At Least The Arlington CA Will Talk About This Mess, But We Still Don’t Have The Whole Story There Either

By Loudoun Insider

So we heard so forcefully from the 9-0 LCRC BOS that they looked into the Delgaudio abuse of staff matter months ago, and even had their LCRC bud Jim Plowman refer the matter to the Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney for review.  And that review found that there were nothing there at all to prosecute.  Nope, nothing at all.  Move along, folks and you liberal rag the Washington Post!  Leave our all American friend and colleague Eugene Delgaudio alone!

Well, today’s Washington Post story on this increasingly smelly affair includes an interview with Arlington County CA Theo Stamos where she says all she was provided was Mateer’s complaint letter with none of the voluminous supporting documentation that Mateer provided:

 “The question was, based on that letter, whether there was a basis upon which a prosecution might go forward,” Stamos said. “My assessment, from the statement alone, was that it would be extremely difficult to mount any type of a successful prosecution, as it was based on the observations of a now-terminated employee.”

There’s a lot more evidence than just the “observations of a now-terminated employee”, not just what was collected by Mateer, but the opportunity to interview many other Delgaudio aides and people Delgaudio hit up for money.  But that would take an actual will to truly investigate this matter.

Stamos must be regretting associating herself with Loudoun political cover ups now.  Was she bamboozled by Plowman into thinking that the letter was all there was, or was she doing a favor by looking the other way?



  • LI, you do realize, of course, that Stamos (a) isn’t part of the Loudoun GOBN since she’s in Arlington and (b) is a Democrat. Hard to say there’s an inherent bias there. Again, I’m not defending Eugene in any way; just saying that you can’t convincingly say she’s biased.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Of course I know she’s an Arlington Dem, but it looks like she was set up here pretty good. I wonder if she really thought this was a formal referral. It looks more like it was an informal opinion request that the Loudoun GOBGN then used to help defend ED. Hopefully the FOIA lawsuit can let us see exactly what was given to Stamos and what she sent back in writing, if anything. Not sure how she could make a definitive decision based on a cover letter with no supporting documentation or without interviewing anyone involved. It sounds so much like Plowman taking DPM’s word for it in the Van Wagonner case. Stamos needs to further explain her involvement here – maybe some other local reporters can get in on this.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I’ll say this again: it’s not her evaluation — it’s what she was given to evaluate.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Well, at least Rockingham County doesn’t let politics get in the way of proper investigations:

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Excellent – Real Advocate PAC sends FOIA request to Stamos as well:

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    So what if Stamos says she was duped by Plowman – where do they go then for a criminal investigation??? Back to his pal in King George County that helped him out in the Mark Tate case??? Former Loudoun Chief Deputy CA Jim Fischer now CA in Fauquier???

    Hey, maybe we can get Ken Cuccinelli to look into this, I’m sure he’ll be fair and balanced!

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  • Short-Sale LeTourneau says:

    Stamos is an excellent CA and is beyond reproach. Plowman’s senior staff (two of them) worked for Stamos and that might explain why Loudoun sends things to Arlington. But who made the call to only send a few pages, Chairman York, Vice Chair Clarke or Plowman…or was it ALL three.

    Sorry this doesn’t pass the sniff test, at all.

  • BTownite says:

    Just saw the Loudoun Dems statement:

    “The public deserves to know what documentation Delagudio’s former aide turned over to Loudoun County. The public deserves to know what documentation was turned over to Commonwealth’s Attorney Plowman and why the Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney was not formally asked to investigate or given all the information available to Loudoun’s Republican office holders.

    Loudoun County residents deserve answers, not a cover up.”

  • Lady M says:

    It sounds like the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney is not too pleased about it at all either. Good for her for saying something.

  • BlackOut says:

    Short-sale, it’s my contention that Delgaudio himself was involved in this scheme. York needs to tell us what happened after Ms. Mateer gave him the papers. Did he go to Delgaudio and ask him about it? Does anyone not think he would do that?

    Mr. York it’s time to open up and stop protecting a fellow party member.

    This thing smells like a ill conceived plot that was planned to slide out of view and go away. Thank God Ms. Mateer went to the Post.

  • What? says:

    Sad. Clearly Scott York is involved in a cover up here. He had this information 7 months ago and kept private potentially damning information. Remember now that Delgaudio really helped York beat Stockman.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    No matter what comes of this “investigation”, never forget that they had this information months ago and did NOTHING – nothing until the Post ran its front page article exposing this BS to the harsh light of the sun.

    Since this is refusing to go away like they probably hoped it would, they just may toss Delgaudio under the bus, and then try to crow about how awesome and ethical they are. But that will never fly with the people who paid attention from the beginning and saw the initial cover up.

  • BOEBullies says:

    There is not a judge in Loudoun County who can or will render an impartial decision on a FOIA request made of Loudoun County government. That has been made abundantly clear by recent cases. Perhaps the Millers will request that a judge from another jurisdiction hear this petition due to inherent conflicts of interest and politically-inspired corruption.

  • vacliff says:

    A lesson that has proven time and time again……the cover up is always worse than the crime.

  • BOEBullies says:

    Dear Ms. Mateer and those who support her:
    Thank you for having the courage to report these abuses. Please send your documentation to Loudoun Insider for public posting. That is probably the only way the truth will survive the political machinations in Loudoun County that either suppress it or manipulate it to someone’s perceived advantage. Thank you again.
    The citizens of Loudoun are indebted to you for bringing this to light.

  • shawn pickrell says:

    Stamos may be trying to disassociate herself from the upcoming poostorm, she isn’t going to fall on her sword for ED, maybe she has heard something we don’t know yet…

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