Environmental Hypocrites

By Too Conservative

Great new video which looks at how hypocritical many “caring” celebrities are


  • mosborn says:

    So the “great” here is that someone took the time and expense to point out that 4 “celebrity environmentalists” aren’t as environmental as they could be?

    Damn that Leonardo DiCaprio for only driving a Prius and having solar panels on one of his houses!!

    How many of your houses have solar panels?

  • BTownite says:

    Interesting that the silly video didn’t mention any environmental issue they support that is wrong, just attacking individuals for, as mosborn said, not being as perfect on the environment as they could be.

    I believe for instance we should transition from coal to natural gas, but meanwhile I’m pretty sure my electricity comes primarily from coal. I’m such a damn hypocrite!!

  • Elder Berry says:

    I can see why you’d rather put this up than talk about the Republican in the Missouri Senate race.

  • Hillsboro says:

    … and why Elder Berry and the liberal media would much rather talk about the Republican in the Missouri Senate race than about the Democrats in the Presidential race. Or the economy. Or jobs. Or the war. Or Medicare.

  • Dan says:

    That damned liberal media making such a big deal out of what Akin said!

    Who knew that Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and John Cornyn and Scott Brown and all those other guys were part of the liberal media conspiracy? This thing is bigger and more sinister than I thought!

    Really, Hillsboro. I hardly think it is the media that is at fault for the lack of message discipline in the Romney campaign. He is a poor candidate and the campaign is not very good.

    Things happen during a campaign that are inconvenient. Things can blow up the week before your convention. Like a Senate candidate in a key race sounding like a blithering idiot who is clueless as to how human reproduction works and bringing into stark relief your party’s decidedly non-mainstream and draconian position on abortion when you already are behind 15 points with women voters.

    You can either deal with the situation as effectively as possible and continue to march or you can whine like a child about how the media is being mean to you.

    For Christ sake, you’ve got Fox News spewing unadulterated propaganda for the Republican Party all day every day. And the other networks regularly adopt the preferred Republican framing of most issues. This continuous whining about the supposedly liberal media is really getting tiresome.

    Frankly, I think the whole Fox News thing may have seriously weakened Republicans. They have become so used to being fawned over on Fox even when they say stupid and logically inconsistent things that many of them look like deer in the headlights when they are asked a moderately difficult question elsewhere and have to actually defend or explain a position in any venue that isn’t uber friendly.

    But you feel free to keep on whining about this supposedly liberal media we have in this country. Now, if you want to talk about the lack of aggressive political journalism in this country then we would have something to talk about. Then again, I’ve been watching Romney run for president for the last five years. Trust me. The last thing Mitt Romney wants is actual political journalists asking real questions and tough follow up questions when he dissembles or contradicts things he said previously.

    Be thankful for the media you have and erroneously describe as liberal. If we had political media worthy of the name in this country Mittens would be in deep shit.

  • Hillsboro says:

    > But you feel free to keep on whining about this supposedly liberal media we have in this country

    Here’s a complete and utter shocker — although I don’t expect you to click through to this, as it is from the thoroughly discredited New York Times

    Donations by Media Companies Tilt Heavily to Obama

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