Skanky RoboCalls Arrive As Expected From The Coochies

By Loudoun Insider

I haven’t received one yet, but have heard from many who have.  Salem Republican describes it well here.

Oh yeah, these people are the real conservatives with morals and ethics.  Bullshit.  And people wonder why I don’t like these types of pseudo-conservatives.  They’re scumbags out for themselves and their heros like Cuccinelli.

Truly disgusting, but absolutely predictable from this crowd.

UPDATE:  The Star City Harbinger has the audio here.


  • Here’s the audio at the Star City Harbinger:

    What a joke!

  • kelley in virginia says:

    LI: let’s have another AG open thread until SAT a.m. this is fun.

  • Jp in VA says:

    Voting does start at Noon Kelley, but Friday voting will take place reference the Rules, and unless we all want the Conv. to become a circus, people need to be there to keep the rules as is. Would urge everyone that is not Muldoon follower to be there, so that this thing can at the least run smooth, and send McDonnell and Bolling off to a good start, I think we all agree we want that.

  • kelley, I’ll definitely have more to say on the AG race, much to the chagrin of the Coochies.

  • Kelley – I did get that robo call last night. As soon as they started talking about trannies I hung up.

  • Lauren says:

    LI really has his shorts in a not over this AG’s race. I wonder how he will hold up if Ken wins. Should be fun.

  • “Did I miss something, or did the Brownlee announcement fail to say that they disavow any connection with these robocalls?”

    AND THAT, RWE, is why I do not take anything you say as gospel. That’s just such a low level of stupidity, I cannot fathom how you function in daily endeavors. You, in one fell swoop, show us all justexactly how stupid your approach at misinformation is. That’s why it’s so easy to difuse you and render you harmless. You lack the intellect to play with the big boys.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    BPM, You are so far off the mark with your remarks to RWE.

    There have been some fairly wild accusations here against the KC campaign, none of which have any evidence to support them. Someone wonders if Brownlee planted this stupid call and you get all up in arms, but that’s ok because he is your guy. I assume Brownlee isn’t so stupid that he finnagled these calls, and I assume the same thing about KC. They are smart men and I give them the benefit of the doubt. Foster as well.

    I agree, LI does have his panties in a knot and BPM’s panties aren’t far behind – they are twisted and riding up.

  • Recently Energized says:

    “Kelley – I did get that robo call last night. As soon as they started talking about trannies I hung up.”

    Who sent that call? My daughter picked up the phone and heard that message.

  • anon says:

    I just have to applaud LI’s use of the adjective “shanky” in the title to the blog.
    What a great word! I’m not commenting whatsoever in LI’s attempt to link the calls to Cooch, but I have added shanky to my vocabulary. Thanks, LI!

  • RE, I have no idea, but it was one of the more annoying calls we’ve gotten here. And since I’ve been on the mailing lists for about three years now, that’s saying a lot.

  • G. Stone says:

    It is my hope some of the Dick Tracy’s here will do a little honest research.

    It is amazing what happens when you mix misinformation and those with a horrible case of the ass.

    Get a grip, put your Cooch Voodoo dolls away and act like like rational grown ups. This passed silly a long time ago.

  • G. Stone says:

    PS: KC4AG……. KC4AG !!!

  • Amit S says:

    Why is everyone so intent on prosecuting someone for anonymous speech? That’s the core of the Free Speech rights inherent in the 1st Amendment.

    We’d still be under British rule if it wasn’t for the anonymous pamphleteers that led us into the American Revolution. Today instead of pamphlets we have websites and caller ID blocker.

    Those calling for prosecutions would have demanded the British lock up Thomas Paine for anonymous criticisms too… that’s not American, it’s tyrannical!

  • Lauren, I’ll be just fine if Cooch wins the nomination. But the RPV ticket will not be just fine. I’ll just have to say “I told you so” in November.

    anon, it’s “skanky” not “shanky”. I’m not sure what that last one could mean – I guess it’s prison terminology since a “shank” is a homemade knife in prison. These calls were most definitely skanky, however.

  • Methinks Loudoun Lady’s head will explode when the votes are tallied on Saturday. Foster can still figure this out and lend his delegates to Brownlee for the 50+1.

  • Dorothy says:

    I just hope to God that Rtwng Extrmst is not Ken Cuccinelli for I would hate to think that someone with that mentality would run for such a high office.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    Heheh… I just love pulling LI’s chain…

    Sorry Dot, I’m still not Ken. You think he has time to Blog these last few days???

  • Amit S … because of the contact list that’s used, and the security that’s maintained in keeping it out of the wrong hands.
    This was leaked by a campaign. Which one we ain’t sure yet…but we will.
    And as for anonymity …will you please talk to our good friend James the Younger and explain it to him?

  • Tom says:

    Word I got tonight setting up at the coliseum is there is a pretty good chance that Brian Gentry will be refused entry. He’s the one with the website. This thing is being investigated very seriously.

  • Darrell -- Chesapeake says:

    So what happens if you find out your official nominee is the culprit? Are you going to slap him on the wrist and say don’t do it again? Ya going to reconvene and pull his papers? Aren’t these last minute anonymous dirty tricks getting a bit bothersome? Is that what Lincoln or Reagan would do? Pitiful party this.

  • anon says:

    OH, well I misread the title! No worries, I like “shanky” better than “skanky”. A shank is an illegal weapon, used in a sneaky way, to cripple or kill your adversary. Perfect adjective for these robocalls!

  • Linda B says:

    Tom @#121 … that is kind of disturbing since Gentry has denied having anything to do with the calls. Unless someone has proof that he is involved, excluding him because of his site seems to me to be a major violation of the First Amendment.

  • Anonymous says:

    >>>of all the people who received these calls, who went to last year’s convention? I haven’t gotten one of these yet, and I think it’s because my phone number changed from last year to this year.<<<

    I’m a new delegate, so it’s a new phone number. I got the call.

  • Anonymous says:

    >>>what was the sen. nolen call about last night? did any of you get that one? <<<

    Yes, I got it and I’ve never heard of Senator Nolen. So why is he robo calling me with this silly message about gays and cross dressers?

    Does becoming a delegate mean that everyone in the state of Virginia now has my phone number? If so, I regret my decision.

  • Huh-rumpf! says:

    I agree with Anonymous. I’m frankly really disgusted with how RPV handles conventions and with how delegates’ contact info gets out, which I see as their failing to protect our privacy. I gather they gave out my unpublished phone number to all the candidates… and apparently, either a campaign sent that crazy grampa in jail call our sneakily or they leaked our phone numbers to whomever did do it with a wink, wink. Right?

    Now who has to gain from leaking and the crazy call? Cucinelli or Foster, right? Somehow, I don’t see this as the trick I’d expect from Foster’s camp. He’s not exactly attracting the fanatics who have nothing to think about all day long but politics.

    Although I doubt either campaign actually authorized this, I still wonder: how did this robocaller get our number? Eh? HOW? Who gave it?

    If grandpa went to jail, I’m sure his wrinkled old #ss deserved it!

  • I think I had a nightmare last night with that creepy kid saying “Grandpa” over and over again!

    Conventions are complete BS and must be done away with if this party ever wants to get out of the cellar. Primaries would be so much better and more inclusive. But of course to some, that is exactly the opposite of what they want to see.

  • Grand Pa Got Run Over By a Reindeer says:

    Yeah, if that was really a kid (I have my doubts), they could do voice overs for horror flicks!!!

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