perfectly legal as well.

Maybe your kid is (or will be) homosexual.  Your outlook is that it is perfectly alright for someone to beat the crap out of him because of who he is. You are the lowest of the low.

But you still want to make this discussion about homosexual lifestyles and it is NOT about that.  It is about protecting a certain segment of our youth who are currently being abused because of who they are.  Your attempts to fear monger and incite hatred are exactly what Delgaudio has done.  Do you want people to send you money as well?

Wed, Jan 18 at 03:07 PM by FedUpDude | Report this comment


Rachel – You realize pedophilia is classified as its on sexual orientation outside the gay straight issue right? Also the vast majority of pedophiles are married men with children including those who molest boys. They have sex with the boys but never with men and do not think of themselves as gay in any way.

Gay men rarely molest.

Wed, Jan 18 at 02:56 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


“troll, no kid should be bullied but thats not what I’m talking about.”

But that is what (and ONLY what) the legislation is about.  This has nothing to do with your fears of homosexuality in normal society.  It has to do with protecting our kids.

Wed, Jan 18 at 02:36 PM by Rachel | Report this comment


“99.9% of pedophiles are “normal” men” — If they are having sex with young men, they are gay by default. That makes Gay people pedophiles as well.

Wed, Jan 18 at 01:57 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


Eric –

I read it…I also read through it.  Don’t try to fool us into thinking it ends there.  Your sexual preference isn’t something that you need to offer up…I don’t advertise my sexuality, my religion, or my ethnicity.  And not to lump sexuality in with religion and ethnicity, because it’s not a heritage…it’s a perverted behavior, just like pedophilia and beastiality.

Wed, Jan 18 at 01:57 PM by Ashburn Kim | Report this comment


troll, no kid should be bullied but thats not what I’m talking about. This lifestyle has been forced down our throats beginning when Bill Clinton was elected President. Now it has infiltrated our military. I served 20 year sint he military and there is no place for this lifestyle in the military. Call me a bigot? I’ve been called worse. No problem but I wear it with a badge of honor. Go to a gay pride parade, if you think it’s cute or funny you have problems. Its repulsive and appalling.

Wed, Jan 18 at 01:47 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ Dave,

Do you think it is ok for others to bully children because of their sexual orientation?  THAT is what this bill is about – not about Johnny coming to school and having two sam sex parents – unless of course you think it alright if Johnny’s peer procede to beat the living crap out of him for describing his home life.  Is that what you are promoting?

If so, then yes that makes you a bigot – sorry.

Wed, Jan 18 at 01:42 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


My last comment was @ right wing freak (an apt name)

Wed, Jan 18 at 01:41 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


“There’s a big difference between non-discrimination and forced acceptance”

Exactly!  This bill is 100% a non-discrimination bill and has nothing at all to do with “forced acceptance”.  So you are either too lazy to put 15 minutes into reading the bill or you know and are simply inciting hatred.  You should be ashamed in either case.

Wed, Jan 18 at 01:36 PM by Ashburn Dave | Report this comment


common sense has left. What are we talking about here? A man having sex with another man and a woman having sex with another woman. There is something wrong with this picture. People say live and let live but this life style is bad for society.  A boy goes to school and tells the teacher he has 2 dads or 2 moms. Some may say ‘oh how cute”. I say “Ridiculous people”! If I’m a bigot because I don’t approve of this lifestyle then I wear that as a badge of honor. Wake up!!

Wed, Jan 18 at 01:35 PM by FreedomFighter | Report this comment


To Gray Ghost:  The boogeyman is in your closet.  For a contribution of just $100 I can work to prevent him from coming out to get you.  $200 would be even better.  (I’m trying to start a business following the Delgaudio model and you might be a good first customer, LOL.)

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:57 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


Loudoun Teacher:  Who gives a rats behind (ok, maybe wrong phrase for this topic) what their sexual preference was?

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:56 PM by the sour truth | Report this comment


Sounds like Sarah Cohen doesn’t like the competition of gays steeling men away from her.

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:54 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


Loudoun Citizen:  rrrrrrrright

Where the heck do you think we were when this was all unfolding that you could post such a moronic statement???  They will be taught.  So not only is it on the books, but now you’re denying it is…and I’m the one that’s gullible?

