Liz Miller Resigns And Walks Out Of LCDC Meeting

By Loudoun Insider

I don’t have lots of details at this point and need to get out the door, but apparently Liz Miller had a showdown with Mike Turner at last night’s LCDC meeting that resulted in her resigning and walking out of the meeting.  There has been a move afoot to expel Stevens Miller for not supporting the LCDC redistricting plan, and recently Stevens and Liz Miller were removed from an LCDC email distribution list by Turner.  Apparently Turner thinks the Millers are supporting Clif Keirce over Andrea McGimsey, but no one has been a bigger public supporter of McGimsey than the Millers. 

While the LCRC largely welcomes back Scott York the LCDC is degenerating into the old exclusionary LCRC –  either you’re with them 100% or you’re out.  In this political year, and with the candidates they have been recruiting, this spells utter disaster for the LCDC’s chances in November.  Mike Turner will go down as the most inept party Chairman this county has ever seen.  Amazing.  Mark Sell looks like an absolute genius compared to this guy.

UPDATE:  The Millers respond – Liz here and Stevens here.



    It was handled poorly. Stevens should have been delt with months ago when he called the other supervisors “corrupt” on the Dias regarding the Hospital situation. He acted like he wasn’t in HCA’s pocket when he had accepted funds from them. Then he calls them “cowards.” He was a problem for some time now and needed to be dealt with. What you are seeing now is a long history with Stevens and his wife that degenerated over time. It’s unfortunate that it is happening now, but it had to happen sometime. The problem is not with Mike Turner per se but with many of the candidates running for office. They are all out for themselves and nobody wants to work as a team. Some candidates are threatening other candidates with legal action over somewhat minute issues. Others have no clue about what the people in their Supervisory districts want or need. People don’t show up for meetings. Last night something like three supervisory candidates were present and the elitist State level candidates are also out for themselves. No teamwork. Looking for scapegoats. Then there is Mark Herring who is also totally out for himself. Redistricting process was all about him setting up a stronger district for his own re-election. He has given NO support to ANY of the local Supervisor candidates. He isn’t showing leadership at all.

  • Lady M says:

    Well, obviously Mike Turner is a numbskull. His ego is once again driving his decisions. What’s next for the LCDC – a purity pledge? Oh how stupid a little power does make some people. What a stupid, stupid move. Petty and mean spirited.

    I applaud how Stevens Miller handled drawing up redistricting. Unlike Mike Turner,it wasn’t done in secret, it was done with a great deal of citizen input,and it represented the people he was elected to represent. Imagine that.

    And good for Liz Miller for standing up to this nonsense. I guess she is not allowed to have her own opinion about anything. All Mike Turner will have left in his LCDC will be his secret sub committees. He/they are driving good people away. Liz Miller is probably one of the best volunteers at the LCDC. She writes in a nice blog with good discussion. And this is how they treat her?

    This is a lesson on how NOT to run an organization. I never thought the LCDC would stoop this low. I would bet their candidates don’t appreciate this kind of dysfunction.


  • Upset Loudoun Democrat says:

    This is really really upsetting. Mike Turner and his henchmen are positively ruining the LCDC. No one works harder for our candidates than Liz Miller. She does an awful lot more good for the party than Turner has done. The Republicans will be laughing straight into November probably to a sweep.

  • They were going to kick Liz Miller out? That’s nuts.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Stevens too. Turner announced last night that he has had an ad hoc committee togther for over a month to figure out how to kick Stevens out for not supporting the LCDC redistricting plan. That plan was all done to try to protect Andrea and Kelly. Stevens voted his conscience and look what it got him. You better listen to General Turner or you get kicked out.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    NYMD, let me guess, lawsuits threatened by—McG or Bellanca?

    I won’t even offer odds on clueless–I live in Dulles.

    This seems like quite a big deal–Liz Miller is a huge party booster, and lives, breathes, sleeps enthusiastic Dem activism, or at least it seems so. Anyone foolish enough to make her leave deserves whatever falls on them, I guess.

    Ummm, can anyone blame Herring for staying on his own, with the absolute cream of LoCo nuttiness in full bloom? He isn’t stupid.

  • RWN says:

    Liz is a worthy adversary and I wish her the best as she continues to serve her party and country.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Lawsuits for what? These political parties are a bane.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    eb, that’s why I’m guessing Bellanca.

    This is the guy who doesn’t even have a kid in school yet, who tried to sue the school system for child abuse when Lenah Run was moved in a school boundary process.

    He was found not to have standing.

    No duh, Tom, among other things.

  • RWN says:

    EB – I think that’s what the Bolshevik’s said too. Thank God that view is now in the ash heap of history. Our political parties are far from perfect, but far better than the alternative. I’m sure you would agree.

  • Rob Iola says:

    Did she call him a lapdog?

  • edmundburkenator says:

    RWN, at least try not to sound like a goofball.

    I would prefer more political parties. We have dumb and dumber right now.

  • Exposing Mike Turner says:

    As a long time LCDC member, I can no longer be part or support the leadership of Mike Turner.

