Great Video Spoof of Mr. “Grassroots”!

By Loudoun Insider

It’s long at 15 minutes, but well worth it if you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of Jeff Frederick (thanks to Rappahanock Red for pointing this out). Hilarious!


  • Okay, I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I wanted to call out something else along the Frederick lines.

    I got a solicitation from RPV today – not from the chairman but from the executive director.

    If nothing else, it shows that Frederick no longer has (if he ever had) the gravitas to carry out the duties of the office.

  • AWCheney says:

    This was great!…but I’m going to have to watch it again. The problem is, I speak German…so I got fascinated by the way the German dialogue fit so seamlessly with the parody lines, and wound up missing too much. 😉

  • It’s a bit long for most people to sit through, and I thought the ending was weak, but overall it is very funny. No matter where you stand on the Frederick matter, it is never good when the leader of a political party is so easily and accurately parodied. The constant drumbeat about the “grassroots” is spot on. Frederick has now completely bastardized the meaning of the word. He is nothing more than a shameless self promoter.

  • notjfred says:

    Again, another awesome laugh at the expense of JFred. I agree the ending was weak, however, the movie served as a nice detour and a good laugh.

  • RWN says:

    I understand politics is a contact sport, but it’s precisely this reason why we get the caliber of people (or lack therof) running our county, state and country. The best and brightest stay out because playing the game of gotcha and the politics of personal destruction are not worth the sacrifice of serving. An honest ad candid debate on opposing viewpoints are worth while; violating the 11th commandment by attacking conservative republicans has no place in my Republican Party.

  • If Jeff Frederick is RPV’s best and brightest, then it is worse off than I ever imagined.

  • GOP PHANTOM says:

    On April 4th – Vote for Peter Lorre

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