Helen Thomas is Pissed!

By Loudoun Insider

The old broad isn’t sounding too keen on the Obama administration’s press games.

If only the Republicans could stay scandal free for a week or two maybe they could make some real headway.

UPDATE:  Jeez, it just gets worse – it looks like the WaPo is selling access to the Obama administration and others.  This is the change we get???


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Good Lord! That picture popped up and gave me the scare of a lifetime.

    After 192 years as a WH correspondent eventually she was going to get it right.

  • Dan says:

    As right as Helen Thomas is about this, it is hard to imagine this as something the Republicans can get a lot of mileage out of. The memory of George W. Bush’s ludicrously stage managed town halls is too recent to avoid comparison.

    Those events, with the carefully screened and vetted audiences, where the handpicked questioners invariably fawned over Bush as if he were the greatest president since George Washington before asking the softball questions they had been given to ask remain the gold standard of phony citizen forums.

    Obama has miles and miles to go before he is in the same league with Bush when it comes to phoniness.

    This doesn’t mean Thomas doesn’t make a valid point. She is spot on.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    helen thomas has become the joke of the press room. no one takes her seriously. and that is unfortunate since she’s right for once.

  • Dan, I absolutely agree with you. GWB has set the bar so low that it will take a long time for Obama to fall to GWB levels of unpopularity. As much as I disagree with most of Obama’s policies, it is at least not a cringe-worthy event to watch Obama at a press conference. I was always embarrassed for GWB at those events. He really was the worst thing to happen to the GOP in a long long time.

    Enugh GWB bashing, Helen Thomas is right on the mark with her crticisms. And as I said, if the GOP could just stay true to its stated principles and not have a roll-in-the-hay scandal a week, maybe they could make some political hay out of this.


    I guess that’s what Kelly Burk is going to look like — in 3 years?

  • “Those events, with the carefully screened and vetted audiences, where the handpicked questioners invariably fawned over Bush as if he were the greatest president since George Washington”

    Anybody else see the absolute hypocrisy oozing off of that pearl??

  • Those town halls were no different than any town halls any presidential candidate goes. Obama’s town halls and McCain’s were just as scripted. The only way you see real town hall style meetings is at the state, local or House level (depending on the district).

    But, as far as I know, Bush never choreographed a press conference in the Brady Briefing Room. That’s another first for Obama.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    Oh please. GWB was a piker next to BHO when it comes to rigged events.

  • Libby says:

    Helen Thomas is to be commended for being the one who aimed straight at the heart of the Administration that she wanted and then found wanting and very disappointing.

    So many of us knew that Obama was big air, with an agenda that would take down the U.S. and Helen Thomas was a believer.

    This represents a major crack in the Obama government when a true believer sees nothing but BS.

    Hopefully, the rest of the citizens of the U.S. will wake up to the reality very soon.

    Thank you Helen Thomas for speaking up…loudly. This may have been the best thing you ever did in your long career.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    what do you Nova dwellers think about WaPo selling access? will this tarnish the bambi admin?

  • Citizen Tom says:

    Whether Bush or Obama was worse really is not relevant. What is relevant is whether or not we have a free press.

    What is important to the maintenance of a free press. The first requirement is that we have multiple, independent sources. Unfortunately, much of the news media is owned by relatively few corporations. Half of our economy is owned by just 100 corporations.

    The second requirement is the absence of government control. For decades, government control has slowly increased. One factor is the increasing size of government. The news media lives off of advertising. With increasing sized, the ability of government officials to reward “good” broadcasters by commercials and with subsidies becomes ever more important. For decades, government had huge influence over TV and radio. Government officials licensed broadcasters to use the “public airwaves” and even went so far as to ensure “equal time” for competing views. Moreover, they are still many in the Democratic Party who want such legislation to get rid of the Rush Limbaughs.

    The third requirement, however, is the most important. Many find it difficult to think for themselves. In government-run schools, we are taught what is important. We are told what to read and what to listen to. To break out of this jail of the mind, we must study and learn again the lessons that led to the 4th of July.

  • G. Stone says:

    What is that say about a broken clock.

    Helen is giggy with the outcome, she is just pissed they have taken the press for granted and no longer feel consultation is required. This administration knows full well the vast majority of the press is philosophically on board and wants them to shut up, sit down and stop wasting time asking questions that may in any way prolong implementation of the agenda. President Hopey Changey and his team know the clock is ticking. This agenda must get rammed through before someone actually begins to ask real questions.
    Helen is pissed Hopey assumed her alliance came with a vow of silence.

  • jacob says:

    I am so damn sick and tired of the retarded refrain — but does it, so its OK that does it to. Wrong is wrong. BHO has the press in his pocket. He knows it and takes them for granted. What else do you do with a slutty, frumpy used up mistress?

  • jacob says:

    LI, anyone!!,
    damn! a whole chunk of my comment is missing remove the brackets please. they have hidden half my comment.

  • Sibyl Says says:

    Want to make a small difference yourself? CANCEL your subscription to the Post today! I did and they won’t leave me alone, I love telling them off everytime they call me or sending them a nasty note back with the letter they mail to me… try it, its fun!

  • Sibyl…
    You assume I’ve ever let that rag onto my driveway!

  • Ben Weber says:

    Sibyl Says,

    Can’t believe you admitted to reading that litter tray publication.

  • Michael Savage says:

    Looks like she has a nose for news…

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