BTW, the “Equality….” group cited in the article…the Equality Loudoun chapter is the group that had the float in the Leesburg 4th of July parade a few years ago with their ilk walking around with the dog holding up signs saying “I love my two dads.”  Right in the face of families there to celebrate Independence Day.  Wanna deny that too, Loudoun Citizen?  I was there.  Thank goodness my kids couldn’t read yet, because you would not have appreciated the answer their question would’ve gotten.

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:48 PM by Loudoun Teacher | Report this comment


Historians believe Alexander the Great was homosexual, and Plato was flat out of the closet. I don’t think they harmed humanity in any way.

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:38 PM by Loudoun Citizen | Report this comment


There are no Gay History classes in California and anyone who believes that is incredibly gullible.  Gays are not out to conqueror the world, nor are they pedophiles.  99.9% of pedophiles are “normal” men.  You know, the nice boy next door.  Reading some of the ignorant comments here about people who are a bit “different” makes me worry for this country. Not because Gays want to “take over” but because these racists call themselves “Christian”.  Really sad.

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:07 PM by right wing freak | Report this comment


Eric the 1/2:

The only shame I have is in the type-o’s in my first post (acceptable vs. exceptable, are vs. our, etc).

There’s a big difference between non-discrimination and forced acceptance – gays and radical Islam are bed-buddies in this regard (ironically, both championed by the Democratic Party despite being polar opposites – be careful of who your bed-buddies are).

I’ve seen the movement evolve from the closet (where all sexuality is best kept) to the “I love my two dads” float in the Leesburg Parade a couple 4th’s of July’s ago.  The agenda does not fool us.

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:01 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


@ Sarah:

“just wait liberals until your children are taught how homosexuals have sex in sex ed class. those children will be scarred for life with images of hairy men slobbering over each other.”

A. this legislation has nothing to do with sex ed instruction.  This has been posted many times and I have included a link to the text so you can see for yourself.  You are just like Delgaudio in that you wish to incite fear and ahtred toward a group of fellow human beings.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

BTW, I don’t recall my children every being provided ANY images of sexual activity in public school and they won’t be in the future either – again you are nothing but a hate-monger.

Wed, Jan 18 at 11:36 AM by Gray Ghost | Report this comment


The thought of California forcing homosexual history classes on children just makes me want to vomit. At least Loudoun could never do that without the State’s approval. Thank God for Dillon’s Rule.

Wed, Jan 18 at 11:11 AM by FreedomFighter | Report this comment


To RightWingFreak: I don’t think Sterling is a cesspool.  I am raising a family here in Sterling and love my neighborhood.  Maybe Delgaudio sincerely believes it’s a cesspool though – there seems to be some doubt as to whether he and his family actually live here.  I hear he owns a small condo in Sterling, but I’ve also heard something about a large single family home not far from his workplace in Falls Church.  Also, I noticed in the Kojo Nnamdi interview he said that he’s been in Fairfax since 1981…

To Amy White: Are you actually anti-Delgaudio, and posing as a highly ignorant supporter just to give his supporters a bad name?  Or are you for real?

Wed, Jan 18 at 11:09 AM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment



Nothing in this legislation says our schools have the right (or responsiblity) to teach our children that any relationship (heterosexual or homosexual) is acceptable or not acceptable.  It is 100% an anti-bullying legislation giving anti-discrimination protection to homosexuals etal.  This protection is already provided to other groups based on race, religion, ethnicity, etc.  You may not agree that gays actually WARRANT this special protection (I happen to believe that the problem is big enough that they do) but you are simply spewing falsehoods and inciting fear and hatred toward homosexuals just like Deguadio is doing.

You and he have absolutely no shame.  He should step down and Janet Clarke should be the one calling for it.

Wed, Jan 18 at 11:05 AM by David Weintraub | Report this comment


Phillip King, “less than human” is the kind of language Mr. Delgaudio uses about us. He is an amoral charlatan, but he is still a human being.

Wed, Jan 18 at 11:03 AM by Praise God for Our Sterling Hero | Report this comment


Me love Delagado.  He speak for me about homos.  Awful people.  Delagado my hero, God sent him to Sterling to protect us.  Love my orange pen he gave me!

Wed, Jan 18 at 10:49 AM by right wing freak | Report this comment


Children should not be discriminated agasint or bullied for any reason, period.  Why does the bill have to specify homosexuals?  Schools have absolutely no right to teach our children that it’s an exceptable behavior and on equal footing with a heterosexual relationship.

