Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others

By VA Blogger

Bob McDonnell announced his transportation plan 20 days ago. In those 20 days, Creigh Deeds has refused to issue his own plan, refused to commit to a funding source (while all but explicitly saying he supports a tax increase), and still doesn’t have a transportation issues page on his website. Alright, maybe there’s more important issues to discuss: the economy, growing unemploymnent, a $1.5 billion budget shortfall, education, or even energy and protecting our natural resources. So after a listless two months since winning the primary, which of those crucial issues does Creigh Deeds plan to spend his campaign talking about?


Abortion, of course.


We’ve seen this before, in the socially-liberal DC suburbs when Gerry Connolly refused to take a position on anything (a smart move, given his status now as the most partisan Virginian Congressman), while the DCCC pounded Keith Fimian daily for having the audacity to be Catholic and pro-life. But statewide Virginia is not the 11th district, and this isn’t a federal office where you at least have an outside chance of significantly affecting the issue.


Of course, pro-choice zealots like Lowell and Ben love this move—not because they think this is a winning issue, but because they love having this debate and this discussion. It remains to be seen how the 20% of unemployed in Martinsville will react to a campaign focused on social issues.


The rub here is that abortion is a divisive issue, which staunch advocates on both sides. But while Deeds can certainly play up a contrast with McDonnell on this issue—something he hasn’t been able to do on more substantive issues by saying “me too!”—that doesn’t mean people will care about it when voting for Governor. It’s like Jerry Kilgore and the death penalty all over again.


And a quick note to Del. Bob Marshall and those who want McDonnell to get in the middle of an abortion fight: Grow up, would you please? Anybody who seriously questions Bob McDonnell’s pro-life credentials because he’s talking about creating jobs in the middle of a recession should sit in a corner until November 4th. McDonnell would do himself well to avoid this desperate wedge issue and keep leading on jobs and the economy, on transportation, on energy, on quality of life issues, and on the issues that matter to and affect everyone. That’s what Virginians, pro-life and pro-choice, are looking for from our next Governor, and there’s only one serious choice in this election.



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  • Loudoun Lady says:

    No coincidence that this move by the Deeds campaign came out after Deeds met with Obama last week, who is the master of social political warfare.

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  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    I agree there is only one serious choice in this election (in fact I believe that at all three levels of the ticket, with the serious choice being the Republican). And if Deeds wants to make abortion the centerpiece of his campaign, bring it on. The majority of Americans today support some form of restriction on abortions and I suspect in VA its even higher than nationally. McDonnell doesn’t need to make abortion the centerpiece of his campaign, but he does need to make his own position clear when Deeds challenges him. Deeds will try to make him out to be some sort of lunatic on the issue. As long as McDonnell makes reasoned and clear presentations of his position on abortion, McDonnell’s rational defense will drown out Deeds screeching attempts at mudslinging. It’s amazing that both Deeds and Shannon now appear so worried that they are bringing out the mudslinging lies…

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  • Bob simply needs to say “Unlike my opponent, I’m not willing to let this race get bogged down in divisive social issues designed to inflame voters. Virginians deserve real debate about the issues that are critical to them right now – jobs and the economy. Instead of playing political games, my opponent should get to work coming up with a transportation plan, a jobs plan – any plan, frankly – that will make a difference to Virginians right now.”
    I can’t believe Deeds is the one going to abortion – I thought we were the zealots on this issue?

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  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Brian, Brian, Brian- it right out the left playbook and Lowell has mastered the tactic quite well and that is they have zero solutions for transportation save taxing authorities and the establishment of districts as a means of generating revenue to pay for roads and they are more than willing to engage in a NOVA/Downstate/Rural VA line to divide people over issues like transportation and others. They do not want to talk about offshore drilling, education, the rise in unemployment (though we are doing better than many other States)nor do they really want to engage in really any debate that would bring in Obama at the present time given his falling numbers over healthcare though that may change come September if they get a bill out of the Senate for Obama to sign. So its logical in following the liberal “divide and conquer” approach to social issues that Lowell and others will embrace the abortion debate, which of course we all know is rather left to the federal level though there does come into play some regulatory issues at the State level. I am curious though why they would want to bring this issue up given it is my understanding that they for the most part support late term abortions as well, which is equally unpopular with pro-choice and pro-life folks throughout Virginia. Abortion could hardly be seen as one of the legs to get Deeds elected. Either this is a “change the debate” tactic to drive the focus to defending pro-life over challenging say heathcare bills or simply its just a desperate attempt to ignite something for the Deeds camp to build something around because frankly this summer they have withered like plants in the summer heat. I know Deeds usually has a late kick, but not sure how this in the end will help him get that kick started. On a personal note- glad to see the wife has just started commenting here as well!!

