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Where Does the SCOTUS Obamacare Decision Leave Cuccinelli?

By Lloyd the Idiot

As I said two years ago and several times since then, the suit challenging Obamacare was destined for failure.  Today, unfortunately, we have further proof that I am all-knowing.

As winners and losers go, there are some obvious ones.  Indeed, now that his hallmark case has been shot down (by a conservative jurist no less), Cuccinelli’s star isn’t shining so brightly.  Probably not enough to derail his gubernatorial bid, but it should help check his ego somewhat.

HUGE, Wholly Unexpected News!!! Dick Black Endorses Ken Cuccinelli For Governor!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Stop the presses!  Here’s the text from Uncle Dick the Mortician (I’m sorry but that image of him as a mortician just pops int my head every time I see him!), which came complete with that heart warming photo above:

“Ken is the most inspiring public figure in Virginia’s recent history…
Ken Cuccinelli never sidestepped an issue because it was too hard… I am proud to announce my endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli to be the next Governor of Virginia.” ~Senator Black

I strongly endorse Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in the race for Governor. Ken is the most inspiring public figure in Virginia’s recent history. I endorsed Cuccinelli when he first ran for office because he is a passionate man of principle. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

From State Senator to Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli never sidestepped an issue because it was too hard. He represents the state with energy and keen intellect. Because of Ken, Virginia was the first state to challenge Obamacare in federal court—and that initiative quickly spread across the nation.

Ken Cuccinelli is an unwavering constitutional conservative. His actions do not require constant oversight because they are part of his inner core; his beliefs do not shift. He took on the toughest challenges at a time when our country desperately needed bold leadership. Virginians were inspired by his courageous defense of a limited, constitutional government and family values. I am proud to announce my endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli as the next Governor of Virginia.

Warm Regards,

Colonel Richard H. “Dick” Black (Ret.)
Senator of Virginia, 13th District


The Salahi-Cuccinelli Affair, With An Unfortunate Side Helping Of Dave Albo

By Loudoun Insider

Ibbie Hedrick, spokesperson for Lt. Governor Bill Bolling gets the Quote of the Month Award!  AG Ken Cuccinelli, soon to be running for Governor, decided to sue Tareq Salahi, famous for being an ass and crashing the White House, over some funky business practices of Salahi.  Then Salahi announces he is going to run for Governor.  In response to these events, Ms. Hedrick says in this WaPo article that nicely summarizes the situation:

“The lieutenant governor is focused on creating jobs for Virginia families, not the Salahi-Cuccinelli affair”

Almost as hilarious in that article is the revelation that Dave Albo, most recently known for embarrassing the crap out of his wife, and before that the ridiculous abuser fees that he wanted to impose on drivers (which he would profit from as an ambulance chaser) declares that he is a great friend of Tareq Salahi:

“Del. David B. Albo (R-Fairfax), who has known Salahi for more than a decade and even made an appearance on “The Real Housewives of D.C.” said his friend told him a while back that he planned to run.

“My friend, Tareq, is an eccentric guy,’’ he said. But Albo said he is unlikely to support Salahi. “I don’t see how anyone without a $1 million can win.””

My post I linked to above for Albo’s embarrassment of his wife was entitled “Virginia Is For Assholes“, and Albo shows that assholes like Salahi and himself tend to stick together.  If Dave Albo wins another term after all the previous nonsense and now bragging about being friends with Tareq Salahi, I will officially lose all faith in the Virginia electorate (even though I am already 99% there).  Salahi has 0.0% chance of being Governor, but Albo must go.

Mrs. Cuccinelli Tells It Like It Is!

By Loudoun Insider

Yeah, you got it, Mrs. Cooch!  Tell that liberal rag the Washington Post what is coming!  Enough of these squishy RINOs like Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling.  Who are they listening to, liberal wenches like Kathleen Parker who tries to sell herself as a Republican (I cannot believe how slutty she dresses when she is on TV!)?

I cannot wait until Ken and Teiro are installed as the rightful God-chosen leaders of Virginia, God’s chosen state.  Abortion will be outlawed, contraception will be banned, and women of loose morals will be thrown into nunneries for rehabilitation, all overseen by Morals Czar Dick Black.  We will outlaw the pseudo-science of environmental studies at all public school sand universities, and our statewide Education Czar Mike Farris can install a proper curriculum for all students at all levels that focuses on what we all know is right.  We can also finally mandate ankle length, wrist length, high neck Little House on the Prairie dresses for all school children.  School is for shaping the moral fiber of our children, not for flaunting their vile bodies and learning from pagan books.

We may even find some common ground with our radical conservative Muslim campaign financiers (at least they know how to keep their women under control!) and explore the use of the burka for those young harlots who resist these new dress codes (especially those who paint their faces with “make up” and wear slutty lipstick!).  Come to think of it, public stoning for those caught even contemplating abortion may finally end that barbaric sinful practice once and for all.

The clock is ticking on a new dawn for Virginia!  Salvation for all, under the guidance of these great moral leaders is just around the corner!  Rejoice!

(high level of sarcasm here, for those who don’t get it!)

