Across the River

By Loudoun Insider

Our neighbor to the north continues to provide a stark contrast between two models of governance. However, with the continuing losses by the self-marginalizing GOP in Virginia, this state will continue to move further down the Maryland pathway.

Maryland just passed a massive 1.5 billion dollar tax hike package on top of its already high tax burden on citizens and businesses. Of course much of this tax increase was justified as being absolutely necessary for “the children”. Maryland’s bureaucracy is bloated and abysmally inefficient and initial plans to trim the bureaucracy were cut from the final version.Â

Governor Martin O’Malley is woefully short on substance, but he’s hot and chicks dig him. He’s the next Bill Clinton on the scene. Anyone who watches HBO’s “The Wire” will recognize O’Malley in the ambitious Mayor Carcetti. According to the Post, O’Malley has been counseled extensively by Mark Warner on how to appear less liberal.

Maryland is also just getting underway with the multi-billion dollar boondoogle known as the Inter-County Connector, a partial outer beltway through Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Marylanders and Virginians who commute that way will be happy to know that the state’s own studies show that this project will result in absolutely NO improvement to DC beltway traffic.

Finally, Montgomery County joined the most “progressive” jurisdictions in the nation by banning discrimination against transexual persons, including in public restrooms. People will now be able to use restrooms purely on how they “self identify”. A commenter somewhere playfully quoted Shania Twain, saying “Man, I feel like a woman”. Expect Alexandria or Arlington to bring this first to Virginia.


  • I’m curious to see how the TC Posse reacts when their new Democratic Board of Supervisors passes a tax increase of historic porportions and expands county spending beyond COLA levels. If I recall, two Democrats committed to not raising taxes, but we know how campaign pledges evaparorate when the rubber meets the road.

  • I’m curious how RWN reacted to his beloved Mr. ED and the other so-called “conservatives” raising his taxes astronomically over the last four years. With all their talk about tax rates, real taxes paid shot up at unprecedented levels.

  • Macho Man says:

    What you and others do not and never have understood….
    The new democrats elected in Loudoun are actually closer to moderate Republicans than they are democrats. The FAR RIGHT of the Party has only forced the blurring of the political lines in this county.
    Now, if in March, the LCRC Mass Meeting is able to restore the confidence of moderate and social conservatives alike, the “true” Republicans will come home to the nest. If not, these moderates will continue to dominate the election process because they draw the republican vote that cannot and will not stomach or support the Developer and Far right interest in their party.
    Either you and your kind need to adapt, or face extinction….as we indicated WOULD occur all the way back when the LCRC turned away 11 very nice republicans because they would not support DPM. One of them was a former Chair of the LCRC, as well as a Reagan appointee.
    Scott York is more republican than some of the circus acts in the LCRC right now. And if you’d have embraced him as a Republican, you’d have the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors right here in the Party. But your kind isn’t that smart.
    I quote my statement before the LCRC from around one year ago….
    “Pretty soon your limited admittance to the “club” will
    have four or five very old men standing around wondering why they cannot win an election”.
    Chapter one of that statement has commenced…within a year, at that.

  • AFF says:

    When I look “across the river” I see a state that has done a far better job of preserving their natural resources that the state I’m standing in.

    …..and I don’t give a rat’s ass about the hairy chicks in the men’s room.

  • Macho Man, that is right on the money, but it is just that, money, that drives the real power in the LCRC. The social conservatives wedded themselves to the developer money in a rotten deal. The only way the Republican majority got elected last time was with a huge amount of developer money and outright lies and deception about their positions on growth. Once their deception was unmasked they were political toast.

    AFF, Maryland has done a better job with preservation, but they are still far too beholden to the development industry. Just take a hard look at the Inter-County Connector to see how much.

  • Macho man – if you really think the new Democrats are closer to Republicans than Democrats, it really begs the question, why did they run as Democrats? When they vote to raise taxes early next year, will you still embrace them as one of your own? When they payback the teachers union and overspend on education, will you embrace them as your own? I don’t look forward to saying see, I told you so, but I reeally see it coming down the pike.

    If your idea of a true Republican is one that votes for Democrats, than you better stop inhaling whatever it is your smoking.

  • Loudoun Moderate says:

    AFF: I DO give a rat’s ass about drag queens in the women’s room. Does this include their being able to use the women’s locker rooms at the gym? Give me a break–this is insanity.

    Young children of both sexes typcially use the women’s rooms. Do we want these “guys” using the same facilities as our children?

  • Common Idiot says:

    Right Wing Nut,

    “Why did they run as Democrats?” Well, look at Stevens Miller. He was a Republican then went Democrat. No doubt that was in some part due to the extremist element in the LCRC.

  • Cicero says:

    What pass for Republicans today never fail to justify their obsession with bathrooms and bedrooms with a fear moral decay that causes wonder outside our borders. And wonder among a few of us here at home — obviously we’re already hopeless and beyond the pale.

