Howie Lind Abuses His Position To Help Out His BFF Michael Giere

By Loudoun Insider

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Howie Lind to get a big head and start doing all the things he accused Jim Rich of doing, like using his office to help out his preferred candidates at the expense of others.  Tonight’s “debate”  for Loudoun County Sheriff and Chairman of the BOS was something dreamed up by Howie a week or so ago, and he sent out announcements for it before even getting firm commitements from all of the stated participants.  Even more unbelievably, he then sent out a reminder email AND did robocalls (how much did they cost???) listing the same participants even after being informed that neither Mike Chapman or Scott York would attend.  That’s flat out false advertising and an absolute abuse of his position as 10th District Chairman.

So where does Michael Giere come into this?  Giere is an odd member of RPV State Central Committee from the 8th CD.  It is widely perceived that Lind and Giere are the best of buds.  Here is a telling passage from the far far right Blue Ridge Forum blog after Lind’s election as King, oh sorry, I mean 10th District Chairman:

“Among the key Virginia figures in Lind’s brains trust are Jo-Ann Chase and former Reagan appointee Michael Giere. Activist Chase is a member of the state central committee from the 10th Congressional District, and former Reagan appointee Giere a member of the state central committee from the 8th Congressional District.”

And what is Giere’s connection to the debate tonight?  Well, he’s a paid consultant to Ron Speakman, the fatally flawed tea bagger Sheriff candidate who is long on rhetoric and short on facts and real experience.  According to Speakman’s last campaign finance report, Giere had been paid $1245 as of that report for “creative writing”.  Yeah, I’ll say it’s “creative writing” with all the fiction that has been put forth by Speakman!

So – Howie sets up a short notice debate and tries to pressure the frontrunners to attend, they decline, then he lies to everyone that the debate is still on to try to gin up attendence, even resorting to robocalls, presumably paid for by the 10th District Committee.  All for a big show and tell so Stockman and his buddy Giere’s client Speakman can rant and rave about how scared the other guys are of them (what baloney!).  Absolutely positively pathetic.  Has a formal complaint been filed with RPV yet???


  • BlackOut says:

    I was at the love fest tonight. What a sideshow, completely contrived and nothing but a bunch of preaching to the choir.

    Lind should be sanctioned for putting this charade on. Number one he should be completely impartial in promoting party candidates. Nothing he did tonight came close to that. His preamble was all about how he was working hard to get candidates in front of voters, and then admits he only thought about doing this debate a week ago. He then blamed the lack of participation on the candidates and not on his lack of foresight or long term planning to do a legitimately organized debate. He did nothing to explain the campaign conflicts or lack of notice which caused the no shows. It was all about him and apparently from what LI is saying all about his chosen candidates.

    Second, get the hell outta of Loudoun County Lind. Let Loudoun deal with this, we have enough wackos here and we don’t need another one stoking the crowd. You’re not helping nor are you welcome.

    Third, there is no excuse for his continued promotion of this “debate” even after he knew he had candidates not able to attend. Which apparently happened right from the beginning of his brilliant idea. Robocalls? I got one and listened very closely and he made it a point to mention York and Chapman as being part of the event. Liar!

    Fourth, once it was obvious he didn’t have opponents presents he should have at least changed the format. Change it to something different than a debate format. It was silly. But heck it created two hours of “illumination” on the fact two fellow party candidates weren’t there. Two candidates that Lind wants to cast as unworthy candidates for “his” flavor of party. (What a partisan partisan)

    Fifth, nothing but softball questions from a crowd full of SS supporters.

    This wasn’t a debate, it was a campaign commercial orchestrated to bash the competition. If Lind had an ounce of integrity he would have called this thing off a week ago.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    How many attended, who was there, and how many were plain old people?

  • Rizzo says:

    From what I heard the Chapman campaign was not even allowed to read a statement or even hand out campaign literature. Howie Lind needs to be held accountable for this circus he has created – and not pick sides in any of Loudoun’s elections.

  • BlackOut says:

    I didn’t count Barbara but there was a fair amount. I’d guess 50 to 75. A few recognizable folks but no significant influencers. Two women who were running for office, one for Delegate and one for school board were also there. Mick Staton was there which really surprised me. I thought he was a York endorser.

