Stevens Miller Tries To Move On Up, Again

By Loudoun Insider

Stevens Miller was the last sitting Supervisor to announce his intentions for the upcoming November election.  At today’s BOS meeting he announced that he will not be running for a Supervisor seat, and will see where the State district lines are drawn.  This is of course after he tried and failed to win a State Delegate seat a year after being elected Supervisor in the first place.  Looks like a Dick Black – Stevens Miller Senate race in a possibly new Loudoun Senate district may be a real possibility after all.  Dear God, what a choice.


  • BlackOut says:

    Glen, I agree with a good majority of what you just said. I agree with your statement, ““if you’re not with me, you’re not worth me explaining to you””, being a problem for Snow. What I think we may disagree on is when that attitude started. Folks in the northern part of Dulles saw that attitude from day one, where as I think, and you’re welcome to disagree or clarify, you’re referencing this attitude as something that happened during the heat of the re-election campaign.

    For me I never thought Snow had any interest in any part of the Dulles district that wasn’t in the South. I recall shortly after he was elected and the first time I met him. We were both at the Little League opening day ceremonies at Crittendon Park in Ashburn Farm. He didn’t know me at the time but the first thing he said to me was something like, “wow, Ashburn is so built out and has everything it needs, it sure makes South Riding look like a County orphan”. This is anecdotal, but I do think he held that opinion for his full term in office. He never made a significant effort to deal with or understand the needs of the Ashburn area. Many examples of that.

    In Steve’s defense, Dulles is massive and very difficult to represent. Additionally, we did benefit from his support of youth activities. However,
    I think the best part of his contribution towards the youth was staying out of Carol Kost’s way and saying things when she needs him to. He did a good job of that.

    So at the end of the day he lost the election and I do agree Miller did not win it. I think were we differ is how he lost and I think his image problems started early on not during the campaign for re-election. That was just the time all the baggage he had created over his full term started to show up. So in that light I do think he had no way of stopping the negative issues he was dealing with. There was a lot of substance to that characterization.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Colleague, I think it was more than just “staying out of Carol’s way”, and I don’t know if she’d characterize it that way. Steve was very supportive of Carol and her efforts, and she wasn’t the only knowledgeable and experienced person from the Ashburn area that he appointed and supported.

    Look at Jim Bonfils for Parks and Rec–knowledge, experience, Ashburn. What did Miller give us for the first couple years? A Transition Zone PR man for the Mosby Heritage Area who finally resigned after protesting LCPRCS-supported schools and rec facilities, to better devote his time to trying to figure out how to make paintball illegal, and how to get the county to create yet another government board, this time to promote history—like the Mosby Heritage Area, maybe?

    Look at his first choice for PC–the former Dulles supervisor, from back when Dulles was an Ashburn district centered along the Greenway.

    Yes, he felt that there was a service deficit down here, and there is, but it isn’t Ashburn’s fault. It’s our misfortune for being located on rte 50, which is not really a US Highway although it is designated as such, but a private driveway to the Mosby Heritage Area–lolol!

  • BlackOut says:

    Jim Bonfils is a county treasure. He has gotten things done regardless of who is in office. I should have added to Snow’s plus’ his appointment of Jim to the P&R Advisory Board. Jim and Carol had momentum on their contributions well before Snow took office. Regardless I do give him credit for recognizing that and not getting in the way. To be fair he did speak up when he was asked to, especially from the Youth Initiative side.

    His negatives well out ways the positives and at the end of the day that is why he lost the election. The people judged him on the entire body of his work in office. In reality, I think the fact that he was kicked out without help from Miller is more damning to his legacy than if Miller had been a strong candidate.

  • BlackOut says:

    Colleague, I agree there was and still is a service deficient down your way. (hopefully that library is progressing and isn’t delayed or eliminated by the cut tax zealots) The fact there was a deficient does not mean there were and aren’t needs up here in the north. Just different types of needs, which Snow had no interest in dealing with.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Glad to see you recognize that he recognized the talent and worth of people like Jim and Carol, and not only reappointed them but actively supported their work. That surely isn’t much more than staying out of their way.

    I also wouldn’t underestimate the fact that, as you mention, Dulles was way too big, as well as the district where everything was happening. The right guy had to be in there, so the end result was in its own way perfect: a suit with a vote who votes how he’s told.

    I would also not underestimate the fact that the county committee was barely functional at the time, with guerrilla warfare coming from within its own ranks.

    Not to mention the large amounts of money coming from a land use special interest who, if some rumors have it correctly, may be contemplating another round of political contributions to try and set up a round three.

  • “Only reason I bring this up is, I think it’s a clear example of something I’ve always believed–if YOU don’t define yourself and your agenda in a proactive, positive manner, your opponents will do it for you. That leaves two options—don’t respond and let the mis-impression persist, or be forced to react; neither which is optimal.”

    Mr. Caroline, I revel in your wisdom, and I think we’re set for a brewskie sometime in your busy schedule. Hoping the New Year is kind to you so far, sir!

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  • Loudoun Insider says:

    interesting post by Joe B at NVTH! Miller can be reasonable and is a decent guy, but boy does he provide a wealth of material with his pomposity at times. My greatest disillusionment with him was the attmept to move up the ladder after one year in his first office. With the runmored Senate run now, he is just too much of a ladder climber for me.

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