California is forcing gay history classes down children’s throats while our jobs our being shipped to India and China (or we have to import our labor).  One teacher forced a class trip to her gay wedding.  We have the right and duty to push back on any measure that opens the door for such actions to occur in Loudoun County.

And if you’ve been in Loudoun County for over a decade, you can’t deny that Delgaudio calling Sterling Park a cespool is a painful, but accurate assessment.  If you believe it’s bigotry to believe that, then feel free to move your family there.

Wed, Jan 18 at 09:31 AM by T | Report this comment


Phillip…Not all of Sterling voted this idiot in…please don’t put us all in one lump group

Wed, Jan 18 at 09:29 AM by Phillip King | Report this comment


Instead of just putting up with DelGaudio, lets work to get Sterling into Prince William County, since they all think alike anyway. Sterling is Loudoun’s Manassas Park. What a bunch of ignorant people to keep voting for this less than human bag of wind. It is fine to have your own personal views, but not when you try and impress them on others when in office. DelGaudio and Sterling…Loudoun’s embarrassing duo.

Wed, Jan 18 at 09:26 AM by Who knew | Report this comment


Men molesting little girls are gay?

Wed, Jan 18 at 09:18 AM by t | Report this comment


Amy….do some research….please…

Wed, Jan 18 at 08:23 AM by Amy White | Report this comment


Gay people are the ones who molest thousands of children every year. Now you want to give them special rights? Lord Help Us!!!

Wed, Jan 18 at 07:49 AM by waya | Report this comment


Gay people are not out to convert children, or bring down the good ole USA. They just want to live normal lives like everyone else.  Sheesh, what are some of you bigots smoking!?

Wed, Jan 18 at 07:42 AM by Del BOZO | Report this comment


If you’ve ever gone and watched a BOS meeting, you’d see what a fruitcake he is.  Full of nuts and those bits of fruit that nobody likes.  He should be re-gifted and sent packing.

Wed, Jan 18 at 07:15 AM by SterlingFirst | Report this comment


we love Delgaudio because he is the best supervisor. I’m voting for him again, and again, and again. So are all my neighbors and friends.

Wed, Jan 18 at 06:54 AM by speakin | Report this comment


Why do you people in the east keep putting this moron in office????

Wed, Jan 18 at 06:16 AM by carl | Report this comment


Can someone research ic there is a legal mechanism to remove him from office?  No Confidence or Impeachment?

Wed, Jan 18 at 02:36 AM by Ann H Csonka | Report this comment


@Sarah “God Bless Delgaudio.”
Every thought stated is 100% baloney. What a shame that Delgaudio has so many children that HE is REALLY brainwashing.
What a shame.
But real people voted for him—how could they do this time after time?

Wed, Jan 18 at 12:28 AM by FreedomFighter | Report this comment


Eugene Delgaudio holds a great deal of contempt for many groups, not just gays.  On June 20, 2008, during an interview on the Kojo Nnamdi Show he said, “This is a cesspool.  People are coming from outside of this culture and they are dumping their crap on the streets of our town.”  That’s an interesting way to characterize immigrants, regardless of their legal standing, isn’t it?  To Eugene, the immigrants are outsiders, not part of “this” culture, and apparently some of them are subhuman, or “crap” as he put it.  Delgaudio’s huge character flaws have been no secret for many years, and those who supported him should be ashamed.

Tue, Jan 17 at 11:59 PM by FreedomFighter | Report this comment


I think the media should do a story on how much Delgaudio hates free speech.  Here are two examples:  1) Delgaudio summoned sheriff’s deputies to Park View High School in November when a man in an orange hat was doing a comedy act quoting some of the outrageous things that Delgaudio has said.  2) Delgaudio disabled the public’s ability to comment on his “PublicAdvocate” YouTube videos after people posted comments that he apparently found to be disagreeable.

Tue, Jan 17 at 11:43 PM by Elder Berry | Report this comment


Mr. Delgaudio is following in the footsteps of Lester Maddox or Bull Connor standing in the door barring the way to equality for one more group of humanity in this country. He’s disgusting and I am ashamed that he is in government in a place where I live. Those on this site who are supportive of him and his ideas are either deluded or equally hateful people.

