Is This Really This Newsworthy???

By Loudoun Insider

Susan Allen has lunch with “about seven committed Republican women” and it gets a big story in … I know, you’re expecting me to say The Bill Dean Times, but nope … it’s in Leesburg Today.

The Susan Allen campaign continues.

Who is that guy she’s married to again???


  • NateDogg614 says:

    Hmm…apparently they didn’t get the memo that the GOP is waging an unrelenting war on women.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Nate, the trotting out of Susan Allen at every opportunity, especially here in NOVA, is surely a big part of the Allen campaign’s attempts to distance themselves from the whole war on women thing.

  • FedUp says:

    Leesburg Today was outdone by The Bill Dean Times. Pulled in the driveway today and picked up the weekly dropping to find an article, “Controversial Senate candidate has local ties” on the front page, no less! Here’s the online version:

    According to the article, Akin once employed 2 staffers with ties to Loudoun County.

    Seriously, this is newsworthy? And worthy of the front page of the print edition? I’m going to have to call their circulation department and ask them to stop littering my driveway with this garbage.

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Who gives a shit what, who and when Susan Allen is in Loudoun. Seriously, is she running for Senate or his her husband? Again I could give two shits about Susan and her knitting circle of seven. And why the local papers think this is newsworthy means their editors have a serious case of head in ass syndrome.

  • Wolverine says:

    You tell ’em, Baron. That uppity Allen woman ought to be home baking cookies.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Did the print edition mention TC as the source, FU?

    Wolv, I certainly don;t believe that Susan Allen should be doing that, but I am really sick of getting emails from the Allen campaign with Susan Allen’s schedule. Ridiculous.

  • JTR says:

    LI- So just hit the unsubscribe button and end your sickness. The campaign won’t miss sending emails to you.

  • What? says:

    “A friendly and outgoing woman, Allen deftly mixed a recital of her husband’s platform with questions eliciting the women’s concerns.”

    What trash reporting. Cover the event, fine but whoever wrote the drivel above should be fired. That reads like it was written by the Macaca campaign.

  • Elder Berry says:

    What passes for media today wouldn’t have made it to the mimeo machine our elementary school newspaper was printed on.

  • vacliff says:

    So now Mrs. Maccaca is hanging out here?

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