Who Will Run The Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney Office Now?

By Loudoun Insider

This has been bubbling for some time, but it’s now official – Jim Fisher is leaving the Loudoun CA’s office to run the Fauquier CA office.  Fauquier CA Jonathan Lynn (who beat Fisher years ago) has been appointed to a judgeship and Fisher will serve out Lynn’s term, while simultaneously running for the office in this year’s election (nice deal for Fisher – it pays to be a big part of the GOBN!).  As of this time, I have heard of no one else interested in the position, and it looks like Fisher won’t be coming back to Loudoun.

The biggest problem this creates is of course in the Loudoun CA office, where Fisher serves as the de facto Commonwealth’s Attorney according to many inside sources.  Putative Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman is often referred to as the George W. Bush of the office while Fisher is Dick Cheney running the show while the boss dawdles.  The sound you hear right now is a huge sucking sound as the gravitas leaves the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office.  This is terrible timing for Plowman heading into an election where his competence will be strongly questioned.

UPDATE:  The Jim Plowman campaign theme song!


  • RWN says:

    Wirh all due respect to Mr. Plowman, its quite a stretch to compare his office with that of the President of the United States. But what’s not a surprise is to see President Bush added to the growing list of Republican leaders attacked here.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Idiot – I did not say that, that is a common joke around the court house. Of course the CA is nowhere near equivalent to the POTUS, but the analogy that is being made is to the Chief Executive and his Number Two. Regardless of that, I have never anything great to say about GWB -I think he was a miserable President. I know, I know, it’s your sworn party member duty to defend each and every Republican, so I’m not surprised you’ll attack this post. Carry on.

  • Legal Loudouner says:

    The article says that he’ll still be working on cases in Loudoun. Thats a bit odd. So basically not only did this guy run the day to day of the office b/c Plowman was too incompetent, but now Plowman is having him still handle cases? Just seems to me like Plowman is too scared to step into the court room and handle the big stuff. What good is a CA if they can’t manage the office and run from the courtroom? Wow, can’t wait til we get rid of him in November!

  • Dick Cheney says:


    Interesting post here too.

    I’ll just say that Jim Plowman could be my #2 anyday.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Great question from Liz Miller, who is really on fire lately!

    I just released Legal Loudouner from moderation -great points there as well. How is Fisher supposed to run a new office and handle a high profile murder case in Loudoun all at the same time??? It absolutely does go right to the heart of Plowman’s ability to do this all by himself (it just may be tme to add a video to this post!).

  • Mary Gail Swenson says:

    How the hell do any of you know what you’re talking about? A hidden camera in the CA office? It’s time to change out your tinfoil hats.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    It’s common chatter in Loudoun legal circles – I’ve heard this from several attorneys and people involved with that office. No tin foil hat needed.

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    And how much $$$ did Plowman waste on the Oie case?

    LCPS recently approved a $167,000 settlement. I bet Loudoun will end up paying a lot more than $167K. Factoring in the legal cost of the Prosecution and Defense. Plus the damages for future earning potential of Mr. Oie.

    Plowman destroyed this Mr. Oie’s life, let’s not reward Plowman by re-electing him to the Commonwealth’s Attorney position.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The Oei case was a complete travesty and is example number one of why Plowman should be replaced.

  • Time4change says:

    I can’t wait for November. Plowman has done nothing good for this county. Jennifer Wexton will make a great CA!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The Plowman team floats a ridiculous notion in the LTM story comments:



  • Oliver says:

    I was very shocked to hear of Mr. Plowman’s poor judgement in the Ting-Yi Oei case. From this single case, I can’t say I have much confidence in his concept of justice.

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