George Will Skewers Climate Change Hysteria

By Loudoun Insider

Here’s his latest column.  I am very conservation minded and there is no doubt that man’s activities have effects on our planet.  But the climate change (formerly global warming before warming didn’t turn out as planned) movement has gone way beyond reasonableness.  The data scandal and burying of conflicting opinions that has recently come to light show that this is indeed more a cultish lemming movement than any scientific phenomenon.  Let there be no doubt, there is a HUGE amount of money and personal prestige now invested in perpetuating the climate change movement.  I remain skeptical and increasingly resentful of the duplicity involved.  It will end up doing more harm than good to real science.  Those guilty of scientific misconduct should be ashamed of themselves.  But of course their next grant depends on the perpetuation of this movement, no matter what the real science says.  Disgusting.


  • One would have to think that the place of the human race on the planet is much more significant than it really is. Those that buy into this crap ought to seek help for being overimpressed with their own importance to the planet.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    Man can affect the planet, and we are effecting the planet. We are a disaster for competing predators and game animals. Who could have imagined that we would rid the Great Plains of buffalo?

    Look about you. There are over seven billion of us. That is a first in history. No one we know of has ever used as much oil or coal as we do. In our labs and factories, we produce substances that do not even exist naturally. We barrelling down a path, and we do not know where it leads.

    Consider what we do know. We have an extensive amounts of land under cultivation. Even areas that are still forrested are more likely to be tree farms. Not even the oceans are exempt from our depredations. We have exterminated most of the whales and risk overfishing significant portions of the oceans.

    Nonetheless, in spite of the harm we can do to the planet, the evidence for global warming does not exist. What is scarier than global warming is how little we can trust the “experts.”

    Because there are so many of us, we can produce huge volumes of waste. So we do need to good and reliable advice from scientists. We also need straight-forward political solutions that prevent us from poisoning each other. Otherwise, we will kill each other with the poisons our industries produce.

    Even carbon dioxide, although we exhale it, is toxic in large enough amounts. Moreover, nobody does knows how fast or how well the oceans can absorb it.

    What we do not need is politicians using phony issues for political gain. Yet that is obviously what has been going on. Instead of protecting our rights, we have too many politicians trying to subvert our rights under the guises of protecting the environment and helping the poor. This idiotic scheming has to stop.

    We need our government to get back to basics. Next year we need to clear the House of Representatives and some Senate seats of those men and women who have and would promise to solve all our problems. These people lie to us. We cannot trust them. If given a chance, all they will do is steal from us.

  • Brian S. says:

    What bothers me the most about the climate change crowd is how it has become a religion to many of them. The fact that anyone who is skeptical about the ‘research’ is deemed a “denier,” and ignored really sticks in my craw. These are the same people who tell us we should be skeptical of everything the government tells us. But when the scientists do, we should accept it without question.
    They elevate scientists to the level the clergy used to be elevated to, where everything they say or claim is viewed as both true and motivated by selflessness. If anything, I hope the email fiasco causes these dogmatic climate change supporters to wake up and recognize that science, like any other profession, has its own politics and is just as filled with unscrupulous people as any other profession.
    While I don’t doubt the climate is changing, I do doubt whether any of the drastic changes the climate change folks are advocating will make an ounce of difference. Regardless of whether it is happening, what’s more important is what we can do. If we can’t do anything, there’s no point in destroying the global economy needlessly (which is what some of these enviros seem to want.)

  • Old Yeller says:

    Junk science is common … especially on a grand scale. It’s much more common than the public or the politicians are willing to admit let alone understand. Harlan Ellison an American scienfiction writer once said, “the two most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.” What a relevant observation. Combine the stupidity with today’s ‘connectivity’ and ever growing Government presence and you get a tremendous case of global groupthink. Leaves little room for truth especially when money is involved. I agree that clearing Congress and the Senate is a good start.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    The presspack appears to be rolling out on schedule, and also appears to have been written well in advance of the leak:

    Leaves out the 1990s, interestingly enough. Kind of like calling Katrina “the worst hurricane in 50 years” cut off the 1930s, when there were MORE and WORSE hurricanes.

