The Garforth Web and the Loudoun Energy Plan

By Loudoun Insider

So, Loudoun County needed an energy plan pronto and went to the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) to get it done instead of going through its own contracting process.  This resulted in a sole source special contract to produce the County Energy Strategy (CES) going to Garforth International, LLC for approximately $250,000, which Loudoun County will pay the NVRC for.  You would think that such a renowned expert worthy of receiving such a contract would have a robust web presence, well, check out the website yourself – not much there.  But there’s plenty available on Garforth’s friends in the climate change business.


I was a bit perplexed when I saw Owens Corning (huh, the people who make crockpots, serving platters and such?) listed as part of the “CES Team” (go to page 77 of the document here).  Well, it turns out Garforth International is a “strategic partner” of Owings Corning, and that Peter Garforth once worked for Owens Corning.  The other entity in that strategic partnership is MVV Energie, which of course is also another member of the “CES Team”.  Here’s what Peter Garforth had to say about this partnership in an Owens Corning press release:


Peter Garforth, CEO of Garforth International, LLC., agreed. “We have created a team with world-class expertise, and we’re applying it on a local scale,” said Garforth “We are already making things happen, delivering major benefits at acceptable costs, and truly transforming communities.”


One of the more contentious items in the new energy plan is a future mandate recommendation for Integrated Energy Master Plans.  Well, guess who provides such services?  That strategic partnership, of course (see here)!  Energy Star ratings are also mentioned in the county energy plan, and guess who was an advisor to that program?  You guessed it, Peter Garforth.


Now all these things seem great, and as a conservation-minded conservative I agree with saving energy and money, but this whole thing is too full of cozy relationships for me and has not yet been fully vetted publicly.  Loudoun citizens deserve more answers about McGimsey’s day job and the inter-relationships on the “CES Team” before moving forward with this.


UPDATE:  Dug up some info on more Garforth buddies getting free advertising in an official Loudoun County report – below the fold.


John Palmisano and his company Etrios is also mentioned in the county report as part of the core team but didn’t get a place in the ring of honor.   Guess who is on his advisory board?  Yes indeedy – Peter Garforth.  And who are some of the Etrios “strategic partners”?  None other than the Garforth strategic partnership, now dubbed “The Alliance” (from the Etrios website):


Owens Corning, Garforth International, MVV decon GmbH – (“The Alliance”)

““The Alliance” is a marketing and consulting service-provider forged between experts in energy planning, managing the building energy envelope, heating, cooling and power systems. Together with eTrios, “the Alliance” provides comprehensive multi-year, community-wide energy plans, predicated, in part, on the use of tradable environmental and energy instruments.”


I couldn’t find much on the other person mentioned by name, Diane Perkin, or her company, Terra Sol, but they are also in the Garforth web, having helped him with a similar plan in a California town.  Check out page 3 of this report to see the familiar ring of honor, only this time including Terra Sol.


I have no problem with this guy assembling a team to do this project, but everything I can find only mentions Garforth International getting the contract.  How these other “Friends of Garforth” deserve prominent mentions in an official Loudoun County plan is beyond me.  Gee, I wonder who will get the first calls to do these future mandated energy audits???


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  • Appalled says:

    This plan is just garbage (like those other Green boondoggles, expensive waste to energy) by people with no background in the energy and power industries. Pages 12 to 13 lay out the real motives: the generation of another couple million dollars worth of bogus projects. The sole interest of the minds behind this Energy Plan is to reach out and grab $2 million more of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. That’s why this energy plan work was not put out to bid in order to attract competent objective work. The County engaged these people in a dark of night, back room grab for “funds from the US Department of Energy’s “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant” (EECBG) program” because they wanted the plan to recite every possible point of Green babble in order to secure the next $2 million in projects. The CES is a transparent sop to every Green fabrication. As a reward or a Greenwash well done, Garforth, TerraSol, Owens Corning and eTrios would lead the way to the ARRA trough. The Energy Plan makes unsupportable assumptions, fantasy projections and science fiction projections.
    Youth Shelter Expansion
    Implement renewable energy solutions through solar and geothermal solutions.
    $500,000 -$600,000
    Scott Memorial Park Solar Lights & Charging Stations
    Implement renewable energy solutions for parking facilities by using 210 kW of solar powered lighting.
    Education and Outreach to Business Community
    Implementation of Energy Audits Recommendations
    Implement the second phase of an existing County building energy audit program.
    $1,100,000 -$1,250,000
    Educate and promote efficient building standards and practices to the business sector.
    $250,000 -$300,000
    Education and Outreach to Residents
    Provide outreach and education to homeowners to promote home efficiency measures.
    Energy Solution for Moorefield Station Scale Project and Digital Realty Trust data center cluster
    Develop Integrated Energy Master Plan for Mixed-use Transit Neighborhood combined with a major Data Center cluster
    $300,000 -$500,000
    Building standards and Energy Performance Labeling (EPL)
    Educate and promote efficiency to key stakeholders in residential and commercial buildings.
    $200,000 -$250,000
    None of these figures or plans can be justified. The proposed Green technologies are not a realistic option now and may never be. This is self-serving garbage.

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