Sheryl Crow SUCKS

By Loudoun Insider

She’s always grated on my nerves, especially when she acts like some high and mighty prostelytizer to the unwashed masses.  There is even a blog with this name, although unfortunately it is sparse and hasn’t been updated for awhile.  Debbie Schlussel really took it to her here.  What a hypocritical wench!

What the hell brought this up LI, you may ask?  After digging through some older CDs for something new to play this weekend I came across one of the best CDs from the early 90s – Toy Matinee, a collaboration between Patrick Leonard and the amazingly talented Kevin Gilbert.  Gilbert died way too young in a pretty compromising fashion, but much of his despair was brought on by the noxious behavior of his one-time girlfriend Crow.  She basically ripped off most of her debut album from the real Tuesday Night Music Club, which Gilbert introduced her to.  Read this for some background and remember it next time she wants to lecture anyone on politics or anything else, especially anything having to do with morality.

Here’s some real music from the deceased Gilbert, and the best Steely Dan song since the old days:


  • Sen. Ensign says:

    But she’s hot. Much better than the sleaze I was banging.

  • War is not the answer.
    Must have been a dumb question then.
    Had it been “should we liberate a country and free her people from oppression, at the same time neutralizing a threat that is bound to prick us in the ass sooner or later?” …the answer was an reverberating YES.

  • I’m sure she sides with the mullahs in Iran.

    Sen. Ensign, now THAT was funny!

  • Michael says:

    “War is not the answer” is a quote from “What’s going on” by Marvin Gaye (1971). There’s a series of tshirt with other lyrics from that song.

  • I know that, Michael, but she’s got an awfully loud mouth for a two-bit singer.

    The other Toy Matinee tune that got a lot of airplay was Last Plane Out – another awesome tune. Some commenters on this video at YouTube talk about how Greg Stone publicized the band early on on his radio show. People were wondering what happened to him. I need to tell them he’s a regular commenter here at TC!

  • Cato the Elder says:

    I remember her from back during the Napster wars. Here’s a good animated shot at her and the RIAA:

  • Mike Zuckerman says:

    Dear friend,
    that story is a little fictionalized and full of inaccuracies. First of all, it’s too much Gilbert-centered. “Tape of Kevin’s Tuesday Night Music”? The tapes belonged to the producer, a.k.a. Bill Bottrell. Period. Also Gilbert didn’t write “All I Wanna Do”; in fact the lyrics were borrowed from a poem by Wyn Cooper (“Fun”, 1987). Cooper also toured with Crow in 1993. “Strong Enough” and “Leaving Las Vegas” were written by the whole TMC (Baerwald, Crow, Gilbert etc). “I Shall Believe” and “Can’t Cry Anymore” were originated by Crow and then completed by her and Bottrell. “Run Baby Run” wasn’t Tuesday Music Club. That song came out from a separate session with Crow, Baerwald and Bottrell. Again, “What I Can Do For You” was a song pre-TMC sessions, composed separately by Crow with the help of Baerwald in Venice Beach, and completed at Toad Hall Studio (Pasadena, Cali) with Mr. Bottrell. So, Tuesday Night Music Club was a collaborative effort, although not in its entirety (the collaborators, though, still making $$$ by royalties). Anyway, Bottrell recently said to the New York Times (feb 8, 2008): “She wrote the majority of the album. The guys and I contributed writing and lyrics, including some personal things. However, the sound was the sound that I developed.”

  • Where in the hell did you come from???

    Interesting, and I agree that the site I linked to was obviously Gilbert-centric.

    Sheryl Crow still sucks in my opinion.

    David Baerwald is another unheralded musical genius. His Bedtime Stories album is one of my favorites of all time. He isn’t too fond of Crow either.

  • Here’s some more on Crow:

    She thinks we should all use only one square of toilet paper per visit! Are you shitting me???!!!

  • G. Stone says:

    No wonder Lance Armstrong gave her the boot. He discovered he was dating a leftist song thief.

  • Curious Bystander says:

    LI – thanks for introducing some new (old) music. I’ve never heard of them. I’ll have to check them out on itunes. What’s the Steely Dan connection (one of my favorites btw)? Their website says the song was written by Patrick Leonard and Kevin Gilbert.