Tue, Jan 17 at 11:31 PM by Keith | Report this comment


I would not support the “Student Non-Discrimination Act.” bill to end discrimination and bullying based on sexual-orientation in schools.

There should be no SPECIAL laws for LGBT students. Convict bullying based on the laws in place, regardless of it being aimed at racial issues, LGBT, or any other category. The lives of LGBT youth are worth no more or less than straight students. This society is becoming fractured based on special rules for one group after another. Bullying is wrong, regardless of who is the victim.

Stop dividing and categorizing everyone.

Tue, Jan 17 at 10:29 PM by LoudounPatriot | Report this comment


As I read this article, I remembered a powerful personal sharing of the history of racism in Loudoun County by Mary Randolph at this year’s Loudoun Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.  She spoke of the discrimination and exclusion she experienced growing up in Loudoun.  Hers was not a complaint, it was a simple statement of historic truth about the state of Loudoun.

The virulence of Mr. Delgaudio’s hate mongering is a sad commentary on the state of Loudoun today.  His continued re-election indicates that his party accepts his hateful utterances enough to continue to include him in their organization and support his re-election.  Loudoun residents who voted for Mr. Delgaudio bear responsibility for their decision to return him to office.  And those of us who know of Mr. Delgaudio’s hate agenda but do not stand up against his lies are also complicit in allowing him to continue to target the GLBT community.

Mr. Delgaudio uses fear to maintain his power.  The same fear that was used in the 1930’s in Germany and the 1950’s in Virginia to target a group and blame that group for society’s problems, justifying discriminatory behavior.

Mr. Delgaudio must not be allowed to continue his hate mongering.  This is a man who, as a Loudoun Supervisor, makes decisions about well-being of men and women in this county.  His votes impacts the safety of our children.

Our schools have identified bullying as a primary destructive behavior that causes children to fail.  Yet we have an elected official who denies the problem and, in fact, encourages its continuance in our society.  He must be stopped.

Just as Mary Randolph’s racist Loudoun existed because the community allowed it, we allow discrimination against the GLBT community to continue when we do not forcefully speak out, when we do not boldly stand up against this injustice.  Because when one of us is not safe, none of us are are safe.

If we oppose oppressive behavior like Mr. Delgaudio’s, if we tolerate hatred, then we are doomed to repeat our history.  We must not let that happen.

Tue, Jan 17 at 09:59 PM by Jerk | Report this comment


Eric, I read it twice man.  I felt like I was reading legislation brought to you by the trial lawyers association of America.  I don’t disagree with the premise, just the manner in which they are attempting to execute.  Section 2, line 2 is exactly what we should not be doing.  The bullying of a GLBT student is no more of a crime than the bullying of a straight student.

Like I asked before, where’s the legislation to protect fat kids, who protects ugly kids, who protects poor kids?  Gay kids are not the only ones being bullied.

Enacting solid anti-bullying legislation to serve all of our children is the most appropriate course of action.

Special interests do nothing but divide and breed contempt for those seeking special treatment.

Tue, Jan 17 at 09:56 PM by ParkView | Report this comment


Obviously Delgaudio is getting elected time and time again by the “Majority” who agrees that Homosexuality is not acceptable in society. All you Pro-Homosexuals should wake up and realize YOU ARE IN THE MINORITY. To add icing on the cake, we got Dick Black down in Richmond to make sure your Pro-Homo agenda is Dead on Arrival.

Tue, Jan 17 at 09:42 PM by RUkiddingme | Report this comment


I live in Eastern Loudoun and have never supported or voted for Delgoofio.  He’s a loose cannon that’s not doing any good for the county in the way of PR or otherwise with his proselytizing and infusing personal bias in his rhetoric. Censure by the board would be appropriate, if he publishes anything like this under his ‘supervisor’ title.

Tue, Jan 17 at 09:38 PM by Delgaudio sucks. | Report this comment


This bigot isn’t even a resident of Sterling. He owns a house in the Park and comes by once or twice a week to check the mail and goes back to his house in Fairfax. Investigate that LTM.

Tue, Jan 17 at 09:23 PM by tolerant | Report this comment


I can’t believe Sterling elected a hate-monger to represent them to the BOS.  It’s wrong to discriminate against people because of who they are.  It isn’t some contagious disease.  It’s a sexual preference created by your perfect God.  How will you handle it?  What would Jesus do?  He was probably a homosexual?  Just sayin’

Tue, Jan 17 at 08:35 PM by David Weintraub | Report this comment


Check the topic of the article, Donna. We’re not the ones having a hissy fit. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be commenting – so please don’t be disingenuous. There would be no need to discuss the issue at all were it not for people like Mr. Delgaudio. I surely have other things to do.

