Rishell’s Lies Called Out

By Too Conservative

Earlier this week, NLS took up arms for Jeanette Rishell in this post where he claimed Jackson Miller had refused to attend a debate sponsored by the NAACP.

Since, the truth has emerged that Jackson did not refuse the debate, but actually just couldn’t make it on the date because of other conflicts.

An editorial from the local paper today exposed the lie:

Miller didn’t “refuse,” so much as he said he couldn’t make it.

If Rishell had talked with Ralph Smith, president of the NAACP’s Prince William branch, he would have told her that Miller’s response, “was more of a ‘could not’ rather than ‘would not.’”

Which follows Miller’s explanation that because of scheduling conflicts, he would not be able to attend the debate.

To add onto Rishell’s lie, is her ridiculous statement to the paper this week that ANOTHER Delegate should debate Jackson instead of her, which makes no sense and seems to fly in the face of why she is running against Jackson in the first place.

Two-time loser Ms.Rishell should be sure to get her facts straight BEFORE she sends out pressers.
UPDATE: Ben offers new post.

Bwana has more as well.


  • R says:

    He said, she said?

  • Bwana says:


    It’s not He said, She said when the local paper calls “she” out for playing fast and loose with the truth. Then it’s called…”She said falsehoods”.

    But this is the same stuff she pulled two years ago, like the time she claimed that Miller had voted for legislation that would enrich him-except he had not actually done so.

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