    Meanwhile, Maryland, like Virginia, suffers from obsession with the automobile as the solution to our transportation problems, while all of us have daily reminders that this system is simply broken and will break further with more inter connectors, ever-widened highways, and no mass transit alternatives. Those alternatives won’t come because developers won’t/can’t pay for them and we haven’t developed an understanding that paying for mass transit requires government subsidies because we’re unwilling to establish market systems that will accommodate the social, economic and environmental externalities of auto dependence. A $2/gal. gasoline tax might begin that market correction, but do I hear acceptance of any such tax?

  • Well if that’s true, that says a lot of his character that instead of taking on people from his party that he disagrees with, he abandon’s them and does the politically expedient thing. Some backbone he’s got. There’s a word for that, it’s called a squish.

  • David says:

    Loudoun Insider and Loudoun Moderate:

    A couple of things regarding the Montgomery County non-discrimination bill:

    The language pertaining to restrooms and locker rooms wasn’t even in the final version of the bill; in any case, that language would have prohibited denying the use of any “facility associated with the gender identity that the person publicly or exclusively expresses or asserts.” That criteria excludes “drag queens,” or, in the most frequent example used to unnecessarily frighten people, men who would allegedly dress as women for the purpose of gaining access to these facilities. In the more than 100 other jurisdictions where these protections for transgender people exist, this has not happened. Is that really a plausible scenario to anyone here? Think about it. Furthermore, the very last thing that a transgender woman is going to do in a public women’s room is expose her genitals. Do other woman do that? It’s patently ridiculous.

    This bill is intended to protect transgender people, one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, period. Do you honestly think it’s reasonable to demand that a transgender woman use the men’s restroom? Do you think that she would be safe from violence? I’m sure that you don’t intend to be as cruel as your words make you sound. The opponents of the bill have spread a great deal of misinformation about it, and have taken advantage of a general lack of knowledge about the transgender community. That can be easily remedied with education.

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

  • Blaze N. Saddles says:


    If you enter a rigged poker game, and wonder who the sucker is at the table, there is a very good chance it’s you.

    The LCRC leadership has no one but themselves to blame. Approving rezonings at a record rate when each house costs the taxpayers $30K is just plain stupid. Go back a few years. Some of your R buddies were very strongly in favor of a rezoning by a developer who claimed to have great ingress/egress to their 4000 proposed homes. On a gravel road of less than 2 lanes! With no road proffer! And they planned to run their entryway through a property they did not own! Property rights indeed!! Property Rights if it’s mine, and Condemnation if it’s someone else’s. And it was Dale and Larry and the gang cheering the bastards on. If you connect the dots, many of these same theives are now part of or affiliated with Greenvest. And yes, I can back it up with documentation and facts.

    Screw em. They dug their own grave with corruption and ineptness. The new board gets to deal with the mess that Dale, Larry, Snowflake, and Brucey left behind. They’ll make some hard choices. My take is regardless of Party affiliation, someone with a brain and the ability to think and do basic math is an upgrade. I hope that’s what we’ve got.

  • David, how in the world does anyone determine “the gender identity that the person publicly or exclusively expresses or asserts.”??? Most specifically, how does law enforcement do so – conduct month long monitoring of that person? It sounds like a mess in the making, and of course there will be much hesitance to take action by citizens and police in this PC age when they may be branded as the dreaded bigots.

    I personally say the line should be drawn at what private parts you’re sporting, whether they be au naturale or manufactured. Of course I want no part of making that determination, either!

    BNS, right on.

  • David says:


    People who are going through the process of gender transition have to jump through many hoops of changing their identity, and have documentation to that effect. It’s not, as the opponents of the bill have tried to imply, a matter of deciding on the spur of the moment to identify as a woman and claim the right to use the women’s room. The language “exclusively expresses” was meant to convey that, but as I said it’s not even in the final version of the bill. It’s a moot point. Owners of facilities are free to establish and enforce their own restroom policies due to a clause that refers to “accommodations that are distinctly private or personal.”

    The opponents of this bill have done a good job of making a big deal out of nothing, but I guess that’s what they do.

  • BNS -I don’t know how often or if at all you go to CLRC meetings, but I’ve been to every one of them the last couple of years. Of all the meetings I’ve been to, I can assure you the LCRC has not appoved any rezonings.

  • Macho Man says:

    BNS…well said.
    RWN, we’ve taken them on. Look around you, man. They didn’t budge for over four years, and now they’re history. The only thing left of them is a sad legacy to the county. They’ll be remembered for the rampant sell-out and the high taxes that they brought to every existing household in Loudoun to support their greed.And Dale’s.
    Don’t hold your breath for the further tax and spend, either. True to their fiscally conservative natures, these disaffected “real” republicans and independents(sans the build-out mentality that really costs taxpayer money) will support tighter justification for spending.
    The school budget calls for twenty new schools. If their hadn’t been 17,800 homes approved by this past board, you honestly think we’d be looking at that number? If so, I’d put it forward that your education should have included higher math, although multiplication would have gotten the job done, man.

