Triple Polling Update (UPDATE: One more)

By VA Blogger

UPDATE: Rasmussen Reports, conducted 10/27 (10/12 results in parenthesis):


Bob McDonnell: 54% (50%)
Creigh Deeds: 41% (43%)


No party breaks available


Washington Post, conducted 10/22-25 (10/4-7 results in parenthesis):


Bob McDonnell: 55% (53%)
Creigh Deeds: 44% (44%)



SurveyUSA, conducted 10/25-26 (10/17-19 results in parenthesis):


Bob McDonnell: 58% (59%)
Creigh Deeds: 41% (40%)

Bill Bolling: 56% (56%)
Jody Wagner: 42% (42%)

Ken Cuccinelli: 57% (56%)
Steve Shannon: 41% (41%)



Public Policy Polling (D), conducted 10/23-26 (10/16-19 results in parenthesis):


Bob McDonnell: 55% (52%)
Creigh Deeds: 40% (40%)

Bill Bolling: 50% (49%)
Jody Wagner: 38% (39%)

Ken Cuccinelli: 52% (52%)
Steve Shannon: 36% (37%)




  • Nate says:

    So long as these numbers translate into actual votes next week, stick a fork in the Dems because they’re done! What is telling in the PPP poll is that the percentage of likely Democratic voters is dropping. This, potentially, could trip close H of D races to the GOP. Here’s hoping!

  • Ric James says:

    Sounds good to me, Nate.

  • RichmondDem says:

    After Kilgore and Deeds, I don’t think either party will be nominating anyone from out west for quite some time.

  • Ryan says:

    Lookin’ good.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Good point, RD.

  • Ron says:

    Perhaps the remaining independednts and undecideds are breaking for McDonnell. Many Democratic Delegate candidates have been running the Deeds line with vague hints about tax increases. I wonder if this will spell disaster for the Dems on Election Day.

  • Rob Iola says:

    Interesting poll results summarized on Realclearpolitics showing Christie rebounding in NJ and Hoffman in NY-23 – this is potentially bigger than just Deeds sucking big time (as a candidate – I’m sure he’s a fine person otherwise).

  • edm says:

    I’ll say this as an aside to the candidates-out-west point: I was a Cuccinelli man in the primary, and I’ve sent in my absentee ballot with his name checked; but Brownlee really to run against Boucher. He ran well, and 2010 is shaping-up to be one of those years in which incumbents like Boucher can get kicked out.

  • G. Stone says:


    It is a bit of both. Obama scaring the crap out a large % of the electorate and the Dems promoting some weak candidates. The wind is at the Republicans back at this point. Now lets see if they can sail.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    edm: it was a convention, but I knew what you meant. In one way, it doesn’t matter if Hoffman (sorry, Brian, principles over party), Christie or McD win because the administration & the edifice which is Congress have gotten a little surprise. They just didn’t count on the stupid voters who put them IN office now voting to put their policies OUT of office.

  • Lauren Yoder says:

    Brownlee never lived in Boucher’s district, he lived in the 6th. Since the convention Brownlee has moved to NOVA. If your looking for someone to beat Boucher look no farther than the elder of the Kilgore brothers. Terry Kilgore has both the name and the experience to beat Boucher next year.

  • edm says:

    Yes, but can Congress cope with the ‘stache?

  • RichmondDem says:

    “Perhaps the remaining independednts and undecideds are breaking for McDonnell.”
    It’s the “I wanna vote for the winner” effect. You’d be surprised how much this influences late deciding voters. If there isn’t a tidal wave bringing in a bunch of Republicans in the HOD and Senate then it will be that the Dems merely ran horrible statewide campaigns.

  • RichmondDem says:

    Notice how Deeds is blowing this even though Kaine still has more than decent approval ratings (upper 50s), and with Mark Warner being the most popular politicain in the state, and Obama also getting ratings in the 50s. The guy is just an awful candidate. He didn’t even campaign with Kaine or Mark Warner, he didn’t tie himself to them enough like he did in the primary, he never explained WHY he wanted to be Governor. He just talked about the thesis for a while and then made a few positive ads way too late in the game.
    It wasn’t just the Hitler ads that did in Jerry Kilgore, it was also that Kaine had an appealing message on education. It wasn’t “Macaca” that gave Jim Webb the election, Webb also harnassed the fact that he was against the Iraq War from the beginning and his Navy background to his advantage. Deeds didn’t seem to get that. Even when your opponent stumbles, you have to take the advantage by pivoting to a positive message after attacking their gaffe.

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