Tue, Jan 17 at 08:24 PM by Donna P. | Report this comment


I said “some people” find their lifestyle disgusting.  I could care less about what gays do.  I’m just sick and tired of hearing about gay rights, etc.  Get over yourselves; you are not special.  There are more important things children should be learning in school these days.

Tue, Jan 17 at 07:21 PM by David Weintraub | Report this comment


You made me laugh, Donna P.

Here’s a synopsis of my “lifestyle” for the day so far: Work for client. Fold laundry. Walk dogs. Cook up some tasty venison from the freezer. Watch news. Disgusting, isn’t it? Maybe you should try getting to know some gay people.

I heard once about a library program where you could “rent” a kind of person you didn’t really know anything about for an hour, and ask them questions.

Tue, Jan 17 at 07:20 PM by Dont lump me in | Report this comment


Not everyone who lives in Delgaudio’s district voted for him.  Please don’t say “all you Sterling people” etc., etc.  With redistricting this past year, Delgaudio’s district now encompasses a larger area.  Were they hoping these new districts would counter-vote the usual folks who have kept him in office?

Tue, Jan 17 at 07:19 PM by ed myers | Report this comment


Donna, it is better with the internet since there isn’t physical violence and the bullying is documented so it can’t be denied.

Since kids aren’t engaged in sexual orgies in school, no one has to accept homosexuality. The only people who are forced to accept homosexuality are men who are raped by other men.

What social conservatives are being forced to accept is that they cannot discriminate against others just because they perceive another might want to have sex in a way they disapprove.

Tue, Jan 17 at 06:54 PM by Donna P. | Report this comment


Kids are going to bully other kids no matter what.  It’s worse now than ever before because of children’s access to the internet.  You can’t force others to accept homosexuality.  Some people find their lifestyle disgusting.

Tue, Jan 17 at 06:46 PM by Laugh | Report this comment


Its all about the money.  The more Mr. Delaudio can work up a “certain” crowd, the more money flows his way.  Shock system.  Working the crowd, selling snake oil for all that ails you.  Oh for the day that some people can stop the hate, and keep their money in their pockets, is the day that Degaudio will be unable to make his mortgage payments.

Tue, Jan 17 at 05:14 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


Regardless of whether you think the legislation is warranted or not, however, Delgaudio is simply lieing in his PA piece and is trying to incite fear and hatred against gays (and raise money to boot) through his writing and his response to being challenged for it.

I fully expect Clarke to call him out for his actions – NOT!!

Tue, Jan 17 at 05:10 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


“I am not an advocate of discrimination or bigotry, I am simply pointing out that every American deserves the same protection under the law.”

Jerk, that is exactly why this legislation is being proposed (see my response below).  Other minority groups are afforded greater protection under the law and homosexuals have fewer legal protections – yet ARE routinely discriminated against.  I would suggest you actually read the legislation as I cited below – it took me all of 15 minutes.

Tue, Jan 17 at 04:55 PM by Expat | Report this comment


Sterling needs to be glassed from orbit to prevent this from happening again. It’s the only way to be sure.

Tue, Jan 17 at 04:45 PM by Jerk | Report this comment


@ Jerkstore, your metaphor is far less relative than mine.  I give examples of congenital characteristics, you site geographic knowledge.  In addition, your poor use of grammar and punctuation indicates that you may be a slightly bigger idiot than I, my friend.

I love it when the hypocrites that are always screaming about all inclusiveness, open-mindedness and not being judgmental on how someone else chooses to live their lives, start criminalizing anyone that disagree’s with them.

I am not an advocate of discrimination or bigotry, I am simply pointing out that every American deserves the same protection under the law.  Those of you prejudging an entire group of people without knowing them based on what a few idiots write on some shitbox message board are just as guilty as the gay bashers, racists and anti-semites.

Do what you have to do, just don’t ask for special treatment or for someone else to pay for it.

Tue, Jan 17 at 04:15 PM by Emma Josephson | Report this comment


This hate monger is an embarrassment to Loudoun County.