  • Common Idiot says:


    If the opponents of the Montgomery County ordinance have made much out of nothing, then just what does it do? What “protection” does it provide?

  • David says:

    What I was referring to is the completely ridiculous red herring they made up, of men pretending to be transgender women in order to gain access to ladies rooms. This has not happened in any of the other 100 or so jurisdictions with similar policies, and it won’t happen in Montgomery County, either.

    What the bill does is provide that people who have been discriminated against solely because of their gender expression will now have the ability to petition the Human Rights Commission, where they couldn’t before.

    See our post here:

  • G.Stone says:

    It is real easy, let me see if I can help you here.
    1. If you are born with a Johnson, use the mens room.
    2. If were born without a Johnson, use the ladies room.
    3. If you were born with a Johnson and you pay someone to lop it off have your head examined.

    It is not for society to re-work the bathroom arrangments that have worked perfectly well since the dawn of public restrooms in order to accomodate a handful of confused nuts who can’t make up their minds wether they are a he or a she or something in between.

  • David says:

    LOL! Please, keep helping me.

  • […] To illustrate, here is a verbatim comment (in response to this one) from a local flat earther: It is real easy, let me see if I can help you here. 1. If you are born with a Johnson, use the mens room. 2. If were born without a Johnson, use the ladies room. 3. If you were born with a Johnson and you pay someone to lop it off have your head examined. […]

  • Ken Reid says:

    I object to Loudoun Insider’s statements about the ICC in Maryland. As a former Montgomery County resident, who argued vociferously for new highways like the ICC, take it from me, this road is critically needed. The data shows the ICC PRIMARILY alleviates local roads that are overburdened with traffic (i.e. Randolph Road) because there are no controlled access freeways to connect the I-95 and I-270 corridors. The Montgomery County General plan, which was a model for taming sprawl, called for east-west circumferential highways. All the development was built, but not these east-west roads, primarily due to NIMBYs. Then the environmental rules came along. And finally, Parris two face Glendening, who tried to kill the road in 1999, despite the fact his handpicked “Transportation Solutions Group” recommended a four-lane parkway, with no trucks and environmental enhancements. This would have cost Marylanders $1.8 billion with NO TOLLS. Because of Glendening’s grandstanding in the name of “smart growth,” he killed the plan, but the General Assembly and Board of Public Works refused to sdell off the land. The groundswell of public support grew, thanks to Montgomery County Exec Doug Duncan (a Democrat) and former Gov. Ehrlich. So, now, Maryland has to spend nearly $3 BILLION to get this built and to satisfy the enviro rules has to relocate more than 100 households. Plus, the road will have variable priced tolls and trucks. So, a better deal was available in 1999, but shortsightedness prevailed. Virginia has made similar mistakes, too, notably delays in building more lanes on I-66, building a true Tri-County Parkway and of course, a 2nd bridge crossing to Maryland. The more you delay building roads the worst it gets. that’s the true lessons from Maryland.

  • True Conservative says:

    Maryland studies show that the ICC project will result in improvement to DC beltway traffic. But even IF Too Conservative was correct in saying that the ICC provides “absoulutely no improvement” to the beltway traffic, would that logic also prevail about improvements to the Dulles Toll Road if they wouldn’t improve the beltway? NO! The reason for the ICC is that there are significant numbers of users for the future ICC in its own right that will reduce loads and improve transportation time through MOntgomery County.

    Too Conservative apparently is TOO Brainwashed by Piedmont Environmental Council and SMART Growth snake oil salesmen like Stewie Scwartz and Paris Glendening.

    The real question is are you are REAL Conservative or a Phony Conservative like Paul Weyrich?

    And Huckabee is definately a phony conservative. He may be conservative on some social issues, but on other matters I disagree.

  • Pro-Highway Conservative says:

    I agree with “True Conservative”. A real conservative should support construction of the ICC. It will save lives, reduce congestion, and support economic growth. Using gas taxes only to build and maintain roads is the right thing to do. Automobile use and fighting congestion is good for the economy. Trying to “socially engineer” people out of their cars requires all-powerful planning bureaucrats to employ Soviet-like tacticts to control us. Paul Weyrich wants to raise gas taxes for boondoggle light rail projects that will do nothing for congestion and will be subsidized by road users paying the gas tax and sitting in traffic. Something went wrong when he started taking money from the American Public Transit Association.

  • G.Stone says:

    The ICC was one of the most studied road projects in the region. It should have been built 10 years ago. This was a case study in social planning ad nausem.It was do nothing nitwittery in search of a problem that never existed.

    We can blow smoke all we want about roads, congestion and traffic in this region, but without 1 or 2 new Potomac River bridges, it is all BS. Traffic patterns or lack thereof on our regions roads call for ways to get cars back and forth from Va and MD other than the Capitol beltway. Route 7 and 270 cannot keep pace.

  • […] illustrate, here is a verbatim comment (in response to this one) from a local flat earther: It is real easy, let me see if I can help you here. 1. If you are born […]

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