Big Gipper Makes Chesapeake Liaison Worth Reading

By Loudoun Insider

I guess now that Phil Tran no longer works for Loudoun County after being canned by Janet Clarke for daring to have a different opinion than her on an issue, he can have a blogger on his site critical of the LCRC powers that be.  A blogger named Big Gipper has appeared there, and has a great post here about the absence of the Black Brigade at the recent Romney rally in PWC.  Even better than that are the observations about David Ramadan, who does indeed love himself very very much.  That Ramadan stuff is so good it deserves repeating here:

“David Ramadan – Delegate David Ramadan, derided by his critics for being a narcissistic ego tripper for his penchant for self-promotion, Chuck Shumer-like one-way magnetism toward cameras, excessive e-mails and sign blitzes in a region that finds signs repulsive, traveling with a posse of General Assembly interns wearing his shirts, adorning his office with photos of himself (BIG photos. I have been to the office. It is the first thing that hit me.), and actually having a physical office as a Delegate in the first place when most of his House colleagues are living in the 21st century and teleworking for their General Assembly duties in the district was not acknowledged during VIP acknowledgement and not seen. The most treacherous path in Loudoun, PWC, and even Fairfax (where Ramadan has been spotted campaigning at local festivals even though his district does not include Fairfax, only Loudoun and PWC) is the path between David Ramadan and a camera. Ramadan not being there yesterday was quite odd.”

This earns the former NOVA Common Sense, now The Chesapeake Liaison (a horrible name!) a spot back on to the blogroll.  Keep it up, Big Gipper!


  • Dan says:

    ” It was a very energetic crowd, although the average age on the floor was quite old and was predominantly white. The Romney folks seemed to fill the stage with a lot of high school and college students sitting behind the elected officials in order to show some youth for the cameras.”

    That description is priceless. Big Gipper may get a nomination for a Captain Obvious award for that. It was a Romney rally. Of course it was an older and whiter crowd.

    I’ve watched quite a few Romney rallies on TV and they always (quite understandably) place younger people and especially African Americans (when a few show up) behind the candidate so they make it into the camera shot. But I’ve noticed that as they pull back for a wider crowd shot I always see a lot of gray hair and almost nothing but white skin. I don’t think anyone is buying the notion that Romney has a particularly diverse coalition.

    In 2008 I attended an Obama rally with my wife and daughter and we were seated behind the candidate, facing the cameras. I always assumed it was because my wife and daughter are attractive (whereas I bear a resemblance to Quasimodo) and it was the family grouping they were going for. Now I wonder if it was me being an old white guy that got us the good seats. It sure wouldn’t make me stand out at a GOP (Group of Old People) rally.

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Big Gipper hit Ramadan’s ball out of the park. Talk about an accurate description. Sometimes the truth hurts and Ramadan should take a moment to reflect on his over inflated self-serving/promoting image.

  • Facts says:

    The Big Gipper reads more like the Big Griper…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And the official John Whitbeck spokesperson shows up to complain, of course.

  • Loudoun Moron says:

    The official Whitbeck spokesperson is just mad that Whitbeck wasn’t listed as being part of the axis of crazy since he actually showed up.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    If Whitbeck was there, did he laugh as hard at Romney’s jokes as he did at Allen’s???

    (I guess that depends on whether Romney could see him fawning or not!)

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