10th District Convention Saturday

By Loudoun Insider

I can’t wait until this is over.  We’ll either have a competent, well qualified statesman as Chairman in Dave Scmidt, or a loudmouth malcontent in Howie Lind.  NVTH of course comes out for Lind, while BPM has some disturbing info on Lind’s campaign (I’ve also received emails from others saying that Lind falsely claimed their endorsement). 


In my mind, anyone who ran on a slate like Lind did with JoAnne Chase, and was a diehard Jeff Frederick supporter till the bitter end has no business leading the 10th CD.  That’s more than good enough reason to back Schmidt, who is more than qualified for the position.  Unfortunately, after a week of crappy weather, Saturday looks to be a great day weather-wise, which of course favors the diehards backing Lind.  I’m not optimistic.


UPDATE:  Excellent compare and contrast piece below the fold.



  • Ron, I may be confusing you with anoither Ron….one who most definitely has an agenda. If you ain’t him. I apologize. I’m very aware that part of the 10th is in Fairfax….but “that” Ron spends 98% of his time in Loudoun….something that irks me to no end.

    As for the history lesson, LL….If Howie wins, and Suzanne screws the pooch on another Call, do you know who will call her on it?…. I mean before it becomes yet another 5 years on the Justice Dept. watch list for Voter Act violations???

    All these postings have a reason….and if you truly know what you’re looking at, you sure do not seem to mind the wrong players gaining offices in order to kick these blatant and demonstrated violations under a rug. That is why Howie and JoAnne ran for SCC. They were unhappy with the SCC members they replaced, who would actually stop these foul-ups before they actually rose to the bar of “malfeasance” under the Party Plan.(and the previous members of the SCC did it by the book, and 100% on the up-and-up.)

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    OK Monk. See you tomorrow.

  • It was a pleasure to see you yesterday. I did miss your sibling, but I’ve seen him chime in, if only minimally. This new gig must be killing him!!! 🙂

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