Brian Moran, Tim Kaine, and the Salahis (With Other Notables!)

By Loudoun Insider

salahi-kaine-cropped-proto-custom_2With continuing discussion of Brian Moran as a possible DPVA Chairman (NLS broke it a while back), it was with some interest that I opened an interesting email from an anonymous tipster suggesting that I look into links between Brian Moran and the obnoxious Salahis.  I remember seeing  something somewhere about Tareq Salahi donating to both Morans, but never realized how much until I went to VPAP.  The VPAP database shows $18,308 to Brian Moran as an in-kind contribution, that is listed on Moran’s Jan. 15, 2007 SBE report as being for “Hosted Redskins game event” on December 3, 2006.  That must have been a hell of a party!  I’d love to see a breakdown of those expenses.


2006 was a big year for the Salahi-Moran nexus, with $1,000 also going from Tareq to obnoxious blowhard Congressman Jim Moran on May 24, 2006.  Speaking of Jim Moran and polo people, check out this fascinating DC Sports Bog post from 2007 where Moran discussed polo, the Salahis, and tequila.


Well, I guess you might say, what’s the big deal with Salahi giving money to the Morans?  Well, my big problem comes when you find out that shortly after receiving the Salahi largess Brian Moran was introducing a budget amendment to give nearly a million dollars to the then-unregistered Salahi “charity” Journey for the Cure (WaPo article on the “charity” under investigation).  This amendment (page 663 of this document) was for $900,000 of our tax dollars to go to this “charity” run by a big donor of his.  Luckily this amendment did not pass, but it still stinks to high heaven that Moran would push this for an event nowhere near his home district.


Interestingly enough, while Moran was the prime sponsor for Salahi in the House, even though he lives nowhere near the polo match site, Mark Herring was the prime sponsor in the Senate for the “Journey for the Cure Near-Million Dollar Give Away” (page 530 of this document).  Tareq Salahi is shown by VPAP to have given one gift to lawmakers, that being a gift of $150 to Mark Herring for polo tickets to said event!  Mark Herring is usually thought of as a smart politician – what in the world was he thinking accepting these tickets after sponsoring that amendment???


Since good ole boy Dave Marsden is in the news alot these days, it’s also interesting to note that he received an in-kind donation of $864 from Salahi’s Oasis Vineyards in 2005 for “wine for kick-off event”.


Also interesting, as the Kaine administration winds down, is the payment of $25,000 by the Kaine campaign to Tareq Salahi on January 13, 2006  as a vendor for “Event beverages”, presumably for his inauguration.  That’s a hell of a lot of wine!  So Salahi personally gets paid $25,000 as a vendor on January 13, 2006, then Oasis Vineyard makes a cash contribution for the exact same $25,000 on January 16, 2006, interesting coincidence, huh?  In 2005 Oasis Vineyard received $15,500 from Kaine for Governor as a vendor.  Oasis Vineyard also contributed another $23,176 to Kaine for Governor, dating back to 2002, and gave him the smashingly fabulous gift of a $300 bottle of “O Rose 1988 Grand Reserve” on February 18, 2006.  Tareq and Timmy certainly seem to be pretty darn close, don’t they?


To be fair, there are some contributions to and payments from the McDonnell for AG campaign as well, but they are nowhere near as substantive as those to Moran and Kaine.  Likewise, local GOP favorites Joe May and Jill Vogel were co-sponsors of the budget amendments put forward by Moran and Herring.  But I would put the onus for introducing those poorly vetted amendments on the sponsoring legislators, those being Brian Moran and Mark Herring.  And remember, our own Loudoun County Board of Supervisors made the mistake of giving $176,000 to the Salahi ”charity” event, so plenty of people were snookered by these idiots.


Someone in the mainstream media with more time and resources than I really needs to dig a bit deeper into this smelly tangled web.


  • Brian S. says:

    I agree. The whole Salahi business has stunk from day one and attention whores of this caliber are usually not often willing to follow the law. I’d love to see some enterprising Commonwealth’s Attorney out in LoCo convene a grand jury and go after these two.

  • Ron says:

    Support for the Morans makes sense. The Salahis are also big supporters of the Pseudostinians. Birds of a feather . . .

  • Kevin says:

    Why is the government giving taxpayer dollars to charities? Let alone to unworthy ones like this. I am more than capable of deciding where my charity dollar goes. Reminds me of the $500,000 Virginia used to give to Wolf Trap every year.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And why is that attention ho tilting her head in every photo I see of her???
    Also remember Kaine appointed Tareq to a post with some Virginia tourism board, which he later resigned from. I’m surprsied there hasn’t been more attention placed on this Kaine connection, but then again, knowing the political leanings of most of the mainstream media, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

  • G. Stone says:

    And why is that attention ho tilting her head in every photo I see of her???

    So her brains will not dribble out of her ear ?

  • Brian S says:

    It’s the Paris Hilton move.

  • G. Stone says:

    You would think with all of these political “connections” that these dumb asses could actually get real invitations to Democrat events. It appears they are such leeches that even pert time Gov Tim Kaine no longer wants anything to do with them.

  • They got busted at the Indian WhiteHouse Dinner trying to set the stage for their next grift. Get as many pics with diplomats as they can, and then promote the next Polo Match (India vs. USA)with said photos.

    There’s a certain NY State politician who’s wishing they’d have stayed out of the limelight, since it highlighted that he used $10K in Cancer donations to fund his run up there several years ago….courtesy of the Salahi “magic”.

  • sally says:

    A picture says a thousand words–here Kaine would probably not like to hear the words!

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    The three of them look so happy it makes me feel like singing the Turtles song “Happy Together”…. When you’re with me baby the skies’ll be blue, for all my life!

  • Steve Vaughan says:

    Whoever called the Salahis “grifters” had it about right. They tried to con their way into a sponsorship with Jamestown 2007 before getting dropped like a hot potato. Apparently they claimed to have a close relationship with the British royal family, as the result of the polo team, turned out to be hogwash. Politics seems to attract people like this, on both sides of the aisle.

  • MD LAWYER says:

    Will anyone, especially VA voters and taxpayers, ever read about this in the main stream media?

  • edmundburkenator says:

    The tilt of the head is actually holding down Kaine’s overactive eyebrow.

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  • […] courtesy of Loudoun Insider over on Too Conservative, there is Marsden’s connection to the White House party crashers.  Seems that Davy got an in-kind contribution of wine from the Salahis’ Oasis Winery just a […]

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