    They seem to have cut to the chase in the statements released by the UN-types since Nopenhagen opened, where “only two more tonnes of carbon pledges will reach our goal!” and since pledging went better than expected, let’s get to the meat of the matter: $10B a year for the next three years of wealth transfer to the third world for gauzy uses like making them “trust” us, and HUNDREDS of billions a year for the foreseeable future.

    I think we’ve printed enough money already!

    (Brian, it is getting harder and harder for me to listen to the “we’ve almost reached our goal to save the planet!” huckstering–reminds me very much of “reach out and touch your television and you will be saved! and then send us your check right here at the teevee station”. The Inquisition and “heretic” bashing has become so commonplace that I doubt some people notice. What NO ONE seems to have noticed is that so much of this stuff has become embedded in policy that I think it could be argued that it violates the Establishment Clause. Britain has declared it a recognized religion for legal purposes, as of last month.)

  • Potomac Patty says:

    Speaking of the overstatement of Global Warming and the local liberal nutjobs, check out this at Nova Town Hall

    McGimsey is such a joke. I guess her excuse for not knowing what the h*ll is going on at the BOS meetings is because she is so wrapped up in the new way-out-of-state job.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Fascinating! I’ll do a new post in a bit linking to that. Let’s keep the discussion here general.

  • BlackOut says:

    Oh the irony. Liberals trash science over climate change, and Conservatives trash science over evolution.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    BlakOut, all the more reason to get the more egregious faith-based nonsense out of public policy–and think of what that might save in the budget, at all levels of government?

    You saw that the EPA was declaring CO2 a health hazard today?

    Did you see that the Netherlands are already “resettling” some farmers off of their property as an “adaptive” strategy to AGW?

    I wonder who will be downsized to reduce our carbon footprint, and I really wonder what kind of licence the nutjobs will say this (the EPA declaration) gives Obama to enter into some bogus wealth transfer agreement in Denmark?

  • Rob Iola says:

    Nice to know that the UN and Obama are coming up with a new way for my tax dollars to go line the pockets of some 3rd world dictators…

  • “Even carbon dioxide, although we exhale it, is toxic in large enough amounts. Moreover, nobody does knows how fast or how well the oceans can absorb it.”
    How does that work out for those greedy plants and the evil notion of photosynthesis?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    For heaven’s sakes, WATER is toxic in large enough amounts! Let’s add that to the list as well!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, don’t forget Penn and Teller garnering all those signatures at the eco-event against Dihydrogen Oxide.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Ace of Spades HQ is decreeing an Al Gore poetry slam, in rsponse to the poem Al himself wrote to intriduce his own book he just cancelled the $1200 handshake signing for in Denmark–here it is:

    “One thin September soon
    A floating continent disappears
    In midnight sun

    Vapors rise as
    Fever settles on an acid sea
    Neptune’s bones dissolve

    Snow glides from the mountain
    Ice fathers floods for a season
    A hard rain comes quickly

    Then dirt is parched
    Kindling is placed in the forest
    For the lightning’s celebration

    Unknown creatures
    Take their leave, unmourned
    Horsemen ready their stirrups

    Passion seeks heroes and friends
    The bell of the city
    On the hill is rung

    The shepherd cries
    The hour of choosing has arrived
    Here are your tools.”

    Ace’s first response:

    “Reviewers fail to mention
    Gore’s descent into sophomoric senility
    Hide the decline”




    While we still can.

  • BlackOut says:

    Thank God the internet was invented so I could read this poem. Geez, he’s a coolio guy!

  • Edmundburkenator says:

    There must be some environmental consequence to that poem.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    My personal opinion is that it emits a dangerous level of gases, but what do I know?

    Nothing! I’m just a skeptical person, so better burn me at the stake.

    Or uhhh, wait…

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I feel like I’ve arrived: I was deleted at Blue Virginia for posting a joke.

    I love this, but it really isn’t funny–just perfect:

    Global warming IS man made—by the guys at CRU, and the media, and the UN, and Gore, and…

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