Allen Under Fire…and Rightly So

By Too Conservative

I am pretty dissapointed in Senator George Allen right now.

First, information comes out that he owns stock in a company which makes the morning after pill, and now accusations are flying that he has made incredibly racist remarks.

If this video does surface, it could end Allen’s presidential chances, similar to Howard Dean’s scream.


  • vienna local says:

    This guy is seriously thinking of running for President? Oh Lordy, please, please make him the nominee in 2008!

  • Earl says:

    It seems to me it’s 1 or 2 anti-Allen guys, posting under three or four aliases, while a few others are fighting about it. This is NOTHING!

  • Terpsfan4life says:


    Dude, you’re drinking too much cool aid, my man. You sound like an Allen propagandist. Look, I voted for Allen in 2000 and I donated to him this election cycle. But enough is enough with this guy. Too much stuff has happened and a lot of us are tired of it. You can keep telling yourself that this is not a big deal. After all, the easiest person for a human being to deceive is oneself. But facts do not cease to be just because they are ignored. I agree with loudoninsider’s sentiments that a lot of Americans are tired of both parties. We’re ready to hire someone for President who shows common sense and sound judgement. We don’t like people who display a commitment to a rigid, inflexible, fanatical ideology that functions like religion in the sense that the fundamental tenets cannot ever change.

  • Knemon says:

    One more brick in the wall.

    Let’s not nominate this guy.

    Giuliani. McCain. Romney. Huckabee, even.

    With so many other options, counting on Allen to stop making these gaffes seems like a sucker’s bet.

  • Perfect Timing says:

    George Allen really showed himself. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • RF says:

    Oh boy,,,

    Lets help clear up a little problem here-

    Dean’s “scream” didn’t kill anything for Howard, his hardball appearance did- Dean said he would break up corporate media, when asked by Tweety on the College Hardball Tour, after that, the media went feeding and didn’t stop until the scream, when Dean had a fork in him-

    Allen is another Smirker in a suit; a very, very tired act the electorate won’t buy due to overuse and abuse from the “not meeting expectations” administration-

    Wtf Up and crown Hagel already, he understands our Republic, and would never StandDown our Military; wargame or no wargame-

  • t says:

    t is most disheartened to learn of the untimely return of willis.

  • willis says:

    I thought it was timely.

  • kensdad says:

    you can tell a lot about politicians and celebrities (think Mel Gibson) when they are speaking in an unscripted manner. a word like “macaque” doesn’t just pop into someone’s head by accident. clearly, this is a term that allen and/or his family have used in private.

    racism is a very hard thing to expunge and this is exactly what most white people just don’t get.

    this is even worse than mitt romney calling the construction problems in boston a “tar babay” (and i really did think that was bad.) candidates who can’t speak publicly without using racial slurs should be rejected by voters. this isn’t even a matter of politics. reasonable people can disagree over political issues, but not over candidates who “accidentally” use a racial slur.

    candidates are a dime a dozen. if VA voters want to elect someone with the views of allen, then i’m sure that another candidate will appear to fill the void. unfortunately for VA republicans you are stuck with allen in ’06, but in order to vote for him now you will have to put your conscience aside.

  • Perfect Timing says:


    How do you feel about Allen having stock in the company that produces the morning after pill? Does it bother you?

    What did he say about that and has he offered to sell the stock?

  • t says:

    t said in an earlier post:
    “I will not support Allen for President because he owns stock in the company which makes the abortion pill. I will unenthusiastically vote for him this November only because he is marginally better than the other bad alternative.”

  • t says:

    You are a self-proclaimed “political mercenary.” Your manner of blogging inflicts heartache and suffering. Please go back into retirement where you so rightly belong.

  • Jestery says:


    So Allen is a racist AND stupid.

  • willis says:

    At least I’m not a macaca.

  • CC says:

    You are right kensdad, we are stuck with him for 2006. However, I am not putting my conscience aside. I will vote for Webb this year. I met Webb at an event in Vienna a couple of months ago and liked what I saw. However, until this event I was still leaning toward Allen. Not any more.

  • Melissa says:

    Some of us “idiots” also kknow the genus/species names for a macaque as some of us have to know the Biological Classification System (at least those of us with graduate degrees in the Sciences.)
    “The White Paper for Complete Sequencing of the Rheses Macaque (Macaca Mulatta) Genome”
    Macaque = Macaca
    Enough said. It was and still is a Bad Allen trick!

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I doubt if Allen was referring to the primate known as a Macaque. I suspect Fides had it as close as anyone in his/her comment. It was a nonsense name, intended to sound foreign and, coupled with the “welcome to America” rif, intended to isolate and disparage the guy given that he was a Webb bloodhound on the campaign trail. I don’t think most candidates do this kind of thing spontaneously. It think staff whispers in their ear (psst!, boss, the Webb guy is out there – let’s burn him. Here, call him a nasty name and make him seem like a real foreigner)

    I doubt that they were overtly trying to say the guy was a “monkey.” It was stupid. If you think it was stupid enough to cause problems in 2008, you’ve got to think that it has similar impacts in 2006. I personally don’t think it was intended to be racist by Allen when he uttered the remark. If I am wrong about that, I wouldn’t vote for him for anything. I think it was just stupid.

