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Where Is the Republican Challenger to Ramadan?

By Lloyd the Idiot

Two emails coming from Del. David Ramadan recently have me screaming to myself, “Will someone please primary this guy?!”

In the first. he beats his chest claiming that the State Corporation Commission “ordered” the owners of the Greenway to respond to his complaint, when, if you read the order, the SCC simply allowed the owners to respond. Not a big misstatement, but an exaggeration nonetheless.

The second, however, is a whopper. In that email, Ramadan writes how “an anonymous donor” has pledge to match 20% of any campaign contributions received by midnight tonight.  Of course, there’s really no such thing as an “anonymous” donor given election reporting laws.  So just what is he selling here?

All this just reminds me of his disgusting, disturbing tactics during the last campaign in 2011, and it makes me sick to my stomach when I think about another round.  Keep in mind that, because he’s now the incumbent, he gets to choose the method of nomination: primary, convention or canvass.   It will be interesting to where Ramadan thinks his chances are better.  It also will be interesting to see who, if anyone, steps up to unseat this first termer who, in virtually all circles, has failed to impress.


UPDATED 12/31 at 4:51 p.m.  Looks like Ramadan isn’t the only one pulling the “anonymous donor” ploy.  Jim LeMunyon sent a similar email touting a 20% match.

There Just May Be A Bigger Local Camera Hog Than David Ramadan

By Loudoun Insider

And that would be Barbara Comstock, working herself next to whoever may be the main attraction in just about every instance possible.  And even though he is very very busy, Ramadan still manages to force himself into the front row in a line of women staged for the “Women for Romney” theme. Yes, Romney and Virginia Republicans need help with women, but goddammit, he’s David Ramadan and he deserves to be front and center!

Leesburg Today photo from this article on Haley’s appearance.

Ramadan Doesn’t Love Himself Too Much, Does He???

By Loudoun Insider

Someone sent me a link to this photo at the David Ramadan website saying how ridiculous it was.  The photo is subtitled:  “The Ramadan Team at Haymarket yesterday campaigning for Romney & Allen”.

Really, they’re campaigning for Romney and Allen???  Oh yeah, you can barely see an Allen sign, so they must be while they wear their gigantic Ramadan logo tee shirts and hover near the glamour photo banners of Ravishing Ramadan (DON’T YOU DARE BLOCK HIS PHOTO OR YOU WON’T GET PAID!!!!!).  It’s all about Ramadan, all the time.

Ramadan Still Nauseates With Overcompensation

By Loudoun Insider

I had a couple reports from people who attended the Leesburg Fourth of July parade that David Ramadan looked ridiculous on an American flag painted motorcycle.  If anyone has a photo, forward and I will add to this post.  Sounds like a Dukakis in a tank moment.

Then he sends out this ridiculous email:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Best Regards and a Very Happy Fourth of July from Dulles!
By now, 10,000 families in our 87th District should have received a package in the mail from our office. This package contains an American flag, a letter from me regarding our Independence Day, and a copy of “In Due Course,” a publication from the Virginia Division of Legislative Services which provides a brief summary of legislation passed by the 2012 Regular Session of the General Assembly and became law on July 1. (This publication is also available on-line at
Still the king of overcompensation.

For Ramadan, Tolerance is a One Way Street

By Lloyd the Idiot

Remember a year ago when the debate was raging over then-candidate David Ramadan’s religious persuasion?  Remember how the nuts of the Anti-Sharia Task Force screamed that he couldn’t possibly represent “true” Americans because he was a Muslim and the Muslim faith was fundamentally at odds with an obligation to faithfully execute the laws of Virginia and the United States?  Remember how ridiculous all that was?

Ramadan sure doesn’t.

In voting against the confirmation of an openly homosexual nominee for a district court judgeship on the basis of his sexual preference, or even his perceived inability to apply Virginia laws on same sex marriages because of his sexual preference, Ramadan is every bit as guilty of the bigotry and prejudice of which he himself was the victim only one year ago.

Of all the “no” votes on the nominee, Ramadan’s stands out as the most  hypocritical and disgusting of them all.