Tue, Jan 17 at 04:04 PM by Embarrassing for all | Report this comment


Don’t be surprised when a major corporation decides not to locate in Loudoun because the folks in Sterling find it appropriate to elect a disgraceful human being to public office.

Outside of intolerant rednecks and Christians who think the Jesus would agree on limiting the rights of homosexuals, most people find this to be a non-issue.  In fact, corporate America embraces it and they don’t want to live in “backwards” areas of the country.  If some executive from California saw that Delgaudio was an elected official here, what do you think their perception of Loudoun would be?  Would they want to move their company HQ here?  I don’t think so.

Eugene Delgaudio is no different than a local KKK chapter who litters a neighborhood with flyers including hate speech toward non-whites and touting “White Power”.  Of course, some of the people around here would probably elect a Klansman too.

Tue, Jan 17 at 04:00 PM by David Weintraub | Report this comment


Also, while editor Bill Kristol may not have responded for this article, the publisher of the Weekly Standard had this to say in explaining that a mistake had been made: “This is obviously not the sort of advertising that we would accept, nor will we accept it in the future.”

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:59 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment



“(6) While Federal statutory protections expressly address discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability, and national origin, Federal civil rights statutes do not expressly include ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity’. As a result, students and parents have often had limited legal recourse to redress for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Also, go read the Act here:

It says nothing that could possibly be interpreted as Delgaudio says:

‘The Public Advocate email says the bill will “require schools to teach appalling homosexual acts … spin impressionable students in a whirlwind of sexual confusion and misinformation … force private and even religious schools to teach a pro-homosexual curriculum …”’

He needs to step down from the BOS acording to the Clarke Doctrine.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:57 PM by Mary Ann | Report this comment


Delgaudio hates gingers, too.  I think its because they have no soul.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:56 PM by Expat | Report this comment


It’s not even worth trolling this ####. We’re all doomed.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:54 PM by David Weintraub | Report this comment


Not a single nutty claim he makes about the Student Non-Discrimination Act can be found in the text of the bill. Unfortunately, lying is not a legal cause for removal from office.

Meanwhile, commenter Sarah Cohen demonstrates the accuracy of my remarks: Mr. Delgaudio “defames us in a particularly inflammatory way, one designed to make his target audience fear for the safety of their children and all they hold dear. His lies about us inflame hatred.”

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:53 PM by Ashburn Resident | Report this comment


WOW. Delguadio and anyone who supports this rubbish are smoking “serious weed.” This man is insane.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:52 PM by Bend Ova | Report this comment


This is York’s man!  Go Scott York, great endorsement here.  You guys make great partners.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:52 PM by The Jerkstore Called, They’re running out of you | Report this comment


There is a difference jerk…you obviously wouldn’t know.  It’s like your saying ” Yah I know what it’s like in the hood.  I grew up in Great Falls!”


Tue, Jan 17 at 03:49 PM by Hot Stuff Coming Through | Report this comment


60 years ago you could have seen the same statements made, but instead of “homosexual” substitute “black”…

bigots are bigots, plain and simple.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:48 PM by Jerk | Report this comment


I guess I just don’t understand the need for specialized treatment for every individual special interest group.  I got bullied when I was a kid because I was the same size as the older kids, played in the same sports leagues as the older kids, but obviously wasn’t as mature as the older kids, so they tormented me.  Should I have a dedicated “big kid curriculum” so that future big kids aren’t picked on?

How about kids with red hair, glasses, fat kids, dumb kids, ugly kids?  Individual curricula?

Get over yourselves.  You’re not special, you’re just gay.

Have laws that protect everyone and enforce them blindly.  A gay kid that’s getting picked on is no more tragic than a straight kid that’s getting picked on.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:47 PM by t | Report this comment


Wow Sarah….you are a hateful one aren’t ya? Brainwash? LOL…Ignorance is bliss

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:46 PM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment


SArah and Eugene: “We want to retain our right bully anyone we want in the classroom!  Its the American Christian way.  How dare someone try to stop us!”

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:40 PM by sarah cohen | Report this comment


By The Way, Homosexual Marriage in Virginia is not legal nor will it ever be legal, so says THE LAW.
Constitution of Virginia
Section 15-A. Marriage.

