“Republican Spies” Step Up

By Loudoun Insider

Since the LCDC has done absolutely NOTHING about Eugene Delgaudio’s abuse of county tax dollars other than issue yet another BS demand for his resignation, the Millers have taken it upon themselves to push for information via FOIAReal Advocate has been set up as a PAC by the Millers (OMG they used the word “Real” in their title – cue the howls from Meme Munsey!) to fight for info about the “investigation” of Eugene Delgaudio.  Yes, this is the same Stevens and Liz Miller who were run out of the LCDC for Stevens daring to not support the horrendous redistricting plan that ended up destroying the LCDC electorally.  Current LCDC Chairman Evan “Crazy Water Bottle Splasher” MacBeth was even on the super secret committee investigating the Millers when LCDC “leaders” were accusing them of being “Republican spies”.  Wow, the parallels to the current Delgaudio investigation are scary.  Both gangs have to enforce party discipline, and it always comes at the expense of the citizenry at large.

Of course having the Millers front this PAC has its own set of problems and automatically gives Delgaudio worshipers an easy diversion, but no one else was stepping up with real action and they should be commended for stepping up to the plate with real action.  The county is obviously stonewalling and they need to be called onto the carpet.  Of course we’ll see how complicit the courts may be – they were obviously not on the side of FOIA or the public in the ridiculous BOE case.


  • A.E. Gnat says:

    There is a court date, Barbara.

    October 24 at 8:30 am.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    ah–the L2Day article said “The petition has not yet been put on the General District Court docket and it not yet clear when the issue might come before a judge.” Thanks for the update.

  • David says:

    I’m still waiting for an answer about the alleged “hate crime.” We don’t know about this. If Barbara or anyone else has information about an associated hate crime having been committed, please share the source. That would introduce a new and rather serious dimension into this investigation, so I’m surprised that we haven’t heard anything about it.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’m sure Barb is referring to the horrendous hate crime against the Honorable Eugene Delgaudio by that evil PAC.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    No, LI, and nice try David–good word game strategery.

    I’m referring to this from you at LTM (as previously quoted):
    “But now there is compelling evidence that he has been not only running a hate group – which he also can’t seem to do without violating copyright law – but that, among other projects that are not the county’s business, he has been using county resources to do it.” i.e. he’s running a hate group, which commits hate crimes, with county resources.

    boxturtle takes it further, by claiming that is what he is being investigated for: “DelGaudio, who serves on the Board of Supervisors for Loudon County, Virginia, is being investigated by his fellow supervisors over charges that he illegally used county staff paid by county taxpayers for his anti-gay fundraising activities.”

    Um, no, it is fundraising period. Alleged.

  • David says:

    Um, Barb? Those words are yours. You know, the ones outside the quotation marks.

    Thanks for the reply, though.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    David, thank you for treating it as seriously as you usually do when engaged in activism.

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