Prediction: Democrats Win NY-23

By Too Conservative

Today sealed the fate for the GOP in NY-23.

The ad below, coupled with Palin’s endorsement have done much to bolster Doug Hoffman’s campaign in the race.

This means the foreseeable end of a path to victory for Dede Scozzafava, and a victory for Democrat Owens.



  • G. Stone says:

    Right now, the signal being sent from NY 23 is that we’re still more interested in arguing ideology than winning elections.
    What the hell have you won ? Nothing, zippy. She is a leftist with an R after her name. Who cares ?

    How did that Arlen Specter thing work out for you ? Many at the time urged then President Bush to support Specter in a primary against a real conservative republican. Bush followed that foolish advice got Specter elected and he jumped ship screwing the republican party in an attempt to save his own skin. Your cheering for people who change the letter after their name on a whim. They are generally left of center opportunists who us your desire for winning as the stick to beat you with.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Brian likes Dede because she is a member of the squishy middle and he is comfortable with that, period. Nothing more to debate, you have 5-6 conservatives beating Brian over the head because he likes the squishy middle – let him have it! Support Hoffman and let Brian and Scozzafava GO THEIR OWN WAY.

    If we (conservatives) don’t win this time in NY 23, we put up another conservative, and another and another and another and stick it out till we win – the 23rd, Northern VA districts, and parts of CA that we have lost over the years, and Murtha’s district, etc. etc, etc. There is no quick fix, we are in a long war and we lose with the squishy middle. Stick together and we make a difference, time, money, votes – send Hoffman some cash and keep your fingers crossed. Work your tails off for the VA ticket and keep going. We have years to go so don’t waste your time arguing with Brian!

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