McDonnell’s First TV Ad

By VA Blogger

According to Hotline On Call, the ad is running broadcast and cable in Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville. Contrary to the claims of some uninformed and frenetic members of the peanut gallery, the buy is around $200K.



  • Shaun Kenney says:

    $200K seems awfully low… any idea where this is running?

  • VA Blogger says:

    “Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville”

    Not sure how much is cable and how much is broadcast, but it’s probably not necessary to spend much more than that this far out. It’s enough to solifidy his already high name ID and favorables, and to combat the out-of-state smear ads being run against him.

  • Shaun Kenney says:

    Nothing in NOVA, eh?

    $200K on cable doesn’t solidify much… seems more token than concrete.

    Of course, if one of the Dems counters by wasting their money on ads now… then it’s money well spent. I doubt very seriously this was designed to “shore up” what are arguably excellent McDonnell numbers right now.

  • 200 Grande says:

    A Jobs Governor?

  • RichmondDem says:

    Nothing in D.C. metro? Writing it off even earlier this time, huh?

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, gotta get out front and define yourself early. Spending $200k during the primary season isn’t all bad considering they will get some earned media out of as well. With other primaries out there (and all the yard signs), your average odd-year voter will have a little bit keener sense to politics these next few weeks.

    One interesting point to note is that it doesn’t seem like any of the Dems have really been able to define McDonnell. We heard Obama and Hillary clearly define McCain as they took shots at each other. in VA, it just doesn’t seem like the 3 Dems have found a credible/rememberable portrait to paint McDonnell as, which is also a credit to McD.

  • TruthseekerVA says:

    For all of the controversy over whether he was or was not making these TV ads, you would think they would look better. This spot looks like it was done on a home computer.


    I think I saw Mary Ann Cannon and a few of his other campaign aides in the backdrop. It’s not a bad “intro to bob McDonnell” ad, but the Dems are already throwing mud at him, so he’s going to have to start swinging back after their primary.

  • Nice ad. straight and simple to the point!

    aren’t you all glad that we only have one GOP candidate?

  • $200k in those areas should go a fairly long way. I’m not sure what the ad buy costs are, but not being in NoVA will save him a lot of money.

    An ad this far out is probably just a reminder ad that the race is coming up to those who haven’t been paying attention, and he’s targeting traditionally Republican areas. The fact that NoVA is left out makes sense, seeing as how far Democratic we are and he recognizes that trying to go up in the middle of the Democratic primary and compete with ads from the three Ds is not going to be productive.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    totally o/t: what is the consensus on who will be AG pick?

  • Recently Energized says:

    According to the emails I’ve received as a delegate, it looks like all three candidates are in first place! 🙂

  • P2P says:

    I have viewed the PAC attack ad on McDonnell and it is definately a DC Metro media buy. For the record $200K on cable can get you a TON of spots.

  • tx2vadem says:

    Aww! Sweet! It’s Bob the man instead of Big Government Bob. And OMG! is Tim Kaine his father, who is that guy with the eyebrows holding the baby?

    I’m sure after we get these sweet, this-is-who-I-am ads, we’ll be back to those GOPAC, how-I-want-to-enlarge-government ads.

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