August Recess Has Been Like Any Other Month For Geary Higgins …

By Loudoun Insider

No Board of Supervisors meetings to attend!

Meanwhile, you can read about what a real civil servant does for his community, even when he isn’t an elected official or getting paid for missing meetings.  Loudoun County needs more Malcolm Baldwins.

Too bad the voters voted in a no-show in the Republican wave.  But hey, at least we get worthless spraying of public parks with toxic pesticides that kill bees, ads for pro-life job openings in official county newsletters, and religious fanatics appointed to the Library Board.  Only in LoCo, baby.


  • Malcolm Baldwin says:

    Thanks, LI, but to be fair, Geary Higgins did participate in the field trip last week to the Finger Lakes District organized by the Rural Business Strategy group to explore the rural development experiences there that could be relevant to Loudoun..

    Regards, Malcolm

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I think Malcolm Baldwin is just too much of a gentleman to be a successful politician! But he’s exactly the kind of person we need in office. But then again, this is LoCo Loudoun so we don’t get people like that in office very often.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    It’s really the 8.25 – 0 Republican Board. Higgins is really only doing .25 of the work.

    More and more I think the PHC crowd is pulling the strings attached to the Catoctin District Supervisor.

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