For Lieutenant Governor, The Choice Is Clear …

By Loudoun Insider

There’s just way too much BS going on in PWC these days.


  • BlackOut says:

    I never considered his campaign anything but self-promotion. He’s demeanor won’t play well outside of his community. Plus I don’t think he’s that smart.

    The button should say DOA; Anybody but Corey.

  • Git er right says:

    I would suggest ABC

  • James Young says:

    So let me make sure I get this right: a website initially formed primarily to promote Corey’s predecessor when he ran for the post won’t support the guy who cleaned up the fiscal mess left by Corey’s predecessor.

    Sour grapes, much?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That was all TC himself, JY, not me. Are you going to defend all the unethical bullshit going on in PWC lately??? Go bitch at some of your fellow PWC bloggers who are taking it to Stewart much more than TC is. Deservedly so, I might add.

  • Scout says:

    What was the fiscal mess left by the previous Chairman? It seemed like PWC was doing very well back then.

    JY is one of those arithmetically challenged people who thought it a bad thing that tax rates were significantly reduced while home values dramatically increased.

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