Rough Week for Black

By Too Conservative

It’s been a rough week for Dick Black. First he had to send out a email apologizing for using Richard Viguerie’s name on a mailer after he was told by Richard that he was remaining neutral in the race and now John Stirrup out raises him by 5-100. Not only did John Stirrup raise 100K in the last month but his campaign is simply out working Dick’s. John and his team have been knocking on doors all over the district and his signs are everywhere.

What’re you hearing?


  • Greg L says:

    I’ve been quite surprised to see Loudoun folks talking about Stirrup almost exclusively. I hadn’t thought that was going to be the case at all. My initial thought was for John’s strategy was to run fairly close in Loudoun and crush in Prince William with Fitzsimmonds being pretty much a nonentity in the race. Instead, it seems like Stirrup has the upper hand in Loudoun quite solidly as a result of shedding his reputation as a somewhat lazy campaigner and instead attacking this race with surprising dedication. Black is not running a very strong campaign by all accounts and Fitzsimmonds is fading quickly.

    Black’s support in Loudoun appears to be a lot softer than I thought it would be. Initially it seemed like he had sewn up the biggest slice of the district locked up but when Stirrup jumped in it seems a huge swath of Black’s supporters defected. I’ve heard over and over people talk about how they switched from Black to Stirrup and haven’t run into anyone who says they’re voting for Black in weeks. That’s happening among supporters on both sides of the Sheriff and Chairman races and among Ramadan supporters in the 87th. I would imagine Black’s remaining support is among a segment of JAC supporters, which is about the only camp I don’t have many contacts in.

    As this race continues Stirrup’s lead widens rather quickly and what were seen as close races are starting to look like looming blowouts. This is NOT the only surprise in Loudoun. Every one of these races that looked like they’d be close initially are looking like they won’t end that way.

  • G.Stone says:

    John Stirrup has what it takes to win. He is as solid as they come. I know from working with John in the past he is a quiet get things done conservative. His success on the PW county BOS makes him the candidate with the most recent and relevent public policy work. John’s principled conservatism, knowledge of our region and the isssues makes him the clear choice in this race.

  • Linda B says:

    Greg L., stop talking nonsense! Don’t you know that Dick Black is the end-all-and-be-all of Loudoun politics? That he controls everything and everyone? No one would ever DARE openly support a Black opponent for fear that their eyeballs would explode in their sockets.

    G.Stone, better start learning Braille.

  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    Linda, Even a blind squirrel kind find a nut and no I am not calling Stirrup at nut. In fact I hope Stirrup sends Black packing and forces Black into permanent political retirement. Never bet on Black in Loudoun you will lose.

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    Gee, that’s funny Greg. I have heard exactly the opposite. I would love to know who you are “talking to” in Loudoun, since you spend so much time up here. I live in Loudoun and nobody that I have talked to up here knows who Stirrup is and when they find out he is from Prince William, they write him off.

    The only outflowing of support I have seen for Stirrup is from a handful of people on these blogs. Where is all this public support for Stirrup? It’s nonexistent. Is Stirrup running the stealth, “we support John but we don’t want to tell anyone,” campaign?

    Hey, go ahead an write Black off if you want. Tell John to kick back and relax. He’s got this in the bag.

  • Greg L says:

    For someone with “nonexistent” support he sure seems to be getting strong support from his 164 individual contributors this cycle. Black’s number of individual donors this cycle? 63. I wouldn’t say that Black has “nonexistent” support, as it wouldn’t be a fair characterization, but if that’s the term you use to describe John Stirrup’s support, that of Dick Black would by your definition be “less than nonexistent.”

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    You’re absolutely right, Greg L. I guess the $135K from the 250+ individual donors Black has is “less than non-existent.” I guess all of Black’s endorsements from Loudoun and Prince William officials are “less than non-existent.” How many endorsements does Stirrup have?

  • PWC says:

    Yeah, The Fitz campaign is such a joke. He tried to show some good numbers by loaning himself 30k and he still comes in dead last place.

    This guy is so tone deaf its gone beyond funny.

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