Frederick’s Last Ditch Efforts

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I’ve always cringed when seeing those photos at Not Larry Sabato – but just had to borrow them for this post.  Sorry, NLS, but I am fully crediting you!  Just another reason for him not to be RPV Chairman – publicly available photos of him apparently quite wasted.  Dems seem to be enjoying the continuing RPV infighting, but I know they are all very sad that they soon will not have Jeff Frederick to kick around anymore.  Losing Frederick is truly addition through subtraction for RPV, and bad news for Dems.

Well, anyone who had any hope that Jeff Frederick would do the right thing and actually think of the good of the party before his own hide have been proven wrong.  He is wailing away trying to justify his abominable tenure and vowing to stay until the bitter end.  Doug Mataconis at Below the Beltway has a great synopsis of the latest developments and news here.  I’ve just obtained some of Frederick’s emails to State Central Committee members whining about the long overdue effort to kick his sorry butt to the curb.  See them and weep below the fold.  He truly is clueless and narcissistic.  Get him out.  Now.

From: Jeffrey M. Frederick []
Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 4:19 PM
To: Allison Coccia
Subject: FW: Next steps
State Central Members:
Late last evening, you should have received an e-mail from Mike Thomas and several other members of the Executive Committee regarding the April 4 meeting of the State Central Committee.  Misrepresentations made in that e-mail compel me to respond.
The e-mail references several attempts to meet with me to discuss this matter.  While the contention is technically accurate when referencing the desire of Mike Wade, Mike Thomas, and Jack Wilson to meet with me to discuss and present their charges and the Call, they have made it abundantly clear that the only “resolution” they would accept is my resignation.
I have repeatedly expressed my desire to resolve their concerns, to discuss openly and frankly any issues they – or any other member of the State Central or Executive Committees – may have with the party or my leadership.  But when the sole “resolution” presented is my resignation as Chairman, their claims of desiring anything approximating a “discussion” ring hollow.
I have repeatedly stated my intention to serve as Chairman through the end of my term in May 2012.  My resignation would effectively overturn the verdict of the thousands of Party loyalists, activists, and volunteers who took the time to attend our 2008 state convention and elect me Party Chairman.  As Chairman, I have a responsibility to uphold the will of our Party, as expressed through our processes of election and nomination.  I would no more participate in an unrelenting effort to nullify the 2008 Convention than I would one that sought to overturn the result of the convention we are currently planning for this May.
Since I have repeatedly rejected the only resolution they have offered, a meeting to review a document that calls for a vote to remove me would be futile.  The Call and its allegations are specific and clear.  Meeting with those who have spearheaded the effort to craft it to review their work is unnecessary.  They have expressed their intention to remove me and I have reaffirmed my intention to complete the term to which I was elected.
Just last week, I sent an e-mail (see below: Subject: Next steps) to members of the Executive Committee in an effort to resolve this situation.  In it, I called for a meeting to seek out a resolution to this situation.  Disappointingly, only one member of the Executive Committee responded to my call for such a meeting.
Even in rejecting what would be the most recent of several meetings where the only solution offered by those seeking redress would be my resignation, I made clear my willingness to meet with them to discuss their concerns about the ongoing operations at RPV and the progress we’re continuing to make to advance our candidates and our shared conservative principles (see below: Subject: RE: Meeting).
In concluding his e-mail, Mike states, “We regret that this step is necessary and have done everything we could to avoid it.”  This statement is very disingenuous.  “Everything” implies that a variety of options to resolve this dispute have been offered.  In fact, only one option has ever been presented to me – repeatedly and consistently.
The e-mail also implies that I am in some way responsible for Mike forwarding the Call to you, distributing the charges on a more widespread basis.  He specifically references a “promise” made to me that the Call would not be distributed if I had just agreed to meet to discuss its contents.  In reality, the “promise” to me Mike references in his e-mail was only valid had I agreed to resign.  Holding another meeting where they called for my resignation and I declined to do so would not have prevented the Call’s distribution.  Indeed, the very issuance of the Call mandated its distribution to members of State Central, and Mike Thomas, Mike Wade and Jack are very well aware of this fact.
Mike’s e-mail further implied that I informed the press of the effort to oust me.  Any claim to this effect is demonstrably false and patently absurd.
Neither I nor any member of RPV staff initiated contact with the media on this matter.  Instead, less than an hour after the Call was delivered to the Obenshain Center Wednesday afternoon, I, our Executive Director, and our Communications Director received specific inquiries about it from a reporter with the Virginian-Pilot’s capitol bureau.  None of us responded to these inquiries in any way.  Curiously, the reporter had several details about the Call, the number of signatures affixed to it, and very specific items and anecdotes regarding the effort to gather those signatures. 
Before noon on Thursday, we were receiving similar inquiries from the Washington Post, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Associated Press, the Roanoke Times, the Washington Times, and WWBT-TV.  All had details similar to those we had heard the night before from the Virginian-Pilot reporter, and most had information that was even more specific.  But now, each had obtained sufficient confirmation from sources described as “party leaders” and expressed their intention to publish a story.  Under these circumstances, it was felt that the best way to respond was to issue a statement regarding the controversy.  However, that statement was released only to those publications that had made inquiries.  Further limiting its distribution, I instructed that the statement be posted only to the portion of our website exclusively accessible to members of the State Central Committee.
The Call you received electronically in the form of an attachment to the e-mail from Mike last evening has not been distributed by RPV.  If RPV had distributed this particular call, it would have done so exclusively via regular postal service mail.  While I am responding to the inaccuracies depicted in Mike’s e-mail in this e-mail, you will not be receiving my response to the charges in the Call in this manner.  In those circumstances where time allows, communications from me regarding this matter will arrive in written form via regular mail.  Information will be sent by electronic means only when misrepresentations are made to members of State Central that require a more immediate response.  Where appropriate, I will make documents available on the portion of the website that can be accessed exclusively by members of State Central.
Despite this latest controversy, we have a lot of good things going on at RPV.  Preparations for the convention are moving briskly, and I’m confident that the experience for our delegates at this year’s event will be the best in anyone’s memory.  You undoubtedly saw yesterday’s release concerning Dave Rensin’s willingness to sign on as Finance Chairman.  His abilities as a fundraiser are extraordinary and we are very fortunate to have him join our team.  As you will learn from our latest “Weekly Update,” we’ve got a lot of good news to tell.  Further, Allison is about to release her latest “Executive Director’s Report,” which will demonstrate the progress being made in transforming our party into an effective, modern political force.
I am sure I will be talking with many of you in the days ahead.  I look forward to those conversations, and to our continued progress at RPV.  If you wish to contact me directly before then, as always, I welcome it.