  • Brian,

    If McDonnell were to say what you just suggested in Danville or Roanoke he would likely lose those areas due to low voter turnout. That strategy may work in some parts of NOVA, but not in the areas where Creigh Deeds is currently trying to take (Southwest,Southside). The strategy that McDonnell is employing right now is the right one, he is pushing a full-spectrum message that touches on all issues, social and economic. He does not have to clarify his position for Virginians, we already know where he stands.

    I know that some moderates suddenly feel the urge to suggest that McDonnell has a moderate message, but really, check out his issues page on his website. He doesn’t shy away from the social issues. We all want McDonnell elected, stop sowing division!

  • kelley in virginia says:

    virginians have a habit of splitting the ticket. however, if deeds wants to ask pointed questions about mcdonnell’s views on abortion (they are very conservative), then mcdonnell should answer succinctly, change the subject & let KC continue the conversation.

    KC is a known right-to=life proponent. let him carry that water. let mcdonnell focus on just what he is doing now & what is winning.

    Please, please, let’s not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again.

  • I don’t think that we have to worry about that kelley. McDonnell has a disciplined campaign that is addressing all areas and successfully tying those various issues together. Whether you are conservative or moderate, there is reason to be excited about Bob McDonnell as governor.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Why MUST democrats ALWAYS talk about abortion and race? They are always their favorite topics. But the majority of voters can next to nothing about race and little about abortion since it has been settled at the national level. Most voters are too busy focused on things like jobs, commute times, and education. Why must democrats force us to discuss things that don’t matter to the average VA voter?

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Other LL, because Democrats love to divide people and pit them against each other, pro-choice vs pro-life, black vs white, south vs north, etc. It is their goal to have as many people in the general public looking to them for answers to all the chaos they create – we need to only look at the Union thugs being called out to these townhalls to oppose the opposers of the healthcare debacle.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    guess what? because i oppose deathcare, a deaf Congress, cap n trade, the GIVE act & every stimulus bill ever passed, i am UN-American.

    the Dems are throwing kerosene on a fire. then they’ll blame the flame up on the gray-haired protesters.

  • Another reason that they are lobbing the abortion bomb is to divide the Republican front. It is politically not advantageous for Deeds to be bringing up his pro-abortion stand. He does understand, though, that some more moderate members of the GOP will panic as soon as the abortion attack is thrown, thus creating division among McDonnell supporters. He also wants to motivate his liberal base in what is a lower turnout election year.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Agreed Steve, but I ask that the more “moderate” Republicans not take the bait on the abortion issue. We all knew McDonnell’s pro-life record and we all stand behind him and the ticket – don’t start the inner-party snipping now.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Moderate Republicans, hell, even pro-choice Republicans, aren’t scared by pro-life politicians. They’re scared by pro-life politicians who act like Bob Marshall or Rick Santorum.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    VAB, I chose not to use specific examples because I wanted to keep the peace within the party. We don’t have the leisure of being fractured and the stakes are too high, so this Republican is going to save my blasts for the real opposition – the Democrats.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Hey, I’m a fan of Bob Marshall on many issues, and I agree with his pro-life stance. I just don’t think his zeal on the issue helps the party.
    My point is that there is no cause for a split over Bob McDonnell, even though Bob is very pro-life, because Bob has a lot to offer to a lot of people. Virginians of all stripes and ideologies can rally behind his candidacy.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    This thread reveals the strategy… it’s Rovian and disappointing.

  • Brian says:

    And a quick note to Del. Bob Marshall and those who want McDonnell to get in the middle of an abortion fight: Grow up, would you please? Anybody who seriously questions Bob McDonnell’s pro-life credentials because he’s talking about creating jobs in the middle of a recession should sit in a corner until November 4th.

    Exceptionally well said.

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