Anti-Sharia Task Force Coming To Loudoun County Tomorrow Night!

By Loudoun Insider

I knew the developing race for the Republican 87th House of Delegates District nomination was going to be brutal, but I had no idea it would go nuclear so quickly.  Tea Party queen Joanne Chase has already thrown her hat in the ring (although I have yet to see an official announcement), and former Loudoun Supervisor Bruce Tulloch is still rumored to be considering an entry into the race. 

The big subject of wingnut consternation; however, is David Ramadan, a Muslim immigrant, who already has a personal website up, with a placeholder campaign website up as well.  Ramadan is having his campaign kick off tomorrow night ahead of the LCRC meeting, with Grover Norquist as the special guest (I am not a fan of Norquist, for many reasons).

The far-right Blue Ridge Forum has a post up asking questions about Norquist, Ramadan and sharia law, and the New York City 9/11 mosque, which Ramadan supported.  It was updated to include an announcement asking for demonstrators with signs, along with another announcement of Dick Black’s endorsement of Joanne Chase (no big surprise there).

Ramadan is very mainstream and has done alot for the GOP.  But in Loudoun County, where Christianists rule the roost, being a Muslim ensures you a tough row to hoe if you have political aspirations. 

More wacky times ahead for the LCRC!  Hold on to your seats, folks, it’s only going to get worse!


  • The Shadow (redux) says:

    Lloyd, thank you for the clarification and I apologize if my previous comment was off putting (eg; polarizing).

    I am glad that we both agree on the Anti-Sharia group, in fact until you mention the Japanese Americans I didn’t put much thought into the parallels, so thank you for the perspective.

    My biggest concern with the anti-Muslim rhetoric is; One of America’s founding tenants is Freedom of Religion, 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. It was further echoed by one of our founding fathers (Thomas Jefferson 1807, Universal Human Rights Amend 18).

    In 2011 it is un-American to single out one group (in fact many ethnic groups) solely based on the Muslim religion. It is great red meat/pandering, but destructive and has no place in Loudoun or National politics.

    Further every religion has a group of extremist.

  • Lloyd the Idiot says:

    Agreed, Shadow. Tolerance of one’s religious beliefs should not be construed as sanctioning religious extremism. Even in the judaeoichristian tradition, you don’t need to look beyond the first two books of the Old Testament for some pretty extreme consequences for breach of the rules.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I would think it perfectly sensible for a Republican candidate to be either for or against the mosque-site in New York. When you take this down to the state or local level, I can’t imagine why his or her views, one way or the other, would have any impact on an election. The issue is simply not going to before anyone winning this office.

  • Tom Culver says:

    Where do I begin with this one? This guy David Imad Emad Ramadan is a joke baby. He shows up on the stage of the Republican Party a couple of years ago and tries to tell everyone that he has been a Republican Activist for twenty years. Then hasn’t anyone heard of you before? He throws is money around every where at any campaign he can. He donates $20,000 Saudi Dollars to the McDonnell Campaign and Bob Wont even go to David Imad Emad’s opening kickoff campaign thingee. Instead the only Republican he can get is the fake Muslim who took his Shahada in Imam Magid;s office in order to marry a Palestinian woman-Grover Baby. then Grover denied that he was Muslim or at least won’t answer the question. David Emad goes around for the last few years denouncing all Arab American Activisits telling everyone they are not qualified. He goes online and says people have ties to terrorism so that he can get himself in the spotlight. He is a piece of Sh** and an opportunist. But the race will be fun. Grover the Fag lover is not David’s only problem. David Emad Imad is David Emad Imad’s problem.

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