From: Jeff Frederick []
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009 9:18 AM
To: [many email addresses redacted]
Cc: [many email addresses redacted], Allison Coccia
Subject: Next steps
I am canceling our first Monday call scheduled for this Monday.  If any of you wish to have a discussion with me, give me a call.  I welcome it.
The fissures within this group have little to do with this debate about office space, just as they had little to do with paying Cleta Mitchell a $1k a month for her services.  These are minor matters that some of you have chosen to make major distractions due to your desire to find fault with me and add to your list of greviances.
The way I see it, there are three possible directions things will go over the next 30, 60, or 90 days:
1.  Success in the efforts of some of you to remove me (which will be a very public and damaging fight).
2.  Failure in the efforts of some of you to remove me (collateral damage significant, including our ability to work together).
3.  We fix the issues and move on.
The most difficult one is option 3, because it will require a sincere desire among all parties to work things out and come together as a team ready to hit the field united to win — including me.  Yet, it will be a waste of time for everyone involved if this is not the case.
If a majority of you respond to this email with a good-faith desire to take up option 3, I will put things in motion for a day-long, closed-door sesson, moderated by an objective third party to facilitate the discussion, to get this set up.
From: Jeff Frederick []
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 4:37 PM
To: [redacted]

Cc: [redacted]
Subject: RE: Meeting
Mike —
I am in receipt of the Call for a meeting of the State Central Committee for the purpose of removing me as Chairman, which you delivered to the Obenshain Center yesterday and to my home today.
As more than 70% of those who affixed their name to the Call publicly supported my competitor in the Chairman’s race, this latest effort to overturn the clear, definitive, and uncontested result of the May 2008 Virginia Republican Convention does not come as a complete surprise.
I’m proud to continue my work on behalf of the thousands of dedicated rank-and-file Republican activists, who, like me, remain committed to electing and reelecting our Republican nominees this fall and to advancing our shared conservative principles.  The confidence they expressed in me just nine months ago was humbling, and I have every intention of completing the assignment they entrusted to me.
I will gladly meet with you to discuss the current operations at RPV and the progress we’re continuing to make in the effort to strengthen our party and reinforce our steadfast conservative principles.  However, I do not believe that meeting to discuss my status as Chairman, or my firm and total commitment to completing the full term of office to which I was elected just nine months ago, would be productive for either of us.
As a consequence, if you wish to meet to discuss items other than my unwavering resolve to fulfill my commitment to the duly elected delegates who selected me as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, or items entirely unrelated to the documents you delivered yesterday, please contact my Prince William office to schedule an appointment.
In the event we do not have an opportunity to see each other before April 4, I look forward to seeing you at the State Central meeting.  
Respectfully —

look forward to seeing you at the State Central meeting.  
Respectfully —


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