Ahhh, the sweet return of gridlock!

By Lloyd the Idiot

With 21 months of unprecedented government growth rammed through Congress without so much as the time it takes to read the multiple 2000-plus page bills, it’s nice to see that we can take some comfort in the fact that the insanity has, at least temporarily, subsided as one house of Congress in now safely in the hands of the Republicans.

Indeed, now the real economic recovery can begin.  For one, businesses, whether big or small, instinctively retreat in the face of uncertainty, especially when it comes to government regulation.  Many employers didn’t hire because of the possibility of higher taxes, greater regulation or additional healthcare obligations – all of which came true.  Now, however, we have at least some modicum of stability on the horizon, so maybe, just maybe, we can see some real growth in employment.

I think it’s all time for us to gather round and sing to the tune of Dr. Seuss’ “Welcome, Christmas,”

Welcome, welcome
Gridlock, gridlock

Welcome, welcome
Gridlock, gridlock

Congress now is in our grasp
So now ends our collective gasp


  • G. Stone says:

    ……..you’re ok with obstructionism?

    If what is being obstructed is his agenda, absolutely. It is our patriotic duty.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Way to be over the top G.

    How ridiculous.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Edmund, Give it up. So people are supposed to stand down, lay down or be polite because they “might” be called an obstructist, or racist, or hater. Take your silly tactics and stuff it.

    The Obama agenda needs to be stopped or we will cease to exist as a Republic. I don’t care how over the top you deem that, and you can hurl your silly little insults. Why not add “Your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries”. That is about the extent of your argument. I fart in your general direction.

  • LL, hilarious!

    By the way Ed, “obstructionism” is just a perjorative term for “opposition.” To that point, Stone is absolutely right. We have both the right and the obligation to oppose by all means sanctioned by the Constitution those policies and politicians that would do it harm.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I’ll let the idiots cheer each other on this thread. Opposition does no mean obstruction, but in the hyperbolic world of “we will lose the Republic!” down is up and idiots are raised up.

    LL, I’ll never “give it up” when set against willful ignorance of the type you often offer up here.

    How utterly ridiculous. You are, again, the flipside of the wacky left — the wacky right.

  • G. Stone says:

    “Opposition does no mean obstruction,”

    Oh but it does. Obama comes up with public policy that must be opposed, not halved, not reworked, not nibbled around the edges, but opposed. You and those of your ilk label it obstruction in order to garner sympathy from some ( nitwits, members of the press and others who fail to pay attention to things political ) or convince others that half of a terrible idea is actually political leadership and only if those obstructionist Republicans would cave could we then make progress buy implementing 50% of the proposed stupidity.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Ed, Read your American History.

    If you think Stone and I are wacky, I can only imagine how you feel about our Founding Fathers. I suspect there were a lot of cries of Ignorance! Obstructionist! Ridiculous! in the shaping of our Constitution and birth of our nation.

    No, I am not comparing us to our Founding Fathers, but I am taking Benjamin Franklin’s warning to heart. You think talk of “losing our Republic” is hyperbolic and wacky, but I know it is only constant vigilance that will keep it.

    How about this, you keep fighting for Obama and his agenda and I will keep opposing him and the forces that want to “fundamentally change this country”? We’ll see which side wins in time, I am putting my money on the American people and our Republic.

  • We need to somehow connect the Progressive Party,the Conservation Party, the Green Party, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party and other like minded parties so we have a formidable block of voters to destroy the GOP once and for all and make our nation a true democracy and eliminate the electoral college and pass the bill in Congress to take away the personhood of corporations.

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