That only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth and its political subdivisions. This Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effects of marriage. Nor shall this Commonwealth or its political subdivisions create or recognize another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:34 PM by sarah cohen | Report this comment


God Bless Delgaudio. The homosexual agenda is to try and brain wash children into accepting their sick and disgusting behavior as a long term investment to change the legal, social, and economic fabric of society. They want brain washed children today to be rubber stamps for elections in the coming decades.
Keep Homosexuality OUT OF THE CLASSROOM. Children need to be learning about Math, Science, etc. Not about homosexuals dancing on cars with rainbow flags and leather outfits.

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:05 PM by FedUpDude | Report this comment


Why do people keep voting this tool in?

Tue, Jan 17 at 03:03 PM by mikeflagg | Report this comment


We send this zealot packing only to be subjected to his burdensome embarrassment again? Don’t Loudoun voters have any memory or do any research?
Is his brother still a ‘family photographer’ on the Baltimore circuit?;=&contentId=A27774-2003Apr23

Tue, Jan 17 at 02:47 PM by Lsbgal | Report this comment


This man is an embarrassment to Loudoun county.  Anyone who endorsed him or voted for him has to be aware that his main priority is not promoting good things for Loudoun county, but to use his position to promote his own hatred and falsehoods.  They share culpability in the B.S. he spews.

Tue, Jan 17 at 02:40 PM by Non-profit tax investigation | Report this comment


Excellent article, now on to the next step.  Delgaudio is raising millions with his special brand of fear mongering.  He raises most of this money by preying on the ignorant.  Add to this that he does very little if anything in way of actually lobbying for his self-aggrandizing cause and pockets a majority for himself as a management fee.  (details available via public records)

The IRS should have a field day investigating Delgaudio’s bogus and in jeopardy tax exempt status.

Tue, Jan 17 at 02:25 PM by Shawn in Leesburg | Report this comment


I thought the gay agenda entailed more recruitment at 10am today, not 11am!

Tue, Jan 17 at 02:15 PM by Liz Miller | endorsing Eugene Delgaudio in this past election, despite what you called his “antics”.He is disgusting, and is unfit for office, but you are beneath contempt and are now partly responsible for his “antics” for the next four years.

“>Report this comment


Thank you, LTM, for endorsing Eugene Delgaudio in this past election, despite what you called his “antics”.

He is disgusting, and is unfit for office, but you are beneath contempt and are now partly responsible for his “antics” for the next four years.

Tue, Jan 17 at 02:10 PM by enuf | Report this comment


Hey Clarke….your fellow BOS member is not acting in a manner suitable for representing this county why don’t you stand up and say something…..or do you not hold the same standard for everyone?

Meanwhile, Delusional Delgaudio is at it again…never fails to entertain….

Tue, Jan 17 at 01:56 PM by t | Report this comment


This man makes me sick….

Tue, Jan 17 at 01:44 PM by Beth Gregor | Report this comment


Wow!  Congrats on the new job Trevor!  So weird that you are writing for a newspaper that I get in my driveway!  Small world!  Looking forward to future articles!


  • Crap. I had hoped to hold off bagging on local Republicans as part of my New Year’s resolution. Between Delgaudio’s incendiary attacks on homosexuals and Reid’s right-out-of-the-box lies about cleaning the medians, that just ain’t gonna happen. LTM’s deletion of the comments, in my opinion, is not necessarily LTM’s fault. It’s the extremism embodied in Delgaudio’s email that draws out the extreme reactions not fit for print.

    I discussed Delguadio’s original email a few months ago (, and I feel a need to restate my bottom line:

    “Frankly, even if he were to shovel my driveway, cook my dinner and wipe my kids’ butts, no level of constituent service could justify voting for, much less openly supporting, such an individual.”

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Well said, Lloyd, but I have just seen too many instances of bias from the LTM regarding Bill dean’s favorite candidates. Also notice that the LTM has yet to put up any article dealing with the appointment controversies or the sign issues. After all, that might make Bill Dean’s BOS look bad.

    Just to refresh everyone’s minds about LTM owner Bill Dean’s donations:

    And those of his company, MC Dean:

    So with $1,500 to Delgaudio from Dean personally, and $14,500 to Delgaudio from the company that he alone controls, we have a total of $16,000 from the part owner of the “newspaper” to this huckster.

  • BlackOut says:

    Delgaudio was flying off the handle when folks started to mention that the IRS should look into his tax exempt status.