  • Loudoun Dem— I hope LI blast your filthy post. If you’re too stupid to clean it up for the ladies and the children, you’re too stupid to function in a polite society.

  • LD, that’s a little too much! I’ll edit, with the favorite “schtup” word from the Extenze thread!

    CB, there’s no real Steely Dan connection, other than stylistically. That is so Steely Dan-ish, and I absolutely mean that as a compliment. Impeccable production, lyrics and musicianship – a phenomenally done tune.

  • To hell with editing it, I zapped it. It was from a goofball “Republican” trying to imitate a Loudoun Dem, complete with phony Loudoun Dem email. Typical of that segment of the LCRC.

  • Joe says:

    War was not the answer! In Iraq, of course. While I WAS a supporter of the war effort, there were MANY legitimate reasons to be opposed to going to war, that do not in any way raise a question of someone’s patriotism.

    First off, we invaded a country based on the false claim that there were weapons of mass destruction which needed to be destroyed. Now, where are the so-called WMD?

    Second, we were not ready for the post-invasion efforts. We did a long series of awful mistakes, as disbanding the whole iraqi army (400,000 angry unenployed overnight).

    Third, the reconstruction plan was a big, f***g mess! Read the report by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

    Plus, now Cheney says there was no Iraq link to 9/11 attacks. Are you kidding me, Dick? We invaded a sovereign country for what?

    “The attacks on 9-11 were forewarned. They had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein. And while Saddam is an evil person, the strategy of “Let’s hit him before he hits us” is not a viable solution to anything… We will live through tremendous loss of life with the outcome being comparable to Vietnam, where we wake up as a nation and ask why did we allow ourselves to get dragged into a political war that could never be won, if won is even an applicable term.” (Sheryl Crow, december 2002)

    No Crow, it’s not applicable. As Petraeus said “No victory in Iraq”.

    Conservative, yes, moron no! Sorry!


  • Sen. Ensign says:

    Can’t thank you enough LI. I now have a program on my computer that blocks adult sites. Your photo of Sheryl Crow served my early morning ritual well. Thanks.

  • Matthew Rostov says:

    Gilbert died accidentally performing auto-erotic asphyxiation, as David Carradine.

  • I said he died in a pretty compromising fashion and that would be it. Quite bizzare, and the same as Michael Hutchence from INXS. At least they were relatively young guys – what in the hell was old man Carradine thinking if that’s indeed what did him in?

    Like many artistic geniuses, Gilbert was very troubled as well emotionally. Poor guy.

  • G. Stone says:

    Joe been banging the Spleefer with Crow and Willie in the back of the tour bus.

  • ANON says:


  • Please – that controversy is way overblown.

  • “tempted by half-Elvis, half man about town”


    That’s a true story, by the way.

  • G. Stone says:


    Sad. Your getting your policy tutorials from John Stewart.

  • j somebody says:

    Can someone tell me why she is doing concerts for all the big bankers who took the bailout money (right out of our, the tax payers), pockets. Ha? Talk about selling out. Pretty disappointed in her. She did a personal concert for all these bigshot bankers. So much for all her “Only use 1 sheet of toilet paper” values…Really disappointing.

  • Who should be the musical profile on this morning’s Sunday Morning? None other than this wench. Ugh.

  • Alex Plumb says:

    Sorry I’m late to this party, but the whole Lance dance is bringing people around to the Crow/Gilbert tale, where this pops up on Google’s front page. As a die hard Socialist tree hugging heathen, I’m glad to find that there’s one thing I can completely agree on with my fascist war mongering Christian Taliban fellow Americans: A well deserved hatred of Cheryl Crow.

  • Michael Stone says:

    That G.Stone guy that’s commenting on here is not my dad Greg Stone. He’s not into computers at all, so its completely impossible that he would be saying vulgar things like he been saying on here. Imposter!!! Anywho, my dad is doing great on the other hand. He still had his Stonetrek show on KFOX from 2004 to 2009 though. the first song he played after he got his show back was Toy Matinee’s “Remember My Name” It definitely gave me chills hearing that on the radio again.

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