The Aftermath

By Loudoun Insider

Thoughts after the break…

I have two options here – change my tune and say what a great AG candidate Cuccinelli will be and how he’ll help the ticket win in November, or stick to my guns and be straight out honest and say what I feel.  You folks should know by now I speak my mind.  This will turn out to be a big mistake.

Only in a convention could an electoral disaster like this be cobbled together.  The convention itself was a truly messy affair – I’ve never seen or smelled bathrooms more disgusting in my life!  Whew.  How in the world can it take three frigging hours to tally up votes???

The Brownlee camp sufferred from real world syndrome.  A beautiful May day Saturday where too many average Virginians chose to stay home with their families rather than make a long trip for a long day inside the Richmond Coliseum.  11,000 signed up but only 6,800 showed.  I guess Foster could say the same thing, but his turnout was pathetic.  Of course the wide eyed Cooch fanatics came out in droves, giving him the 54-40-6 margin of victory.

Bob McDonnell did great, and his video montages were truly excellent.  Bill Bolling wiped the floor as expected with complete ass (couldn’t have said it better, VAB) Patrick Muldoon.  Pat Mullins won over Bill Stanley, but I think Stanley did very well and deserves a high ranking post in RPV.  Mullins needs to watch his mouth as we get closer to November – I see the potential for Frederick-like gaffes on his part.

Cuccinelli.  Ugh.  He will be painted as an extremist and it will stick.  He got 54% of 6,800 people so that gives him around 3,500 hard core fanatic followers that will supposedly turn the Virginia Democratic tide against itself.  With all the talk of NoVA strength on his part he wil be demolished in Fairfax and Loudoun counties.  Check the last election results in Loudoun to see how his type does in Loudoun these days – the days of Dick Black are long gone thanks to the old LCRC growth mentality.  Southside Virginia?  You’ve got to be kidding – he’s dead meat there.  Shenandoah Valley, he’ll do okay.  Hampton Roads/Norfolk – who knows, depends on how certain issues play out.  He’ll bring out the hard righters for sure but their numbers simply aren’t enough in the new Virginia. 

My greatest concern is the negative effect on Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling.  After hearing from some insiders that neither wanted Cuccinelli on the ticket, they now have to deal with it.  If they didn’t want this outcome maybe they should have spoken out.  I got texts from the McDonnell camp just befoire the vote urging votes for Bolling and Mullins.  They better tell Cuccinelli to watch his mouth and not do anything crazy.  No more “that’s how they track you” paranoia.

Don’t worry, my Cooch bashing days are over, I do want this ticket to win, but this decision by this archaic insular limiting method (which must go the way of the dinosaur) just made that goal a hell of a lot tougher.  We’ll see how it pans out.  I’d be more than happy to say I was wrong after election day, but honestly I don’t think I’ll be doing that.


  • Ryan says:

    That’s great Stone.

    KC supporters are not (at least not the majority) deranged morons. Stop acting that way LI.

  • MaidMarion says:


    Are you responding to my post to LL?

    If you are, what is a “Muldoon type”? Does a “Muldoon type” = a “KC type”? And since I voted for KC plus Bob & Bill, what “type” does that make me?

  • MM, read around on some of the reactionary far right blogs and through some comment threads here. To many of the hardliners McDonnell and Bolling are squishy liberals. Of course I say those who think that are practically out of their minds. McDonnell and Bolling are as conservative as you can be and still get elected statewide. Cuccinelli will be the big test to see if that can be pushed further rightward.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    Ah Stone, as I posted here months ago, Lincoln would in no way shape or form recognize the Republican Party today, about as much as Andrew Johnson would recognize the Democratic Party. Lets put it this way, since the Republican Party is now distinctly the party of Southern whites and whites from parts of the Rockies and the Great Plains, and as the party running around having Tea Bag (which I guess means you all like to lick testicles) events, multiple southern Republican governors mentioning succession, the DTOM flags from the Crazy Cooch supporters, my question remains the same – do you dumb fucks actually want more people to vote your way, or are you content with weeding out even your own voters who don’t think your way? Here’s a big hint – independent voters I speak too think that stuff is pure, 100% crazy talk. Democrats just laugh at it, but it really worries independents since they still give you guys a chance.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    LI, I fear you’re about to be banished from the Republican Party since you’re unpure and only the pure can be in the party these days. I can try and put in a good word for you with LCDC, they may accept you as a war refugee if need be.

  • NJSM, I’ll never be a Dem. But who knows, the days of purges just may come back to the LCRC. I welcome the fight if so.

  • Jp in VA says:

    LL, no I am not. Central VA area.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Of course I think McDonnell and Boling are conservatives! I never meant to imply otherwise. My apologies for the not writing more clearly.

    I think KC will help McDonnell and Bolling because he sure as heck can get out the vote. That’s what I meant to say.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    No one is surprised that you would welcome a fight, any fight.

    Some of us think it’s time to move on and fight the democrats, not each other. But I’m a conservative and don’t want to tell you, or anyone else, what to do.

  • Sorry, LL, but having to still see people whine about how McDonnell and Bolling aren’t conservative enough makes my blood boil.

  • A Voter says:

    LL – It looks like LI is still fighting Republicans, doesn’t it? I wonder when/if he’ll ever get over that.

    I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Lauren says:

    What is going on right now with Obama is what was going on under Lincoln, both are screwing the states and trying to grow the federal government. I hope this time we do not have to take up arms and can defeat this peacefully.

  • AV, what was my specific complaint above? People fighting the TOP of the ticket. Get over it.

    Lauren, that’s going to be a popular notion with independents – armed insurrection. Brilliant!

  • A Voter says:

    LI – We just finished with our top of the ticket election, and in your #157 comment you seem to be anticipating/welcoming more inner-party fighting… of which no one has mentioned until you brought it up!

    Also, NLS has some numbers posted on the results, showing that Senator Cuccinelli did even better than was previously reported on this blog!

    Total Cuccinelli: 5,979.56 or 57%
    Total Brownlee: 3,861.73 or 37%
    Total Foster: 679.53 or 6%

  • anon says:

    A Voter,

    Those are the weighted numbers that have been reported by shaun kenney, and others. The raw numbers – the actual voters ,you know, people, it was different, I think 52-42-6.

    Either way, it was a butt kicking by KC.

    The idea that less than 4000 people in a building on May 30 decided who will run for AG in a Commonwealth of over 7 million people is frightening to me.

    What it means is that the folks who support Ken the most – single issue pro-life, single issue gun rights, homeschoolers – are more inclined to come to a convention than the JB folks. Foster’s campaign was doomed.

  • A Voter says:

    Heh, it’s a given that they were weighted numbers… although it would be interesting to see 0.56 of a person vote for a candidate!

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