    Rizzo, I wouldn’t be surprised at that. Nothing positive was said about the “no shows”.

  • Barbara Munsey says:


    I’ve heard some disturbing stuff, and I’d hate to think that Lind was manipulated to facilitate this.

    At least it’s the dead of summer!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    You would think that the other half of the Lind “brains trust” Jo-Ann Chase was there, maybe that was the woman running for delegate.

    Mick Staton? Was he doing opposition research for his new buddy Scott York? Or is that endorsement a bunch of BS to help secure York’s endorsement of Dick Black?

  • BlackOut says:

    Barbara, maybe Lind was manipulated to begin with but he certain was given accurate information as things moved forward. Information he completely ignored. He effectively went along with those that may have manipulated him. He was totally complicit in this debacle. He’s no stooge he knew exactly what he was doing last night.

  • G.Stone says:

    Unbelievable. What utter nonsense.
    The room was packed with people wanting to get information from candidates. Oh the horror !
    Howie Lind was straight down the middle. It was a missed opportunity by the campaigns not in attendance. At the end of the evening I counted between 8 and 10 people filling out Delegate forms. This being the name of the game any candidate invited but not attending dropped the ball, pure and simple. I support Scott York and believe him to be our best shot at making real progress. Having said that he missed a chance to get in front of 50 to 75 people and make his case. Again, a missed opportunity.
    Howie has stated his mission over and over. Get as many Republicans elected to as many offices as possible within the 10th district. Last nights event was but one way to help make that happen. He should be thanked taking the time and putting forth an event for Loudoun voters. Instead we get this absolute BS from folks who know nothing , are spoon fed crap by ninnies and make assertions that in no way resembles the truth.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    There he is, G. “I Helped Kill Two Sheriff Campaigns” Stone, trying to make excuses for Howie Lind flat out lying to Republicans about who would be at this “debate”. Are you officially backing Speakman yet, Stone? Even your kiss of death isn’t needed for that one to go down the tubes.

  • BlackOut says:

    Stoner, I guess we should all take your political judgment with a grain of salt these days. Not much you say has been true as of late.

    I’ve said little of the “content” that came out of the mouths of those two candidates. If anyone was impressed they already had their minds made up, because nothing they said was of substance or impressive.

    Additionally, you’re right I do think Lind wants to get Republicans elected, but only Republicans he wants elected. No free thinking person could take that partisan partisan display he put on last night as objective. He set that stage for a bash fest against Republican candidates he doesn’t want to see win. His preamble provided it. It didn’t take more than two paragraphs before he was bitching about the no-shows and trying to paint a rosy picture of his efforts. His justification was self-serving and damaging to fellow party members. Now if you came out and said he did so to save his personal face I’d half buy into that. Reality is he never wavered from his favoritism mission.

    Come on! At the least he should have changed the format from a “debate” to a candidate meet and greet QA session. It was nothing but staged favoritism.

  • G.Stone says:

    The team of LI and Blackout. Rational people see this as the new duo representing the the misinformed and crap shoot clueless.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    G, you don’t think any of this has even a faint whiff of a Lind agenda? It’s just not possible? This is the fault of campaigns that don’t/can’t show up?

  • BlackOut says:

    Chapman just announced that TAG Greason has endorsed him for Sheriff.

  • BlackOut says:

    ed, when you’re an indentured servant you don’t have the luxury of questioning your superiors.

  • G.Stone says:

    “G, you don’t think any of this has even a faint whiff of a Lind agenda? It’s just not possible? This is the fault of campaigns that don’t/can’t show up?”

    Anything is possible. Here however, it is just horse shit. This from a guy who fully supports Scott York. When I see him I will tell him this was a bad decision on his part. As far as the Chapman campaign is concerned , for reasons that escape me, they have chosen to engage in a pissing contest with the Chairman of one of the most important districts in the state, weeks away from a convention. Brilliant !

    Here is the deal. The Chairman set up an entire series of debates in the 10th, the first being in Loudoun. As Chairman Lind said last night Loudoun is very imporatnt to the 10th in that the entire county resides in the district. This is a theme echoed by Cong. Wolf over these last several months ( detectives call this a clue )
    The campaigns were invited, they intially responded in the affirmative and later fiddle farted around and as we say screwed the pooch. If you wnat to believe in some conspiracy, knock yourself out, however, you would be wasting time.