    Has anyone seen a third party validity audit of Public Advocate? Most legitimate operations will commission or cooperate with a third party auditor to obtain an independent clean financial bill of health. I’ve not been able to find any evidence of an audit.

    Isn’t there something requiring an audit if the organization raises over $500K?

  • liz says:

    All the comments are gone now.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s exactly what my post says, Liz!

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    Nope they wiped all comments. I recall the wackjobs posting as “right wing freak” and “Ashburn Dave” among others.

    They spun this thing into DADT territory among others. Refused to focus on the issue at hand (anti-bullying legislation). Delgaudio simply lied in his PA statement about homosexual curriculum in order to incite hatred against homosexuals and (most importantly to him) drive up monetary contributions.

    Where is Janet Clarke when you need her…?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Someone had copied all of the comments and just sent them to me, they’re posted below the fold in the post.

  • BlackOut says:

    I just read through the comments. What was the issue other than it calls out Delgaudio for issues he publicly defends in the article?

    Overall the dialog was reasonable. Certainly different opinions were being expressed but it really was out of hand. It seemed to be centered around the issue. Especially the more recent ones.

    BTW, the “Report This Comment” links still work. Good chance to report an issue with the censorship.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I was told by someone at the LTM that the comments were getting too vulgar and they didn’t have the time to go through each and every comment. I don’t buy it. You would think maybe they would just ban the commenters who consistently make vulgar comments. Instead they let those people rule the roost and delete each and every comment, most of which were absolutely on topic, yet critical of the man they endorsed and to who their sugar daddy owner gave sixteen grand to.

  • BlackOut says:

    Vulgar? That might of been what Delgaudio called them when he made what I am sure were multiple calls of bitching.

    I didn’t read anything vulgar in the comment debate. Seemed reasonable to me.

  • LI, that’s what I thought, too.

    I logged off after making my last one around 7:30 last night, and this morning they were all gone. I wonder if there were defamatory comments after mine that precipitated it. Did anyone see them later than 7:30 last night?

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    I logged off earlier than you did. I saw nothing that could be considered vulgar though.

  • BO, the stuff about pedophilia is pretty vulgar, and defamatory. It’s consistent with other comments I’ve seen them remove.

    This is the Acceptable Use section of LTM’s TOS:

    is defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane or offensive;
    infringes or violates another party’s intellectual property rights;
    violates any party’s right of publicity or right of privacy;
    is threatening, harassing or that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;
    is harmful to minors in any way;
    promotes or encourages violence;
    is inaccurate, false or misleading in any way;
    is illegal or promotes any illegal activities;
    promotes illegal or unauthorized copying of another person’s copyrighted work or links to them or providing information to circumvent security measures;
    contains “masked” profanity (e.g., F@&#)
    contains ALL CAPS, either wholly or partially
    is bolded or highlighted with HTML coding
    contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; or
    contains any advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any other form of solicitation.

  • BlackOut says:

    Point acknowledged David. Thank you.

  • BO, as for Public Advocate’s tax status, the fine print on its website says “Contributions or gifts to Public Advocate are not tax deductible. Public Advocate of the United States is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization.” Of course, the site DOESN’T say anything about non-deductibility on the donation page.

    As a (c)(4), it can lobby without jeopardizing its exempt status. However, it is not able to receive tax-deductible donations. That said, there’s still the question about how its funds are spent, and there’s no information about that available on line or through Charity Navigator.

  • BlackOut says:


    Lloyd, the financial data for Public Advocate comes from IRS Form 990. By definition, “Form 990 is an annual reporting return that certain federally tax-exempt organizations must file with the IRS. It provides information on the filing organization’s mission, programs, and finances.”

    According to

    Delgaudio filed 990s are available on this site but you need to register. It is free. The last filed 990 that Guidestar has is from 2009. Tons of questions come from that one. I wonder what he has been doing in recent years?

  • BlackOut says:

    More back ground on the questionable finances and the use of the cash are within this post:

  • BlackOut says:

    Try this link and see if it works, it might get around the registration issue:

  • By “on line” I was referring to the PA site. I did read the link you sent. interesting that he doesn’t pay himself as an employee.

  • BlackOut says:

    Shell game?

  • BlackOut says:

    Report says he works 30 hours a week and that he has three employees who post 1 hour a week.

    Damn 1.3 million in revenue. Without paying taxes. For what?

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