Howie Lind Snuggles Up To Traitorous RINOs!

By Loudoun Insider

This wouldn’t be so damn funny if Howie wasn’t part of the Purity At All Costs crowd.  Howie couldn’t make the last LCRC meeting to campaign.  Initially the ever-charming JoAnne Chase was going to be Howie’s stand-in until the Lind campaign apparently thought better of it.  So they turn to Charlie McKinney, who was pretty blah in his stump speech. 


But wait a minute, didn’t Charlie McKinney quit the LCRC in a huff after his boy Jack Ryan failed to win the nomination in 2007?  Why yes he did, and he was one of the founding fathers of the Loudoun Independent Committee, which then backed Ryan in the general election (to a third place finish).


Here’s what McKinney pal and fellow Executive Committee member Mark Miller had to say about this committee in the Loudoun Connection (RINO Hunters take note!):


“Some Republicans we like; some Democrats we like,” Miller said of he and his fellow LCIC executive committee members [including McKinney]. “Some people in the middle of the road we like. We just want to give Loudoun residents an avenue to express themselves.”


Howie Lind couldn’t find a better Republican than this to represent him before the LCRC?  How must a true believer like JoAnne Chase feel to be pushed aside for a traitorous RINO?  Will Eve Marie Barner be reading off McKinney’s and Ryan’s names for exclusion at the coming 10th District Convention?  So many questions!


  • G. Stone says:

    “Rome is on fire, people. We are in the midst of a depression that is being covered up by spending from the aptly named TARP bill. We have $1 trillion annual deficits for the next decade, which all of the experts admit is unsustainable for that period, yet we bicker and bicker about who the real Republicans are and who should be allowed to vote. In the meantime, our dollar and economy are headed for a collapse that will make the Great Depression a historical side note.”
    True. The problem is US. All of US. I suggest not a week goes by that constituents of all shapes and sizes walk into “our” local congressman’s
    office with our hand out. Business groups, PTA’s, Local Governments, religious groups all asking for funding for their special pet project or need.

  • G. Stone says:

    “Rome is on fire, people.”
    True. Now is the time to start grabbing the fire hoses.That may mean moving current elected officials to positions that serve that purpose from this point forward. I for one don’t have an issue with a primary challenge as long as it is done in such a way that in the end it enhances the winners ability to compete in the marketplace of ideas against the backdrop of the specific political reality on the ground. Doing it for shits and giggles is silly.
    Now back to the real issue, Spending. For those of us backing Congressman Wolf while bitching about the level of federal spending yet advocating for more money here in the 10th district for whatever reason, please have a serious talk with yourself.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Michael, it took some time (especially for a relative newcomer to LCRC politics) to gather the info needed for that appeal. The call was atrocious and exclusionary. If RPV had not taken action, the DOJ would have under the Voting Rights Act. As BPM says, please produce these phantom emails from RPV approving the call. I’ve seen some that your crowd says provided approval, but that’s complete bullshit. Email original copies of those emails and I’ll post them up.

  • “To boot there was nothing of substance to overturn the issued call”

    O’ve pointed out three distinct problems with it. You have never addressed why they really were not problems.
    Confirming your delegates on the morning of the Convention is a no-no. Always has been.
    Axing the Redemption Clause is a big no-no. The Justice Deptartment said so.
    And finally, including the phrase “I am a Republican” on the Call was a huge no-no, because Virginia does not register by party.

    All of these were put in the RPV Party Plan’s rules to eliminate confrontations with the Justice Department (who we are still on a watch list with because of numerous irregularities in the past that skirted the Voting Act.)

    So, the RPV NEVER would have blessed the huge errors in that Call in the first place. You were lied to. It was extremely funny to watch some of the nutjobs try to challenge RPV on the matter, however. The LCRC is subordinate to the RPV, silly.

    Sorry that convention didn’t turn out in your favor and that you’re bitter.
    And why on earth would you use Michael Mutter’s name? He crazier than you are.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Guess who is a alive and well and selling real estate in Purcellville right across the street from Lazaro’s church. Yep! DPM, working her way back in and back up, right next to the Purcellville rino/dino/inde mayor. Still not sure what his political or religious affiliation is. Changes like the weather. DPM is representing carrington homes, subsid. of Lerner. Wonder what the western clan has planned for the LCRC? Watch out, it is not wise to play with self serving *#&%$@ (people) disguised as “friends”.

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