Virginia Supreme Court Slams the Door on Cuccinelli’s UVA Climate Change Investigation

By Lloyd the Idiot

As reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Virginia Supreme Court today rebuffed Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s civil investigative demands for documents related to grants a UVA professor receive to study global warming.   On the technical side, the  court ruled that the university is not “a person” under the specific law by which he sought to obtain the information.

Hmm.  Maybe Del. Bob Marshall’s “personhood” bill should be amended to include universities as well as zygotes.


Cuccinelli The Rat Fink

By Loudoun Insider

Love this image from this website!

NLS’s latest post “Cuccinelli’s Rat Lie” sent me to this PolitiFact piece on Cuccinelli’s latest attention grabbing crusade.  After railing away on various radio talk shows about how DC is banning the killing of rats and how he thinks they’re shipping them over the Potomac to Virginia, the legal eagle’s office is referred to the first page of the law that specifically exempts “commensal rodents“, i.e, pest mice and rats.  The live capture preference was meant to apply to larger mammals such as squirrels, racoons, etc.  Perfectly reasonable.

So what does Cuccinelli’s office do when confronted with the error?  Admit the mistake?  Hell no, they simply dig their hole deeper and say that the regulation could still apply to rice rats and deer mice, therefore their crusading leader was correct in what he said.  Trust me, neither of these species are trapped in appreciable numbers in Washington DC, if at all, and especially not in houses by your typical exterminator.  This was someone’s non-scientific attempt at diversion that only makes them look more idiotic and slanted, if you happen to research it a bit.

As expected, Cuccinelli has made a mockery of his office, focusing on push button dog whistle issues (or rat whistle issues as an astute NLS commenter noted!) that bring attention to himself as savior, not to the real nuts and bolts of being the Commonwealth’s lawyer in chief.

Bolling Outraises Cuccinelli

By Too Conservative

Glad to hear it.

Cuccinelli Just May Win Me Over

By Loudoun Insider

NLS put up this post highlighting Ken Cuccinelli’s opposition of Phase 2 of the Metrorail to Dulles project.  I have to say I totally agree with Cuccinelli’s quotes; this is a bad deal, especially for Loudoun County.

NLS says that this may be the big sleeper issue of the 2013 GOP gubernatorial race.  Hell, I don’t think it’s a sleeper issue at all, it will be a huge in your face issue, especially in Loudoun.  And presumably Bolling will be sticking with McDonnell in backing this boondoggle.  I don’t see that winning a majority of Republican voters in Loudoun County for Bolling, among other issues.  Once again Cuccinelli outmaneuvers Bolling.  Look for McDonnell to try to wrap this up as quickly as possible before Cuccinelli becomes Governor.

Cuccinelli’s Crummy Timing

By Loudoun Insider

The timing of this “announcement” by Cuccinelli is disgusting and extremely self serving and selfish.  He does this right before The Advance when people would have been otherwise fawning all over Bill Bolling with his new found power as the Senate tiebreaker.  Or maybe Bob McDonnell and his election as RGA Chair.  Instead Cooch takes this particular moment to upstage Bolling so people will talk about this all weekend and fawn all over Cuccinelli.  Cooch has always been all about Cooch before anything else, so this really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Think about it, he leaks out a non-announcement “announcement”, saying he’ll make a more formal announcement later after all these other things happen so as not to divert attention from those important things.  And in doing so he creates a media frenzy surrounding himself right before the big annual state GOP GTG.  Completely narcissistic self promotion.  But that’s the Cult of Ken Cuccinelli for you.

Governor Cuccinelli?

By Lloyd the Idiot

I’ll admit that I expected his perceived extremism to be his undoing in his race for attorney general in 2009.  And, as much as I’d like to say that his election was really because his opponent ran a poor race, even a poor opponent could not explain his 58-42 margin of victory that exceeded that of the Republicans winning other statewide races.  In other words, you have to admit that Ken Cuccinelli, for whatever reason, has some strong statewide appeal.

I’m not a big fan of Cuccinelli per se, but I do want another Republican governor.  Provided that he manages to “keep his crazy under control,” as between Cuccinelli and Bolling, I believe Cuccinelli would be the more electable candidate in the 2013 race for governor.  I’m not saying I necessarily support him, but the fact is he’s rolling thunder going into the race.

LI Update:  Cooch is definitely in – from a press release:

“While there has been much speculation about what if anything I will pursue in the 2013 election year, I wanted to ensure that there would be no misunderstanding from this point on. My focus and priority for the next two years will be on doing the job I was elected to do as Virginia’s Attorney General. More immediately, during the upcoming legislative session we will continue to work with the Senate, House, Governor and Lieutenant Governor to protect liberty and advance opportunity in Virginia. At some point in 2012 I will more formally announce that I will seek to succeed Governor McDonnell in the 2013 election, and continue his positive record of pursuing opportunity for all Virginians.

Politically, we as Republicans need to continue to work toward less government, fostering an environment that increases jobs and improves our economic condition, and strives to elect a Republican President, a United States Senator and Congressional Delegation that will not only carry Virginia, but bring back to our nation a federal government that restrains itself in terms of both spending and the exercise of power, consistent with the first principles on which this nation was founded.