The Ricci Case

By Loudoun Insider

I really feel for those who were screwed by obvious reverse discrimination.  I simply cannot believe that four Supreme Court justices could be so blinded by racial politics that they could not see the real discrimnation taking place against those who passed a valid test.  News flash to them – WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT.  This shows that while we will never be free of some vestiges of racial bias (from all sides) that anything is possible with hard work and perserverence.  While many are encouraged by the rise of President Obama, apparently too many people are dismayed by it, as it limits their ability to play the race card at will.  Obama marks the beginning of the end for the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton types in America.  Race baiters cannot expect judicial fiat to change everyone to their line of thinking.  And fair is fair – Ricci was screwed out of a promotion for the sake of racial politics.  I’m glad five justices saw fit to say just that.


  • Michael Savage says:

    We have an African Colonialist as President

  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    Isn’t it great that we have the 1st Amendment so folks like Michael can have their off-centered opinions read on this blog?

  • kelley in virginia says:

    obama is mixed race. it is his politics that scare the be-devil out of me.

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  • This was a great case, and a big win. George Will had a good article today that basically said the same thing LI said, which I agree with. It’s unfortunate that some still think we’re living in the 1950s when it comes to race relations.

  • Sen. Ensign says:

    I have a photo of a youngish Hayden Panettiere that I refuse to delete from my IPhone. Please don’t tell Jim Plowman!

    Or Ken Reid for that matter. He’ll be hounding me for a copy! HAH!

  • Linda B says:

    LW, I seriously doubt Michael Savage is commenting on this blog. Comment #1 was a pretty obvious (albeit odd) case of astroturfing.

  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    Linda, go back and read the original blog, I believe MS was responding to the line “WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT.”

  • jacob says:

    The one good thing that may come of out of the presidency of the messiah is that the race based spoils system, the race baiters and the nationwide guilt will finally begin to go the way of the horse buggy whip. These will hopefully become museum curiosities.

    OR, we will go the way of Yugoslavia. Either it fades or we as a nation explode.

  • Linda B says:

    LW, Do you know who MS is? I think he has enough outlets for voicing his opinions without commenting on TC. Most likely whoever left Comment #1 is one of his detractors.

  • RichmondDem says:

    I take the Webb position on affirmative action. Make it class based, not race and gender based, or get rid of it. It is really stupid that Obamas daughters would get it, but not a poor white from SW.

  • Michael Savage says:

    I am not THE Michael Savage nor a detractor, I commented on the all caps as LW notes. My statement was influenced by an article at the “American Thinker: Obama, the African Colonial – L.E. Ikenga”. LB – you may want to educate yourself on the subject, look at Obamas policies and operation and let me know if you see any similarities?

  • kelley in virginia says:

    richdem: affirmative action IS stupid. a black 14 yr old in lunenburg county was offered a govt. job at 4.25/hour. he said he didn’t have time because he is going to govt-sponsored camps. when 14 yr old white children applied for this job, they were denied because they didn’t fit the “demographics”.

    all the parents see here is that a black child was offered a job, but the white child who IS NOT too busy with govt. camps & recreation (at our expense) was denied.

    this riles people. just sayin…

  • Linda B says:

    MS, (but not THE MS) … I’m sure there are similarities, though I don’t entirely agree with the characterization.

    I was guessing that you were an MS detractor because you posted what you must admit is a fairly inflammatory comment (at the very least, it inflamed LW), with no elaboration and signed it as MS. So I appreciate the explanation/context.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    “…the race based spoils system, the race baiters and the nationwide guilt will finally begin to go the way of the horse buggy whip.”

    Jacob, Are you saying that discrimination is dead now that Obama is President? Or should we just stop paying attention to it? The bigots should be left alone now – is that it?

  • RichmondDem says:

    Oh boy, American “Thinker” (aka American Stinker, aka Uncle Sam Takes a Dump on a Stump). They make the modern day National Review look like John Locke.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    actually, since Obama has been President, i’ve heard more racist comments than i had in 10 years prior. people are angry at him & the govt. he has wrought & the Congress that submits to him.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Maybe you are hanging with the wrong crowd Kelly.

  • RichmondDem says:

    “actually, since Obama has been President, i’ve heard more racist comments than i had in 10 years prior. ”

    Well, being a white male I’m glad no one ever blamed George W. Bush and Dick Cheney on all white males.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    edmund: i am hanging with the same crowd as always or actually, i’m with a more liberal crowd.

    these are black people expressing racist views.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Kelly, you pardon me if I doubt what you mean by “liberal” and “racist” corresponds to what I believe them to mean. I could be wrong, and we would be in full agreement.

    But probably not.

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