Black Means Blue

By Lloyd the Idiot

Mark my words, if Dick Black receives the Republican nomination for the 10th VA Congressional District, it will go to the Democratic challenger whomever that may be.

Moreover, and again you can quote me on this, a Black nomination will sully all Virginia Republican candidates. ¬†Cuccinelli’s extremism and the resulting party-wide failure pales in comparison to the disaster that would come from a Dick Black run.

ABB, baby! (that is, anyone but Black).  Comstock or Minchew would be great.

Make it happen.


  • Satchmo says:

    Damn Lloyd two posts in a row and we agree. This can’t go on!

    I agree Black has no chance. Black may easily win a closed incestuous convention (assuming no other wackos are running to give him competition) or if he squeaks in a win via primary the ultimate results will still be the same. A big win for the Democrat.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    Any thoughts on how the weather today will affect the special election results tonight?

  • Not Harry F. Byrd says:

    A Black nomination would be conclusive proof that the Purity Police value stridency and tone over anything else.

    They have always maintained that it’s about who will “fight” and about commitment to “first principles” and such (nice in theory). They use this to justify losses.

    But Delegate Comstock has a record that can’t be attacked from the right (perhaps even more surprising given her district). She even voted against the McDonnell Transportation Bill.

    Nominating Black would be proof that it’s tone – a willingness to spit in others faces – and to piss off anyone not on the Purity Express – that matters most. Not policy, not winning. Not principles. Well, the principle of “Screw the RINOs!”.

    From an electoral standpoint, Dick Black is perhaps the only Republican I can think of in that area (except perhaps Delgaudio!) who could manage to lose it while running a competent campaign.

    This will be interesting to watch.

  • Satchmo says:

    Ha! Ran that ole dog right outta town.

  • Independent voter says:

    Don’t get too excited, Sachmo. Dick Black is going nowhere. He is now fodder for the national media. He is going to have a hard time shaking his crazy plastic fetus and “nightie” antics. Now he has a new gig, something about changing VA school text books and Japanese lobbyists.

    I am sorry he didn’t stay in the race for Wolf’s seat, t’would have been so much fun.

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