    The Republican Party has to be militant about avoiding any deed or word that could be racist. Candidates who can’t get this straight must move on to other pursuits.

  • moderate 5-19 says:

    What George Allen wants us to believe is that he is calling another person a name and he does not know what the word means. Let us assume (for the sake of argument) that Allen really did not know the meaning to this word. Either Allen is calling a name he does not himself understand the meaning to, (how ridiculous would that be); or he did know what he was saying a chose to use this word anyway. I can’t see how it matters. Either way it was ignorant and wrong.

    And BTW how can one really believe Allen did not know what he was saying when he followed it with the “welcome to America” comment.

    Come on people stop drinking the kool- aid

  • It seems that of the people posting here the least informed and the most ignorant are the ones not seeing anything wrong with this, which is typical of racists. His mom being Tunisian, his past history of racist activity should leave no doubt what he meant. This is a thug who used to hang nooses in his office, he is against Martin Luther King Day, he is for commemorating the confederate flag and the South’s role in the civil war, he has made such statements before, he is so obviously almost openly a high ranking member of the KKK, just dig a little and you can draw the same conclusion. Just the fact that he singled out the only non-white at the event for public humiliation is enough. These people have an agenda and that agenda is the control and eventual elimination of all non-whites, anyone of you who supports this man can not do so with a clear conscience unless you are willing to admit that you yourself are a stone cold racist. God help this country for what the “Republicans” are trying to do and God protect those who are fighting against them.

  • willis says:

    But the kool-aid tastes so damn good!!

  • t says:

    Watch the profanity willis. You’re starting to sound like Jimbo.

  • The Voice says:


    The only thing he really did wrong was acknowledge the existance of the little pansy liberal arts minor.
    Please get real and let’s all be just a little smarter than the idiot masses out there. Webb plays the “race” card, and you guys suck it up, like you’ve never seen a democrat DO THAT before.

  • The Voice says:

    G Chell, you’re one of them there gall-danged carpet-baggers, ain’t you?

  • macaca in chief says:


    existance of the little pansy liberal arts minor.

    Your pathetic attempt at concealing your racial hatred is unraveled by the frequent usage of ‘ little ‘.

    Is that the loony fringe Allen was hoping to energize with that remark? Bad for him there aren’t too many a#holes like ‘The Voice’ in the great state of VA.

  • Mr. Football says:

    And as the big macaca said to the little macaca…

    “Look at the little monkey go”

    Bye bye George Allen.

  • JBK says:

    If you liked “macaca”, you’ll love the New Republic articles about Allen’s long obsession with the Confederate battle flag. As a teenager in Southern California, he wore a flag pin on his lapel in his high school picture. This interested continued through law school, up until he was in the State legislature. As a proud southerner, I still know that the confederate flag is most often used a code by racists, and don’t buy this “heritage not hate” line…

  • kensdad says:


    i didn’t mean to say that you would have to set your conscience aside if you decided to vote for Webb. i only meant that anyone who chooses to vote for george allen would be setting aside their conscience now that he has revealed himself (yet again?) as someone who is comfortable using a racial slur (clearly, one that he thought he could get away with).

  • G. Chell says:

    As I said earlier, Katherine Harris cheerleads racists…and she has some in her staff too…a typical American, wants to know the real racial background of candidates?,0,2936635.story?coll=orl-news-headlines-state

  • WasforAllen says:

    Allen also speaks French.

    This was so obviously a slur he learned from Mom, who as a white Tunisian may have used it for the indigenous North African population.

    Look, the guy’s a racist. That may be part of his appeal among conservative Virginians, but it will hurt him in 2008.

  • Greg says:

    hell, I didn’t know Allen was part macaca too..his mom is half nigger?

    he just lost my vote

  • truth_be_told says:

    To Poster #41. Why does someone need to tell you George Allen didn’t mean what he said?

    I always find it ironic when non-white immigrants migrate to the US and after a while realize, oh, gee, I guess anyone with melanin in their skin is considered “one of them”. Whatever comfort you find in wrapping yourself in red state hate should make you just a bit uncomfortable now.

    As George Allen did say, and did mean; Welcome to the real America. And they are not going to save you.

  • Fides says:

    The more I think on it, the more bizarre it is.

    If he’d come out and said “Look, I forgot the guys name, I apologize, no idea where that Macaca name came from” I’d think it perhaps disengenuous but not completely unreasonable.

    But the whole Mohawk/Mullet explanation makes no sense at all, and I don’t know why they’re pushing it. At best, it means they’re making fun of the guys hairstyle, which seems a bit schoolyard. At worst, it means they’re lying, and it’s either a known insult or a nonsense name designed to make fun of someone foreign looking. Either way, Allen looks bad.