HT: Novascout for the thought provoking post and Loudoun Progress for the photo

David “Illegal Sign King” Ramadan Strikes Again

By Loudoun Insider

Stilson from Leesburg Today hit the nail on the head with his cartoon this past week:

Ramadan wants to give the Greenway the ability to have outdoor advertising on it, basically meaning billboards.  All this after the Loudoun Board’s measure to keep more illegal signs on our roadways and allow flashing electronic signs with no set standards.  Of course Ramadan was a big funder of many of those Supervisors while being the worst violator of VDOT’s restrictions on signs in road rights of way.  What Ramadan and the press also don’t tell you is that his personal PR consultants who helped him barely get elected also represent The Greenway as lobbyists/PR people.  Your government at work, folks.

David Ramadan Overcompensates Once Again

By Loudoun Insider

By following the lead of Stevens Miller.  Miller took a voluntary 10% pay cut as a Loudoun County Supervisor.  So Ramadan needs to best that by taking a 20% cut in his Delegate pay.  Looks like the King of Overcompensation is back.  I can only imagine what other stunts are planned in the rest of his term.  Don’t forget, despite his narrow victory, he lost in Loudoun County where people know him and his crew best – the PWC voters of his district saved him.

Of course this 20% pay cut means little to a guy who has doled out tens of thousands of dollars to various campaigns, including his own, including spending nearly ten grand on food for his campaign last year.  But while he’s doing this, he’s also working Richmond to raise more money before he even starts his first session:

So while Ramadan is putting out press releases about political stunts and raising more money, just what are his plans for this General Assembly session?  Well, it doesn’t involve any legislation, at least none that I can find online.  Glad to see his priorities are in order.  So far it’s about nothing more than money.

How DARE Anyone Question David Ramadan!

By Loudoun Insider

What an obnoxious press release.  Good God, what we will have to deal with from this guy for the next two years???

Delegate-elect Ramadan Withdraws Motion
Upon Conversation with Attorney General Cuccinelli

South Riding, Va., December 1, 2011 – Delegate-elect David Ramadan announced today that he is withdrawing a merited sanctions motion against the individuals who filed a failed and frivolous lawsuit challenging his residency at the request of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Upon receiving a call from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and discussing the matter at length, Delegate-elect Ramadan agreed to the Attorney General’s personal request to withdraw the merited sanctions motion in the spirit of the Christmas season and party unity.

In reflecting upon his decision to withdraw this sanctions motion, Delegate-elect Ramadan stated, “I appreciate Attorney General Cuccinelli’s heartfelt comments and thoughts regarding this matter and his understanding of the vexatious nature of this frivolous lawsuit I had to defend during my campaign. In the interest of party unity and the spirit of the Christmas season, I agreed to his request.” Ramadan said.

The motion, if granted, would have required the unsuccessful litigants to pay Ramadan’s attorneys’ fees. Last fall, the Loudoun County Circuit Court found Ramadan has established the necessary residency and domicile requirements to run for office and quickly dismissed the lawsuit after granting the litigants a full and fair hearing.

Mr. Clean Or Count Ramadan?

By Loudoun Insider


I’ve always thought Mike Kondratick looked like Mr. Clean, and he even made fun of his baldness to great effect in a mailer a few weeks back.  It’s great to see a politician (who really isn’t a politician) be able to laugh at himself.

On the other hand we have one of the most obnoxiously arrogant politicians to come around these parts in ages in David Ramadan.  The photo above crops up regularly in his mailers and every time I see it I think he looks like he’s dressed up as a vampire for Halloween!  I have spoken to several lobbyists recently and they all agree that Ramadan is one of the most obnoxious candidates they have ever come across, especially when it comes to demanding money.  He thinks he deserves this office and simply wants it way too bad.  He’s also been rude and condescending to me and two other local bloggers.

The GOP has a stranglehold on the Virginia House of Delegates.  Losing this one race will do nothing to hurt the Republican agenda, but voters in the 87th District can send a message that they want a regular guy representing them in Richmond, not an overcompensating tool who thinks he deserves to be elected because he has bought everyone in sight.

For a fascinating view of Ramadan from afar, read this analysis.  While I may not agree with much those bloggers may have to say on most issues, they nailed the impression I have of Ramadan after seeing him in action this campaign season.  I say vote for Mr. Clean in Mike Kondratick.


By Too Conservative

I know there are some differing opinions on David Ramadan on this site…..I wanted to throw my .02 cents in.

David is our GOP nominee. I think he deserves everyone’s support and encouragement

He truly has a remarkable story, one worth reading.

We need more conservatives in the Virginia House. David will be a great leader not for NOVA and the Commonwealth.