    What transpired last night’s was a poorly executed personal grudge. Mike Turner publicly asserted very serious allegations against Liz and Stevens. Keep in mind Liz’s young son was in the audience. This was personal and it was dirty. Turner wants complete militant control and if you’re not 100% with him, you are now his enemy. This is not leadership, this is a dictatorship and I can no longer be associated with this.

    I wish other LCDC members would step up and expose the Ben Kelahan-Casey Group, moving to a Caucus v. a Primary and most importantly the secret ad-hoc re-districting snafu. These and countless mis-step from Turner will be the end of the LCDC.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    “He was found not to have standing.”

    I think voters may come to the same conclusion.

  • Wow. It’s like the LCRC in 2003. DINO hunters anywhere?

  • Saluting Mike Turner says:

    I stand by the edicts of LCDC Chairman Mike Turner. It doesn’t matter that Stevens Miller chooses to describe himself as a liberal. It doesn’t matter that he initiated and pushed through the County an anti-discrimination measure. It doesn’t matter that he’s avidly pro-choice and was a big recipient of support from NARAL. And it sure as heck doesn’t matter he worked with the LCDC candidate recruitment zen master Bob Moses to shepherd through a big box ordinance that appeals to the Dem base.

    All that matters is Miller didn’t vote to pass the LCDC redistricting plan, now known internally in the LCDC as the County Preservation Plan that the LCDC Exeuctive Committee determined was a with us or against us decision. Screw Miller. How dare he not do everything the twice failed candidate and now LCDC Chairman Mike Turner tells him to do. The audacity.

    We’re all with you CHairman Turner. Keep building this ship up. Keep expanding the tent. Keep the focus on November. And good luck with the super secret cloak and dagger witch hunt against Stevens Miller too. We’ll win this November because of that. You’re the best.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I was thinking more like 2007, Lloyd.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    eb, take a picture: I agree with you 100%!


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    (on the issue of standing)

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    DINO hunters indeed. It’s a good thing Susan Buckley isn’t running again, she would certainly be on the hunted list as well. I am absolutely amazed that the Dems would be subtracting valuable volunteers and online advocates in what is very much a Republican election year.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Interesting post on Doorbell Queen:

    “Anonymous said…
    Wait a second.

    Mike Turner shut off your database access when you’re the person using it to print out walk-sheets for Democratic candidates?

    He did this without telling you or the candidates?

    Isn’t tomorrow a walking day?

    Did Mike Turner just do something that makes it harder for Democratic candidates to win elections?

    Seems like there ought to be a rule against that, somewhere…”


    Guess that explains the new post at her husband’s site?:

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    I’d put Phyllis Randall on the endangered species list, too. Reportedly, she’s too moderate for the LCDC leadership.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    By the way, the hardcore LCRC purity tests were in 2003 as I recall.

  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    I’d like for Turner to produce PROOF that the Millers shared confidential LCDC info with the LCRC. He publicly stated a sitting Supervisor had done so, these are very serious allegations and requires empirical evidence to substantiate Turner’s claims.

    Nothing short of that, I would perceive as Turner had a personal vendetta to settle.

  • G.Stone says:

    When the opposition is fighting amongst themselves , stand back and hold their coats.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Stevens Miller is an LCRC spy now! That’s absolutely hilarious.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Lloyd, maybe that’s how the people you heard it from preferred to recall it.

    2003 was the year of “The Minchew Six”, with plenty of teamwork and a great R majority win, except for Catoctin and Blue Ridge (as usual–hopefully this year breaks that pattern).

    So upset was the real GOBGN that shortly after the election, when tornadoes took out the 4H barns at the Fairgrounds, LTM actually ran an editorial saying the tornadoes were God or Gaia’s displeasure manifest at the near-sweep, going so far as to call them “Republican tornadoes”.

    Jim Clem and Randy Minchew responded to that with true class: they sent around a letter saying that as their victory was being held responsible for the destruction of such a valuable traditional asset that benefited so many, they would be instituting fundraising efforts to rebuild the barns.

    And that’s exactly what happened.

    The party functions a lot better when there is no purity bs on either side of the supposedly shared spectrum.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    Barbara, it must not have been 2003, but what year was it when Protic had his inquisition? Seemed like it was before 2007.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    It may have been after 07, Lloyd. I lapsed when the current BoS was being promoted from within “Republican” activism before 07.

  • LCDC Member says:

    What was Turner to do? She said she was supporting an I over a D. She signed a pledge to support D’s (similar to the LCRC pledge). She had access to the database.

    Other notes:

    -She was the membership chair. Never had even a single meeting.
    -It was never about anything other than supporting an I over a D.
    -To my knowledge, expulsion was never discussed.
    -She brought this on at the meeting herself.

    Bottom line is she selected 1 candidate over 18 candidates. Stevens should stay and just go neutral in Broad Run.

  • Fear & Loathing says:

    Good for Mrs. Miller for standing up for what she believed. And much of the same can be said for Mr. Miller in regards to the redistricting plan. So now it is the Democratic Party that is narrow minded and is on a witch hunt. Good. I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

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