  • J. Britts says:

    The fact of the matter is that Allen has shown his true colors in his remark to this Mohawk-less (have you seen the pictures? It’s a rather dubious Mohawk) campaign worker who was following him around. The reason he has to try so hard to be folksy and call out the one non-white person in the audience, claiming to “show him America” is because he has never really been in touch with Virginia. He is from one of the richest suburbs of LA and is a fake, a fraud, a poser in coyboy boots who makes a pretty deadly Copenhagen habit look cool. As someone from the real South, I think that one of the most striking things about living in Charlottesville has been the lengths that non-Southerners like Allen take to be more stereotypically Southern-than-Southern. Allen’s comments are a typical symptom of the insecure non-Southerner; you have to be more self-rightously proud of the Confederacy than the average Southerner, you have to be more into doing stereotypically “Southern” things like wearing belt buckles and using dip, you have to pretend to like NASCAR (as opposed to those of us who actually do like it), and, above all- you have to be more intolerant- because you mistakenly believe that to be a vital attribute of the South.

    Go back to the lush hills of Palos Verdes, California George Allen- stop giving the South and the great state of Virginia a bad name. We aren’t all racists and those of us who dip are mostly trying to quit. Give up the act-we all know that you are a carpetbagger anyways.

  • Perfect Timing says:

    Those who want to excuse Allen because they believe he didn’t know the meaning of the word are missing the obvious.

    The tone of his words, the look on his face, the accusatory pointed finger, the blatant intent on humiliation — are there for any viewer to see. He reeks contempt for the Thomas Jefferson high school graduate and student at UVA. It is disgusting.

    If James Webb had done this – how many of you cool aid drinkers would be crying fowl? You’d be aghast. This country needs it’s voters to have at least a semblance of objectivity. Do you think his comments were Christian? Is this how Virginians are supposed to treat one another? If you condone it, you are as bad as George Allen.

    There is no place for this kind of condemnation of an innocent person in this county’s leadership. I hope George Allen is defeated.

  • Mandy says:

    The sad thing is.. If what he said was not taken out of context and actually made a racial slur, it has fired up the ‘Bush is a savior’ crowd. You know, the ones who almost take pride in their ignorance.

  • blogo says:

    It doesn’t matter what the word means, or who knew what it meant.

    What matters is that Allen made a spectacle of himself by calling out the only person who was not white, implied he was not an American and did it deliberately.

    He is not only damaged goods for 2008, he probably just destroyed his chances for Senate in 2006.

    We don’t need people like this in the Republican Party.

  • Patrick Gardens says:

    It’s hard for good Christians to deal with the Godlessness surrounding us every single day of our lives; the pro-homosexual lobby using our schools, schools that they’ve made ready for infiltration through the removal of mandatory prayer, to recruit our youth into homosexuality, the faithless scientists taking every opportunity to make us apostate, and the horror of what goes on cable television and the FCC’s unwillingness to deal with it.

    And now we learn that this so-called Republican, part of God’s own party in America, supports the baby-killing industry? I would ask if anything was sacred anymore, but I think we all pretty much already know that the degenerate liberal elite, lording over us hardworking real Americans from their ivory towers, have managed to subvert even our Republican politicians in Christ-fearing states.

    This is truly sad and I for one cannot tolerate it anymore. It seems to me these America-hating “business” Republicans are undermining the great strides we’ve made toward social conservatism. And they do it all in the name of profit. I have a good mind to find another party, one that does not allow those with black souls in, and I recommend you follow me to it if you really care about this once great nation’s youth.

  • KevinNYC says:


    MACAQUE is pronounced Ma-Kack

    NOT Macaca



    By the way this is also from the NationMaster list of of ethnic slurs

    (Belgium & the Netherlands) a Moroccan; derived from macaque

    What American uses the term “macaca?” What America has that word easily on their lips? Even if you wanted to insult or embarass someone there would a wealth of other names to call him. Well in turns out that macaca and macaque are worlds used in the racist white power subculture. In fact, it’s a word you can use to say [tasteful edit of the n-word] without people knowing that what you mean.

  • Thinbossom says:

    What’s SNU? In 2000 racist campaigning worked well for the GOP – in the south in general and in Virginia in particular. That’s how George Allen got to the Senate. His return to racist tactics shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

  • Fides says:

    BTW, kudos to the Conservatives/Republicans who can have a clear perspective on this.

    This was clearly a nasty comment, and to see folks who can rise above partisanship to see that makes me long for less partisan days.

    In return, I will double my efforts to call out someone from my side of the aisle when he or she does the equivalent.

    Let’s face it, with the partisan atmosphere right now, there’s little someone on one side of the aisle can say about someone on the other, no matter how true, that won’t get dismissed as mere partisanship. In somewhat less partisan times watching each other worked, but now the fight is getting so nasty it fails.

    We both have to work to keep our houses clean.

  • david says:

    Watch Nightline they have the full story with the video. What he said was racists and it is wrong. I know that I won’t vote for him for one basic principle (Treating people with respect.) and that is who we are (Americans)

    Thank you

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