    Chairman Lind has been extremly fair in his operations and policies to date. To suggest he is to blame for these campaigns not showing up is frankly silly.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Chapman never agreed to this, but we see Stone is back on his inneffectual warpath against Team Chapman. Idiot. The last thing any campaign needs is Stone’s “help”.

  • BlackOut says:

    Two weeks ago I received an email from the Chapman campaign with a July 6 invitation to attend his campaign event at the Doukenie Winery in Hillsboro. Heck even the LCRC email calendar notification included the Winery event. The lastest one being July 5.

    Last night Lind said within the last seven days he had been trying to pull together a debate.

    Stoner why in the hell do you think Chapman said yes when he had an already scheduled and advertised conflict?

    Stoner, why would Lind act like they dropped out at the last minute with so many clues available to him, some loudly, saying his timing was bad? You got blinders on dude.

    You’re obviously not a very good detective.

    If Lind was without an agenda in this debacle why did he go out of his way to lie about commitments for the debate and no-shows? I think you’re the only one farting here.

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  • edmundburkenator says:

    Maybe Lind just got embarrassed that he didn’t organize this thing very well and didn’t take the high road on why everyone that should have been there wasn’t there — he didn’t coordinate it well.

    So folks that show up look like they’re Lind’s favorites…

    Organizing a debate in seven days is pretty short notice for folks that are trying to run a campaign (and run their lives) is not going to work very often.

    Am I being too charitable here?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    No eb, and note the date: I agree with you.

    This was mishandled but not by Chapman and York necessarily.

    Once the two said they had other commitments, it should have either been rescheduled, or turned into a meet-n-greet without official district major presence.

    What we got was more and more advertising, a new fake group, and a new blogger out of nowhere who not only knows everything, but says it.

    Ten times! lol

  • Greg Ahlemann says:

    Prediction; York and Chapman win nominations easily. York and Chapman should do what’s best for them to get elected. It’s all politics. Lind is not on the ballot so again, his opinion should not be the main concern of the candidates. Every one wants party unity but the candidate has to make the decisions for his campaign. I dont know how many delegates were signed up by those there and those that had other events. Why would the Republican chair want his candidates going at each other days before the convention? Everyone has their opinion but I believe the two that will win the contested races were not in attendance. Do you really want candidates that follow the party line over what is best for the county? We have already been down that road with supervisors that follow the marching orders of power players in the party. I saw that with the Snow, Firetti, etc crew last time…. Not a good plan. I certainly hope that’s not what is trying to be played out here. At least, I don’t have to worry about York and Chapman being puppets. I might not always agree with a candidate, but I respect one who is not afraid of not being a “yes” man.

  • cop4ever says:

    Very good comments Greg. I attempted to read a statement for Mike Chapman and was rebuffed by Dictator Lind. He was quite arrogant and would not discuss the issue. He would not engage in conversation. The only words he repeated to me(about 3 times) was-” I told Mike no statements”-which is an outright lie. As a former LE officer I simply cannot fathom that any sane person can believe the BS that comes out of Speakman’s mouth. At least Verne was dignified and a man of integrity. One answer from Speakman said it all and it was a question regarding former LE leadership. He stated-I don’t have any previous LE leadership and I am glad I did not have any????????huh??? The guys is nuts

  • BlackOut says:

    Bingo cop4ever!. That was a very bizarre comment by Speakman. He went on to say he had to LEAVE the force to gain management experience. Oh really, where’s the follow up question asking him WHY he had to leave? Something very fishy about his answer to that question.

    Additionally, where was the discussion of the other elephant in the room. What happened to his big successful company? What happened to all those 300 people he “lead”? How did he lead them into a disastrous end?

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Barbara, you’ve agreed with me five times by my count.

    If you want the dates, I can provide.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    On this, I’ll take your word for it.


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    New “Loudoun Truth” email.

    Can anyone who got it tell me what “Franly” means in making a statement, or how one is a “genious”?

    Website coming soon.

    Good God.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Misspellings seem to be a trademark of some political folks here in Loudoun. New post up at the top about this. Interesting indeed.

  • BlackOut says:

    LI, maybe the misspellings are centered on a few individuals and not necessarily widely spread.

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